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New south


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New south

  1. 1. The New South
  2. 2. The New South• Small farms• Thriving industries• Bustling cities• In other words, to become reality, the New South must emulate the North
  3. 3. The Road to a New South • Textile mills mushroomed from 161 in 1880 to 400 by 1900
  4. 4. The Road to a New South• Coal production increased from 4.6 million tons in 1875 to 49 million tons by 1900• Birmingham, Alabama became the second leading steel producer in the US; what city produced the most steel?
  5. 5. The Road to a New South • Tremendous growth in the tobacco industry
  6. 6. The Road to a New South • Washington Duke, daughter Mary, and sons James, and Ben, sold tobacco in Durham, North Carolina
  7. 7. The Road to a New South• advertising, undercutting markets, cornering ingredients• Buck convinced four major competitors to merge with him to create the American Tobacco Company (1890)
  8. 8. The New South• Two methods of tenant farming emerged:• Tenant• Sharecropping• crop lien
  9. 9. The New South• Redeemers or Bourbons• Solid South• laissez-faire
  10. 10. Jim Crow• Disfranchisement: poll taxes, grandfather clauses, literacy tests, and residency requirements.• Segregation:• Civil Rights Cases (1883)
  11. 11. Jim Crow• Plessy v. Ferguson (1896)• “separate but equal”• The pattern for Jim Crow was set for the next sixty years. The issue of segregation did not gain national prominence again until the 1950s.
  12. 12. Is the south moving forward…..or are they going back to the old ways???