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Advocacy Planning Document


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Advocacy Planning Document

  1. 1. Crafting an Advocacy Plan Goal: Strategies: Next Steps: Who can help: What can help:Example: Work with other  Connect with ROCAP  Contact ROCAP President about next  AACAP Advocacychild mental health advocates  Meet other CAP and family meeting Liaisonin my state. advocates  Attend AACAP Advocacy Day  ROCAP President  Research active family advocacy  Training Director organizations in stateExample: Impact legislation  Meet with legislators to talk  Research current legislative  AACAP Government  AACAP Advocacyrelated to loan forgiveness for about bill information about bill Affairs Updateschild psychiatrists.  Coordinate with others to  Talk to ROCAP members about bill  ROCAP members  AACAP advocacy build support  Contact AACAP about setting up local website legislative meetingsExample: Engage in mental  Meet with students,  Develop curriculum content  ROCAP members  AACAP advocacyhealth education and teachers, consumers,  Develop calendar of events  AACAP Advocacy websiteoutreach program with local and/or families to assess  Invite speakers/presenters Liaison/Grassroots  NIMH Neurosciencehigh school needs  Offer instructions and practice  Local academic Curriculum  Identify community opportunities for presenters experts resources  Develop ongoing feedback process  Local trainees  Identify educational  Local consumers strategies/best practices and/or families
  2. 2. Goal: Strategies: Next Steps: Who can help: What can help: