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Benefits of namasmaran dr shriniwas kashalikar


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Published in: Education
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Benefits of namasmaran dr shriniwas kashalikar

  2. 2. In day to day life; we usually consider loss and gain tomake our priorities and take decisions.But the tangible losses and gains compressible by ourintelligence have limitations and hence usually proveinadequate and insufficient to satisfy and fulfill us fully!The spirituality (DHARMA) in true sense is not at allcontraposed to the day to day material life.Actually it is the expedition of progressive perfection inusing everything in life and the life itself; to blossom andculminate in ultimate, objective, immortal and cosmicromance.NAMASMARAN is core of spirituality and varioustechniques in spirituality.Let us understand that when it is said thatNAMASMARAN should be practiced for the sake ofitself; it is because practice of NAMASMARAN may notserve and comply our petty ego, ideas, illusions, desires,and expectations and so on. As a result we may getdisheartened and feel that NAMASMARAN is impotentand sterile.
  3. 3. But NAMASMARAN is NOT impotent and sterile; butthe omnipotent benevolence of NAMASMARAN isinfinite and beyond the comprehension of ego orientedpetty ideas, perspectives, desires, and expectations and soon!It is best to start NAMASMARAN and grow with it intoobjective SELF; while in the process; gradually sheddingoff the ego (and our personal whims an fancies); andenjoy the universal benevolence of NAMASMARAN.