Corruption dr shriniwas kashalikar


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We are NOT ready to take any risk and stake nothing! Forget about life, we are NOT ready to give any time, energy or money for; what we call as our goal viz. Action against Corruption.

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Corruption dr shriniwas kashalikar

  2. 2. Some individuals are actually manifestations of pure consciousness. Their cognition, affect and conation (perception, feelings and responses) are beyond every personal or subjective consideration. They are objective or absolute truth personified. They do not die. They live truly and forever. For them; the universe is actually like a family. When and if they say it; it is not rhetoric. They are beyond every kind of discrimination. They are not fettered by religious, racial, national, regional and other prejudices. Their thoughts and ideas germinate to benefit the whole universe. Their literature and creative art have the canvas of the whole universe. Their passions transcend mere bodily gratifications and engender the blossoming of the whole universe. Their motivations and actions mobilize and realize the welfare of the whole universe. Sadguru Shri Brahmachaitanya Maharaj Gondavlekar (1845 to 1913) was such a personification. I owe everything that follows; excepting the shortcomings; to Him. Corruption Corruption embodies; degradation of one’s perspective, thoughts, feelings and actions. Thus; the vision or perspective, concepts or thoughts, emotions or feelings, instincts or passions and behavior or actions; are degraded by the inner and outer surroundings or environment; and they in turn; influence the inner and outer
  3. 3. surroundings or environment. This happens either consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously; i.e. knowingly or unknowingly! Corrupt Perspective Perspective is like the expanse of consciousness! Thus the normalcy of this expanse of consciousness i.e. perspective; is being universal! The degree of restriction of that expanse of consciousness i.e. perspective; determines the degree of the suffocation and throttling of consciousness, marking the beginning of corruption! Thus; the restriction of consciousness (perspective) constitutes separation from nature, world, countries, religions, regions, provinces, sects, linguistic groups, castes, communities, creeds, sects and even our own family and from our true self and embodies corruption! This disease of corrupted perspective is subtle and hence not easily noticed. Since the medical systems today have not learnt to diagnose and treat the disease viz. “corruption of perspective”; they do not identify and treat this disease, which often inflicts the medical systems themselves! Sectarian and corrupt perspective makes our thoughts, feelings and actions also increasingly mean, lonely, weak, inert, grumbling,
  4. 4. intolerant, inconsiderate, resentful, vindictive and miserably selfish and pathogenic (many times concealed under deceptive glamour and glitter); and vice versa; for ourselves and the society! The paradigms or premises; of the sectarian supremacy, racial superiority, financial expansionism, religious bigotry and fanaticism and so on (without concern for the well being of the entire world) constitutes corrupt perspective and highly infectious stress! Corrupt Thinking As the holistic perspective or normal perspective gets corrupted (diseased and degenerated); it becomes increasingly narrower, sick and sectarian. From this sick and sectarian soil of corrupt perspective, the sick and sectarian thinking, feelings and instincts germinate; and make the soil further sick! Everything holistic gets degenerated into everything sick and sectarian! The corrupt thinking and corrupt rationale; produce the coercive; international, national and local; laws, conventions, traditions, rules, pacts (formed without concern for well being of the entire world)! Thus the racially discriminating constitutions, the legal discrimination on the basis of castes, legal yet unjust tax system/s to exploit certain section for the benefit of another section, the
  5. 5. repressive laws against trade, shops and such commercial activities, the deceptive promotion of several harmful or useless products, various laws and rules with respect to unjust special economic zones and so on are examples of “corrupt thinking”! The present sectarian medical and education systems (conspicuously lacking in integration and productive domain respectively) also; are glaring examples of corrupt thinking. The so called corruption (embodying mere financial scams, bribing and even other corrupt activities) is actually a visible superficial symptom of the deeper disease viz. corrupt thinking, which in turn is the crude symptom of deeper disease viz. corrupt perspective! Corrupt Emotions Corrupt perspective, corrupt thinking; corrupt the emotions and instincts; and vice versa! The motivation behind the literature, art, media, movies, dramas, and advertisements and so on (serving the sectarian aims, petty objectives, and vested interests ingrained in the above intellectual themes; without concern for the welfare of people at large; or even at the cost of the welfare of people at large) constitute the corruption of emotions. Corrupt instincts
  6. 6. Corrupt perspective, corrupt thinking, corrupt emotions corrupt the instincts and vice versa! Examples of corrupt instincts are; the indiscriminate unabashed exhibitionism, immodesty, pornography and so on. Corrupt Actions Corrupt perspective, corrupt thinking, corrupt emotions, corrupt instincts corrupt the actions; and vice versa. The actual laws, literature, art forms, media campaigns, movements, and such every activity in different fields; either organized or unorganized (without concern for the welfare of the world; or at the cost of the world) constitutes the corrupt actions. Considering the universal expanse of the corruption and the stress associated with it; from the brief discussion above, it should be clear how corruption and stress are really ubiquitous i.e. not only outside but inside us as well!! The roots of the corruption thrive from the faulty perspective, followed by corrupt thoughts, emotions and actions. Action against Corruption Corruption probably cannot be eradicated, as it is a human weakness. Theoretically; even if it is eradicated today completely; it is going to resurge; through the new generations.
  7. 7. But it can certainly be brought down to “least troublesome” level. For this; we need to rectify, repair, restore, regenerate, rejuvenate and effectively blossom; the roots (which are infected by corruption); of our perspective, thinking, emotions, instincts and actions! For this; we have to break open the throttling shackles, restricting our consciousness and minimize the corruption of our perspective, thinking, feelings, instincts and actions! This in turn; would enable us evolve policies, plans, programs, laws and rules conducive to honesty and rewarding the merit. This can be done apart from everything that appeals to conscience and wisdom; by studying the scope and potential of NAMASMARAN; and then by practicing, verifying and propagating it, if we are convinced; as a common minimum program for blossoming of an individual and the mankind. Is this not happening at all? It is happening. Actually; many theists; practicing, promoting and propagating NAMASMARAN; as well as many atheists not practicing NAMASMARAN; may not have this perspective; but their actions; are complementary and hence contribute to global welfare; in terms of the fervor, motivation and driving force; and analytical, operational and technological capability respectively! Of course;
  8. 8. they often do this unknowingly and are unaware of the fact that they are serving the cosmic plan! But this is far from being enough. For an effective Action Against Corruption; we have to take note of the qualities; by virtue of which corrupt people; have been proving victorious over holistic renaissance and superliving i.e. Total Stress Management! The qualities of the corrupt people are many! Some of these qualities amongst many; are; dynamic leadership, clarity, focus, seriousness, courage, commitment, boldness, preparedness to face any consequences for their action, patience, shrewdness and planning. They have no weakness in terms of compromising with goal! They do not pardon anybody going against or astray. They are ready to take any risk and stake not only their own, but their family’s life in their goal. If we introspect honestly; then we would certainly admit; at least to ourselves; that we lack many of these qualities. We lack dynamic leadership, clarity, focus, seriousness, courage, commitment, boldness, preparedness to face any consequences for our action, patience, shrewdness and planning. We lack backbone and keep compromising with our goal! While they do not pardon anybody going astray from their goal we not only pardon, but actually lick the feet of our friends going away from our goal of “action against
  9. 9. corruption”! We are NOT ready to take any risk and stake nothing! Forget about life, we are NOT ready to give any time, energy or money for; what we call as our goal viz. Action against Corruption. If we study and propagate the concept of Total Stress Management i.e. holistic renaissance or superliving (the core of which is NAMASMARAN) to merely 10 persons in a day only once; then in 10 days it would go across the whole mankind as a weapon for the action against corruption; as follows.  1x10=10  10x10=100  100x10=1000  1000x10=10000  10000x10=100000  100000x10=1000000  1000000x10=10000000  10000000x10=100000000  100000000x10=1000000000  1000000000x10=10000000000 In any case; Total Stress Management i.e. holistic renaissance or superliving (the core of which is NAMASMARAN); whatever be the semantics; is writing on wall. It is an incoming thing
  10. 10. irrespective of our wish and will!! It is our fortune and privilege; if we understand and participate in it!