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Reduce Blood Sugar Levels.doc

  1. 1. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100509001504/reduce-blood-sugar-levelsdoc2914.doc -1- Practise Yoga To Reduce Blood Sugar Levels Treating diabetes requires a multi-faceted approach. It takes more than changing your eating habits to get your blood glucose levels under control. One important aspect is to ensure that you choose an activity that can help reduce your blood sugar levels. For this, yoga is said to be helpful. The benefits of doing yoga are tremendous. A yoga lifestyle is known for being natural and healthy for you, due to the increased attention to the whole body, rather than just specific parts of the body. This is great for diabetes, because diabetes affects your entire body, rather than just one part. Yoga can help improve the immune system and the circulatory system. It also helps to reduce stress and anxiety and increase energy flow to the body. All of these work together to reduce your blood sugar levels. Yoga provides a natural way to get in touch with your body. It helps the muscles to absorb the extra blood glucose that is in your body, thus allowing the pancreas and liver to work more efficiently. Yoga can also encourage the pancreas to produce more insulin, which can help to reduce your blood sugar levels significantly. The inward introspection that is encouraged in the yoga lifestyle helps your entire body to work in harmony, reducing blood sugar levels and other symptoms of diabetes. A yoga lifestyle usually involves healthy eating. Hence, a diet that is high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is emphasized. By learning to cook and prepare healthier foods, you will give your body the proper nutrients that it needs, strengthening your body and decreasing your diabetes symptoms. Changes in blood sugar levels can have a profound impact on various functions of your body. Hence, it is important that you learn how to manage them well. Yoga is one exercise that can help bring your entire body, mind, and soul into harmony. Consider taking yoga regularly as an important tool to helping you control diabetes. Yoga Related Observations: Regular practice of yoga does reduce blood sugar levels, the blood pressure, weight, the rate of progression to the complications, and the severity of the complications as well. The symptoms are also reduced to a great extent, so are number of diabetes related hospital admissions. The quality of life questionnaires do reveal a remarkable improvement in the scores. These finding are uniform for all those who are trying to find effect of yoga on diabetes. How Yoga works? (Possible mechanisms) 1. Glucagons secretion is enhanced by stress. Yoga effectively reduces stress, thus reducing glucagons and possibly improving insulin action. 2. Weight loss induced by yoga is a well accepted mechanism. 3. Muscular relaxation, development and improved blood supply to muscles might enhance insulin receptor expression on muscles causing increased glucose uptake by muscles and thus reducing blood sugar. 4. Blood pressure plays a great role in development of diabetic and related complications, which is proven to be benefited by yoga. The same holds true for increased cholesterol levels. 5. Yoga reduces adrenaline, noradrenalin and cortisol in blood, which are termed as ‘stress hormones’. This is a likely mechanism of improvement in insulin action. 6. Many yogic postures do produce stretch on the pancreas, which is likely to stimulate the pancreatic function. In India, we are having many patients controlled only on so called ‘lifestyle modification’ i.e. yoga essentially. We are also trying to recruit many ‘impaired glucose tolerance’ patients (Pre-diabetic patients, as suggested by clinical and laboratory evaluations) in our ‘Prevention of Diabetes - Yoga Way Programme’ (PDYW). We accept that our work is going very slowly due to lack of funds, but we are certain that we will stun the world soon with our results. By--Dr Sujit Chandratreya (MD, DM, DNB, Diabetologist) Postures
