anesthesiology anesthesia regional anesthesia cpr critical care pain pain medicine atls bls nora septic shock resuscitation بیهوشی iranesth cardiac areest aha iranian anesthesiology network مراقبتهای ویژه spinal anesthesia emergency journal. medical journal side effects drug weight loss diabetic perioperative pereoperative airway management aspiration saxenda intensivecare gastric ultrasound anaesthesiology ultrasound anaesthesia semiglutide ozempic heart agriculture cardiac arrest health firstaid acls central vein catherization سی وی لاین تجهیزات عروقی تجهیزات پزشکی لوله تراشه کاتتر آشنایی با برخی لوازم بیهوشی و مراقبت های ویژه palliative care interventional pain medicine cancer pain cancer support احیا قلبی سکته مغزی سکته بیماران بدحال homecare corona واکسیناسیون واکسن سلامت کرونا big data clinical omics pmco ipmn genomics genetic personalized medicine precision medicine asa samba miller 2020 minimal invasive surgery non invasive surgery ambulatory anesthesia anesthesiologist office based anesthesia medicine non–operating room anesthesia ponv surgery anesthesiologists on–operating room anesthesia ambulatory american society of anesthesiologists iranesthesia guideline shock sirs septic healthcare vital life mortality infection saeid safari intensive care sepsis 2016 sepsis precpr ایست قلبی تنفسی arrest شبکه آنستزیولوژی ایران post cpr dr saeid safari circulation airway obstetrics and gynaecology tap block literature review peer review search strategy pharmacology anesthesia for trauma airway management. trauma chapter 72 miller 2010 pain for nurse general concept pain management managing editor
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