Elections and namasmaran: DR SHRINIWAS KASHALIKAR


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NAMASMARAN is universal and ultimate panacea; and prerequisite for any means (such as elections) for global welfare.

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Elections and namasmaran: DR SHRINIWAS KASHALIKAR

  2. 2. Student: Sir! I find it difficult to concentrate on NAMASMARAN amidst the cacophony of election fever! Teacher: The elections and the people involved in them directly or indirectly are doing their job according to their perceptions and their capacities. We should do our job according to our perceptions and our capacities! Student: But I get disturbed because; it appears to me that I am not getting involved in the process of ushering in the golden age for India! Teacher: The process of NAMASMARAN is central and crucial to golden age! In absence of it the ‘golden age’ would become sectarian and subjective! Student: Are you sure? Teacher: I am cent per cent sure! Student: But why does the practice of NAMASMARAN appear irrelevant? Teacher: That is because we are still far away from our inner ocean of light and power - the NAMA! We need victorious and steadfast efforts to practice and propagate NAMASMARAN! Student: Thank you Sir! I shall try my best!