  2. 2. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100509001504/reduce-blood-sugar-levelsdoc2914.doc -2- Standing Deep Breathing - Pranayama • Exercises nervous, circulatory and respiratory systems • Brings fresh, oxygenated blood to the body • Good for mental relaxation • Helps maintain good blood pressure • Relieves irritability • Helps disturbed sleep • Good for detoxification • Helps with anxiety and panic disorder Half Moon - Ardha chan dra sana and Pada Ha Sta Sana • Exercises colon, pancreas, kidneys, muscular, skeletal and glandular systems • Stimulates pituitary • Works deltoid, trapezius, pectoralis major, hamstings and abdominal muscles • Aids in recovery of slipped or ruptured disc • Opens shoulder joints • Good for frozen shoulders • Relieves lower back pain • Good for abdominal obesity – helps trim the waistline • Relieves bronchial distress • Good for sciatic deformities Awkward Pose - Ut Ka Ta Sana • Works liver, intestines and pancreas • Aligns skeletal system • Improves overall body strength • Helps to open pelvic area, alleves joint pain and arthritis of the knees, strengthens lower limbs • Works quadriceps and deltoids • Relieves menstrual cramping • Cuts fat pocket under butt • Good for digestion • Good for immune disorders • Good for arthritis of the knees • Improves flexibility in toes and ankles • Relieves sciatica Eagle - Ga Ru Ra Sana • Stretches central nervous system • Creates pressure on lymphatic glands • Strengthens lower extremities, joint mobility for hip girdle and all 12 major joints • Creates pressure in the joints and by releasing allows fresh blood supply to flow in • Improves balance and grace • Good for varicose veins • Allows control of sexual energies Standing Head to Knee - Dan Day Amana Jan U Shi Ra Sana • Works the muscular, skeletal, reproductive and digestive systems • Improves pancreatic functions • Improves circulation and flexibility • Strengthens back muscles • Strengthens mind/body connection • Improves concentration • Avoids sciatica by improving circulation and flexibility
  3. 3. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100509001504/reduce-blood-sugar-levelsdoc2914.doc -3- • Good for diabetes Standing Bow - Dan Day AmanaDhan U Ra Sana • Increases circulation to the heart and lungs • Activates digestive system • Improves elasticity of spine (through compression) • Helps with lower back pain • Opens diaphram and lungs • Good for frozen shoulders • Creates a marriage between strength and balance • Balances ovaries-good for infertility • Eliminates abdominal fat • Helps prostate problems Balancing Stick - Tula Dan Da Sana • Excellent for cardiovascular system • Stimulates pancreas, liver, spleen, nervous system and circulatory system • Increases blood flow to all over the body and arteries of the heart • Clears blocked arteries • Prevents future cardiac problems • Relieves stress from spine • Great for emotional problems • Good for varicose veins • Builds strength in lower extremities Separate Leg Stretching – Dandayamana Bib Hak Tapada Paschi Mot Than Asana • Exercises muscular, adrenal and reproductive systems • Increases circulation to adrenal glands • Releases lower back • Good for brain problems (aneurysms and tumors)- increases circulation to the brain • Good for psychotic depressions- centers and stretches spine where nervous system is housed • Good for small and large intestines • Helps constipation • Good for abdominal obesity • Good for diabetes and hyperacidity Triangle - Tri Kan Asana • Works circulatory, digestive, immune and reproductive systems • Works all muscle systems at the same time • Improves cardiovascular system • Good for kidneys, thyroid and adrenal glands • Good for frozen shoulders • Centers the self • Rids saddlebags • Helps chemical imbalances • Helps anorexia, constipation, colitis, low blood pressure, appendicitis, spondylitis and menstrual disorders Standing Separated Leg Head to Knee – Dandayamana Bib Hak Tapada Janu Shi Rasana • Exercises endocrine, digestive and reproductive systems • Compresses pancreas and kidneys • Works obliques, iliosoas, quads and deltoids, trapezius, biceps and triceps • Helps depression and loss of memory • Helps abdominal obesity
  4. 4. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100509001504/reduce-blood-sugar-levelsdoc2914.doc -4- • Helps diabetes • Balances blood sugar Tree Pose - Tad Asana • Corrects bad postures • Creates hip and knee mobility • Creates total body traction • Balances coccyx • Tightens gluteus maximus • Releases abdominal tension • Releases inflammation of lower back • Good for circulatory disorders, arthritis and rheumatism Toe Stand - Pa Dan Gust Asana • Creates balance in body and mind • Strengthens stomach muscles • Strengthens weak joints • Good for arthritis in knees and legs Dead Body Pose - Savasana • Relaxes body and mind • Relieves stress and tension • Energizes body Sit Up • Strengthens abdominal muscles • Stretches leg muscles increasing flexibility in lower extremities • Energizes body Cobra - Bhu Jan Ga Sana • Compresses and opens spine • Strengthens lower spine • Creates more elasticity in whole spine • Increases tone of muscle fibers • Accelerates circulation of spinovial fluid • Relieves cervical spondylosis Locust - Sa La Ha Sana • Compresses and opens spine • Strengthens upper spine • Creates more elasticity in whole spine • Increases tone of muscle fibers • Accelerates circulation of spinal fluid • Relieves cervical spondylosis Full Locust - Porna Salab Hasana • Compresses and opens spine • Strengthens middle spine • Creates more elasticity in whole spine • Increases tone of muscle fibers • Accelerates circulation of spinal fluid • Relieves cervical spondylosis Bow - Dha Nur Asana • Compresses and opens spine • Strengthens lower, middle and upper spine • Creates more elasticity in whole spine
  5. 5. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100509001504/reduce-blood-sugar-levelsdoc2914.doc -5- • Increases tone of muscle fibers • Accelerates circulation of spinal fluid • Relieves cervical spondylosis Fixed Firm Supta Vaj Rasana • Strengthens and improves flexibility of lower spine, knees and ankle joints • Lubricates joints (by putting pressure on joints against body) • Forms abdominal muscles • Stretches hips and diaphragm • Relieves lower back pain • Slims thighs • Helps sciatica, rheumatism, gout, diabetes and varicose veins • Helps varicose veins • Helps to cure and prevent hernia Half Tortoise - Ardha Kur Ma Sana • Relieves stress, migraines, stomach discomfort, digestion problems and constipation • Sends blood from knees to toes and to the brain • Stretches spine • Increases circulation to heart • Cures insomnia • Helps diabetes • Stretches lower lungs- good for asthma and emphysema • Increases flexibility in hips Camel - Ustra Sana • Compresses spine-cures back problems • Opens rib cage, heart, lungs and digestive system • Stimulates nervous system • Great for lungs and any problem in the bronchial plexus • Strengthens back and shoulder muscles • Improves flexion of neck • Stretches throat • Sends fresh blood to the kidneys • Elimates toxins Rabbit - Sasang Asana • Cures insomnia, depression, colds, sinus, tonsillitis, laryngitis, allergies and glandular defects • Compresses thyroid • Balances hormones • Improves flexibility of scapula • Stimulates nerves behind eyes Head to Knee with Stretching - Janu ShiRasana and Paschi Mot Than Asana • Stimulates thymus, digestion and immune system • Improves flexibility of sciatica and ankle joint • Balances blood sugar levels • Stretches and strengthens pelvic girdle, hip joints, shoulder muscles and spine • Increases circulation to liver, spleen and pancreas • Good for diabetes Spine Twisting - Ardha Mat Syen Dra Sana • Compresses and stretches spine improving elasticity and flexibility • Detoxifying • Opens respiratory muscles and rib cage
  6. 6. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100509001504/reduce-blood-sugar-levelsdoc2914.doc -6- • Good for abdominal muscles • Prevents slipped discs • Increases circulation to spinal nerves, veins and tissues • Relieves back pain and deformity in lumbar region of spine • Helps arthritis of knee and sciatica • Massages kidneys, liver, gall bladder, spleen and pancreas Blowing in Firm Pose - Kapal Bhati in Vaj Rasana • Helps to rid body of toxins • Good for emphysema and other respiratory ailments • Stengthens, massages and increases circulation to the abdominal organs and muscles, including the diaphram • Good against high blood pressure and good for the heart • Brings mental clarity • Normalizes bowels • Energizes body • Improves oxygenation to body