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Development !!! - Not development ???


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Development !!! - Not development ???

  1. 1. Development !!! - Not Development ???
  2. 2. Free India!Free India.Free India?
  3. 3. Free India!
  4. 4. Free India.
  5. 5. Free India?East India Company Vedanta, the State and the media
  6. 6. Free India?
  7. 7. Free India?Indian National Army The Maoist Movement
  8. 8. Free India?
  9. 9. Free India?
  10. 10. Free India?Opium Cotton
  11. 11. Free India?Bengal Famine Starvation today
  12. 12. Who is free?
  13. 13. Freedom for whom?
  14. 14. So, what do we do?We? We?We? We?
  15. 15. Is there hope?
  16. 16. Why Gandhi?• Transformation cannot be forced• It has to come from within• Not even the most brutal person, after seeing one’s own brutality, can continue to be brutal• Humans cannot endure guilt• Self-deception is the only path to brutality• Self-realization (truth) will make us free
  17. 17. How?• Young leaders can take up the Gandhian path• Engage with the flawed system• Include everyone• Use tactics to convey the message• Mass mobilization• Ridicule• Make them see the pain they are inflicting constantly• Make them face their guilt everyday
  18. 18. Gandhian style• What keeps the big companies going?• Who works for them? Make them see the consequences of their work everyday.• Who buys their products? Indians burnt foreign fabric during the freedom struggle. Can’t we now stop using the products of unethical companies today? A self-imposed ban?
  19. 19. Gandhian style• What keeps the oppression of the state going? Choose not to elect corrupt leaders: Section 49-O Bring a Structural change in the system Abolish ownership Show the state the suffering of the oppressed due to the actions of the state Arouse their guilt
  20. 20. Gandhian style• What keeps the caste system going? Show them the pain of the depressed classes everyday Arouse their guilt
  21. 21. Gandhian style• What keeps the oppression on women going? Show the oppressors what the women undergo everyday because of them Arouse their guilt
  22. 22. We ask“But is Gandhi relevant today?”
  23. 23. Gandhians after Gandhi• Vinobha Bhave: Bhoodan Movement• Jayaprakash Narayan: JP Movement• Narayan Desai: Shanti Sena, peace brigades• Chandi Prasad Bhatt: the Chipko Movement• Harivallabh Parikh, Anand Niketan: The People’s Court• Radhakrishna Menon, Danagram: New Dawn Gift-Village• Prem Bhai, Agrindus Institute: Five Villages and Four Hundred
  24. 24. Can we see it happening? Yesif we can believe that all human-beings are inherently good
  25. 25. Let truth be seen andexperienced by everyoneall the time
  26. 26. Truth will make us free
  27. 27. Presented by Raj Kumar (31098) Sapna Agrawal (31103)Satturu Anusha Chaitanya (31104) Saurav Paul (31105) Vaibhav Rai (31113) DTP, May, 2011