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Common Dog Behavior Problems


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The slide here describes some common dog behavior problems. Panting, Barking, Digging, Chewing and Escaping are the most common behavior in dogs but when they do it excessively then it’s called behavioral issues. Here in the above slide we have added some tips to tackle these problems. It would surely be helpful for new pet owners to guide their dogs.

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Common Dog Behavior Problems

  1. 1. Common Dog Behavior Problems
  2. 2. • Most of the experienced dog owners are familiar with these common behavior problems but the new owners may not be aware about these issues.
  3. 3. So, Let’s discuss on these common behavioral issues and their solutions :
  4. 4. Here is a list of most common problems:
  5. 5. Panting Barking Digging Chewing Escaping
  6. 6. Panting:
  7. 7. • Panting is a common behavior that every dog shows especially when they are hot and energetic but if the dog pants for no reason, then it may indicate a health problem.
  8. 8. Barking:
  9. 9. • The amount of barking they do regularly is common but if they bark excessively then it can be a behavioral issue.
  10. 10. Reasons As a warning Playfulness Attention Seeking Anxiety Boredom In response to other dogs
  11. 11. Digging:
  12. 12. • Digging is natural in dogs but if your dog is doing it continuously then there may be some reasons like:
  13. 13. Escape
  14. 14. Chewing:
  15. 15. • Chewing can be a behavior problem if your dog is chewing the things that you don’t want him to chew and it’s causing destruction.
  16. 16. Puppy Teething
  17. 17. Escaping:
  18. 18. • Your dog may be escaping because of…..
  19. 19. Boredom Loneliness Separation Anxiety
  20. 20. These are the basic tips to handle the problems but if it is still persisting then consult a vet to learn, what other tricks are there to solve this.
  21. 21. Thank you Website:http://www.drronsanimalhospitalsimivalley. com/ ospital