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Make in india - Indian handicraft Products online


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India's No.1 Upcoming Handicraft Seller, Which Sell Indian artist made prodcuts which are handcrafted. Buy wall hanging, kitchen accessories, dhokra arts, blue pottery,paintings etc.

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Make in india - Indian handicraft Products online

  1. 1. Who ARE We? • CraftedIndia is an online portal that has come up with the idea of selling Indian Handicrafts online. • With an aim of growing with the current industry, we are promoting Indian handicrafts. • Lost somewhere behind the ages, we are aiming to bring Indian Handicraft as the mainstream industry all around the globe.
  2. 2. History • With an idea of bringing up Indian Handicrafts to the main industry, their was a lot of research that had to be done. • Visiting different states of India, and searching for their handicraft products, which are lost somewhere back due to the modern art. • Bringing them live to people of the metro city Mumbai. • Explaining them their importance and utility, which created awareness of Indian handicrafts to the masses. • Leading to its Demand.
  3. 3. • After a positive response and likes towards the handicrafts products from people; it gave an inspiration to start selling them on online portals. • Amazon and Flipkart, the 1st marketplace where CraftedIndia started selling a variety of handicrafts online.
  4. 4. Idea Behind CraftedIndia • CraftedIndia was formed in 2015, by Mr. Vinay Jain and Mr Lalit Mehta, with an aim of bringing back the essence of Indian art and culture in this modern generation. • People have somewhere forgotten the art that has arrived from their soil and culture and have adopted westernization. • On 1st April 2016, online marketing portals like Amazon and Flipkart started selling handicrafts of CraftedIndia. • This was the first step towards achievement of promoting handicrafts all over India.
  5. 5. • CraftedIndia is now looking forward to start its own online portal as a platform of promoting and selling of Indian Handicrafts. • Through which they can directly buy from the artisans and craftsmen and sell it to the people around the globe. • This will not only help to bring up handicraft industry but also will be an inspiration for the artist to work for it and earn for their unique art.
  6. 6. Key Features of Handicraft Industry • India’s rich cultural diversity and heritage provides a unique and huge resources for developing craft products. • The Indian Handicraft Industry is showing continuous growth rate of 20% every year. • Handicrafts industry is one of the important segment of decentralized sector in India. • Major parts of industry operates in rural and semi urban areas throughout the country and has potential Indian and International market with around 67000 exporters to tap the market.
  7. 7. • Many Indian market are still untapped and market is price sensitive. • Products are high priced in big and metro cities, which are beyond, reach of people belonging middle and lower middle class. • Craft producers have to compete on price, quality and delivery for different segments.
  8. 8. STRENGTH • Diversified and potential market and diversified range of products • Low capital investment and cheap labor rates WEAKNESS • Lack of infrastructure and communication facilities • Inadequate information of new technology and current market trends OPPORTUNITIES • Rising demand of handicraft products in developed countries • E-commerce and internet are emerged as promissory distribution channels THREAT • Better trade terms offered by competing countries • Balance between high demand and supply SWOT ANALYSIS OF INDIAN HANDICRAFT INDUSTRY
  9. 9. CHALLENGES • Procuring and processing raw materials : Raw materials are the key material for making any product. Along with competition from organized industry, artisans find it challenging to buy quality raw materials at affordable prices. In the absence of raw material banks, they are often forced to rely on local traders who provide them with raw materials against orders, albeit at high prices, or switch to non-traditional raw materials. • Inefficient supply chain: The markets for the craft products can be broadly understood as local, retail shops – high-end as well as mainstream, exhibitions and exports. The contemporary markets, domestically as well as internationally, have grown with an expanding demand for ethnic products that have a story linked to them. However, these products are in low supply due to supply chain inefficiencies.
  10. 10. • Demand - With the advent of globalization and the availability of cheaper and more varied products, crafts face severe competition in contemporary markets. They are typically perceived as traditional, old-fashioned and antithetical to modern tastes. There have been limited efforts to reposition the image of crafts and build consumer appreciation of the history and cultural identity associated with handmade products. • Low productivity –The sector’s informal nature and the low education of most artisans create issues such as time management, stock inventory etc. • Unorganized production - As a largely unorganized sector, handicrafts faces problems such as a paucity of professional infrastructure such as work sheds, storage space, shipping and packing facilities.
  11. 11. Overcome Obstacles • People are not aware of the rich culture and diversity of Indian handicrafts. • Its very important to bring these handcrafted products in limelight, in order to save their existence in the global markets. • There is a major instability in handicraft industry due to lack of monetary funds and unawareness of their existence. • CraftedIndia’s goal is to overcome these obstacles by promoting Indian handicrafts in the market through various platforms like marketing, exhibitions, selling on best online portals and also to come up with its own online marketplace.
  12. 12. Range of handicrafts on CraftedIndia • CraftedIndia has a wide range of handicraft products from different Indian States depicting their cultural arts and crafts. • Blue Pottery Art. • Dhokra Art. • Marble Art. • Stone Art. • Block Printing Art. • Bronze Sculpture, Wooden Carving. • Metal Art. • Paper Mache Art. • Paintings, Tanjore Paintings. • Gem Art. • Wooden Art. • Mosaic Art, and many more to come.
  13. 13. Future Goals • CraftedIndia has aimed for spreading awareness of the rich and cultural art of handicrafts which will lead to its growth in demand globally. • Bringing Extinct handicrafts into limelight and tie up with their artisans to make products for CraftedIndia, this will not only aid them with monetary support but also will bring back the essence of lost handicrafts and arise for its demand all over the world. • To come up with our own online portal for selling those rich and diverse handcrafted product directly from the artisans to the customers.
  14. 14. Marketing through E-commerce • E-commerce or Marketplace, this two are the main platforms for selling products globally and helps to create awareness of a particular product to the masses around the globe. • Now days people are selling everything online and demand of purchase online is high. • Major platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Craftsvilla, EBay, Pepperfry, are all online portals having neck to neck competition. • CraftedIndia has entered this major portals like,, Flipkart , and and are selling handicrafts globally.
  16. 16. •THANKYOU..