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Fire Your Cable Company With Help From Your Neighbors

“With the Internet, people have access to more and more data, but what they’re missing is a Roadmap.” – Steve Blank

The mission of NeighborSquad is to help people and organizations create their own roadmaps for connection, hardware and software choices to maximize how the Internet can help them. Beyond pricing and tech help to address the Digital Divide, producing social change is as much about accelerating the knowledge acquisition for consumers regarding how the Internet can improve their lives.

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NeighborSquad Slide Deck

  1. 1. NeighborSquad.TVFire your cable company@NeighborSquadwith tech support from neighborsFire your cable company
  2. 2. OTA HDTVAntennaInternet, but . . .most people needhelpHow do you cut the cable?+
  3. 3. Broadcast Channels
  4. 4. Recycled coat hangers14 gauge wire#6 screws + washers75 - 300 OHM converterscrap woodcoaxial cableless than $3Buy or Build Your OwnHDTV OTA Antenna
  5. 5. NeighborSquad Service ModelCost is1¢per text
  6. 6. NeighborSquad is anInformation Service BusinessWe create value bydisseminating informationabout the cheapest, bestInternet connection plusinteractive Media.We create work andsustainable economic growththrough a local crowd sourcedexchange platform.$
  7. 7. Triple Play - Marketing TrickTelephoneOLD TECHTelevisionOLD TECHInternetTOTALLYDIFFERENTCablecompanieswant you tothink theseare the same.The Internet isabout connectingpeople: many tomany!
  8. 8. A platform for advice aboutservices and products
  9. 9. We accelerate existing trends● Target poor + middle income● Provide info about best choices forInternet and interactive mediaTEXTING, VIDEO, CHATTABLETMOBILEOpen, TransparentBottom UpTELEPHONEPCSTATICClosed, SecretTop Down
  10. 10. Spreading The WordStart in Brooklynone zip code at a timeTarget existing networkse.g. schools + churchesOffer free classesteach kids to build HDTV AntennasRecruit Techieswho recruit Customers
  11. 11. Initial Revenue Model(package w ISP, Flatscreen, Cloud DVR)x 100Techies= 10,000Subscribers$4.2 Million/ yearSupport portion$60/yr inpackageLess than half the cost of cableeach techie works6 hrs/wk for3 visits/yr to100 subscribers
  12. 12. Were seeking team membersEquity positions for cofoundersAs we bootstrap revenue and or raiseseed capital we are hiring:- Business Partner Relations Manager- Business Operations Manager- Business Development Manager- Marketing Manager- Contract developers as needed
  13. 13. NeighborSquad.TVFire your cable company@NeighborSquad on with us onlinewith tech support from neighbors