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Psychologist Ronald S. Jacobson – Best Health & Fitness Apps


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Ronald S. Jacobson, Ph.D., a Life Enrichment Solutions Specialist, helps you find focus, identify your goals, track your progress, and stay motivated along the way while keeping you on track - not just with your long-range goals but also with your monthly, weekly, and daily goals.
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Psychologist Ronald S. Jacobson – Best Health & Fitness Apps

  1. 1. Clinical Psychologist Ron Jacobson– Best Health & Fitness Apps of 2015
  2. 2. FitStar Personal Trainer FitStar Personal Trainer works. Really. Have a look through our success stories and discover an amazing source of inspiration from people just like you.
  3. 3. GET FIT WITH NEW NIKE+ TRAINING CLUB –Choose from over 100 workouts by Nike Master Trainers, get motivation from your crew and train better together.
  4. 4. World's most advanced mobile personal trainer combines Apple Watch, AirPlay, Chrome cast, Health and more to get fit. Get off boost your training anywhere.
  6. 6. WOD Deck of Cards is a must-have FREE app for every CrossFitter. This little gem will help you track and log your custom workout's records in a very easy way.
  7. 7. Dr. Ronald S. Jacobson, PHD, after being mobile for many years due to pursuit of higher education as well as intentional and wayward traveling, has been back in his hometown of Virginia Beach, Virginia, for the past 16 years. Dr. Ron Jacobson, Ph.D., resides there with his wife of 23 years, 17-year-old son, and 13-year-old Boston Terrier. Ronald S. Jacobson, Ph.D., has numerous passions, many of which center on being joyful, helping others, or better understanding the nature of the soul and its purpose. He has played piano since he was a kid and still maintains his love of music. Ron Jacobson, Ph.D., is in a “Weekend Warrior” Classic/Roots Rock cover band named Fretymology. All of the band’s proceeds are donated to various worthy causes. Jacobson's Ladder 4445 Corporation Lane, Suite 153 Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462 1(757) 213-6995 (office) 1(757) 687-7202 (fax)