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Fusion healthchart

  1. 1. Based in Singapore, and serving the entireglobe, Janus Medical Systems is a PrivateLimited Company incorporated underAccounting and Corporate RegulatoryAuthority (ACRA Registration No.200806726W). We have an extensiveknowledge and experience in applicationdevelopment, medical systems, and EMR,which gives us an advantage not many othercompanies have.Our senior management, along with keyconsultants, are highly qualifiedprofessionals with vast experience in projectmanagement in a wide range of disciplines,such as business process reengineering andchange management. Additionally, our topmanagement makes regular efforts to keepthemselves abreast with the latesttechnology in the fast growing healthcare ITindustry. This commitment from the top-downmakes us incredibly versatile in our industry.Our dedication towards fulfil yourrequirements with most advance platform.
  2. 2. Dr. Alain L. Fymat, BS, MA, MS, PhD,PhD• Chairman, Medical and Technical Advisory BoardSeema Singh• CEO and Member, Medical and Technical AdvisoryBoardMohamed Wagih Hussain Loutfy• ConsultantDr. Eytan Ellenberg MD, PhD, MBA –FranceBusiness partnerOur management team are professionals who are fluent in thelatest healthcare technologies and trends – we are driven from thetop to be versatile and relevant
  3. 3. Our core values are:We act with a clear responsibility to both our customers andsociety in general. We feel that by building a betterHealthcare application, we better benefit both healthcareprofessional and patients.We don’t always listen to the various needs and wants of ourcustomers, and act with a sense of urgency to satisfy them.We embrace teamwork. We believe that everything isachievable as long as people and departments have a truesynergy in action which relates to the common goal (in ourcase, building the best EMR application possible).
  4. 4. Our mission is simple:to improve the lives of health careproviders by creating simple,powerful, accurate, intuitive, easyto use and most secure dataprovider solutions that are userfriendly and affordable.
  5. 5. Our vision is to continually improvethe healthcare information andpatient data management portal in away that best serve our clients, andalso adapt to the ever changes intechnology. Therefore, we havespecific application goals that runthrough 2015, and ambitious“visionary” plans that reach evenfurther (plans that may notnecessarily depend on today’stechnology, but instead reflect wherewe see Healthcare Portal’s headed inan overall sense).
  6. 6. No Complications: An EMR does not have to becomplicated or time–consuming, therefore ourFusion Healthcare EMR is easy, quick and providespractices with exactly what they need to get going,without hiccups.Web–Based: Unlike hardware solutions that alwaysrequire costly upgrades, you can get started inseconds, online with our Fusion Healthchart portal.Unlimited Support: Designation of dedicatedaccount manager means all your EMR relatedquestions will be answer without delay.Fully Featured: Avail the multiple benefits of systemand get everything you need with just a token.Stay Secure: The solution is built with enoughsecurity measures to keep your information/datasafeAppointment Maintainer: Always stay in touch withyour patients and never miss an appointment again.The Private Healthcare Discussion Area allows youto relate, discuss and share idea and opinion withother practices.
  7. 7. • Patients can ask questions online without any disruptions.• The portal makes finding with nearby physician easy, quick and convenient.• Patient can also take an online appointment with a physician at the comfort of theirhome.• Various disease information and definition of various specialists are kept in thepatient corner for a complete knowledge for patient in healthcare domain.
  8. 8. We think about security, so you dontneed to! We know that your privacy iscrucial and keeping your information onpaper files or local servers leaves youopen to information theft and othersecurity exploits. Therefore, your datasecurity is our top priority, which is whywe provide the three layers of datasecurity in the form of Passwordencryption, Secure server provider, andDatabase password encryption.
  9. 9. With flexible templates, you can tailor your EMR charting not only to your specialty, butalso your own specific workflow and practice needs. The adaptability and ease of use ofour Fusion Healthcare EMR makes us a highly popular EMR among both primary carepractices and specialists. For instance, doctors can simply tailor the EMR in a way thatsuit their reaching out to million of patients and increase their patient visits whilepharmaceutical can personalise the EMR to enhance their professional relationship withdoctors.
  10. 10. Various pharmacy lists for patient to searchnearby for medicineDocuments upload in Patient EMRAppointment reminder through SMSVaccination reminderPatient login for their medical Record
  11. 11. With Fusion Healthchart portal, doctor andpatients alike can now relate withPharmaceutical online in respect to any issue.Not only does the portal serve as a strongcommunication tool for pharmaceutical andtheir panel doctors, it also improves customerloyalty for access of EMR, community whileincreasing their patient via patient’s onlineappointment module where patients can searcha doctor in the doctor’s directory and book anappointment online.As well as adding their medicine list in thedoctor’s prescription area, pharmaceuticalsdisplay all of their latest news and happeningon the latest event area for marketing the newproducts to both doctors as well patients.
  12. 12. Insurance companies can gaincustomer loyalty by providing theaccess to their panel doctors.With Fusion Healthcare, doctors canprovide further login credential totheir patients with limited access touse their medical data while they areaway.The easy and effective patient–to–doctor communication as well asdata kept digitalized allows for easyclaim processing for InsuranceCompany.
  13. 13. Keeping data safe and digitalized has always being a task to beat in medical sector. OurFusion Healthcare EMR allows your panel doctors to subscribe to our applicationthereby keeping the medical records safe and digitalized.The application is designed to save your time as well as your doctor’s time in treatment.Accurate treatment happens by referring to the previous record of a patient whichminimize any mistake and will be proven quality healthcare deliveries.
  14. 14. Aside from the Electronic Medical Record and the Doctor’s Community, physicians canincrease their number of patients by posting their names in the directory of doctors.By listing the physicians’ names, addresses and areas of expertise, patients can easilybrowse for the nearest doctor or medical clinic within their area. 1 second pausePatients, in short, are given the liberty to choose the doctor who best suits their medicalneeds by looking at the directory of doctors.
  15. 15. Our target is to create the mostinformative and social networkingpatient–doctor portal where patientscan easily learn about the variousdiseases and ask relevant questionsfrom a specialist at the comfort of theirhome or on the go. We keep updatingmore information on a daily basis forpatient in our patient corner area aswell as in Blog section.
  16. 16. With this module clinic staff caneffectively handle all patientappointments.Critical information such as doctor andpatient availability is clear - creating amuch more efficient appointmentworkflow.Appointment sheets for individualdoctors are available.Fusion Healthchart generates completereports on each doctor’s appointmentson both a daily weekly and monthlybasis.Appointments can also be queried bydate to facilitate chronologicalappointment reporting.The Fusion Healthchart portal letspatient take an online appointment withtheir chosen doctor without anydisruption.
  17. 17. This Module is the valueproposition of Janus EMR.Individual data points can beeasily tracked such as BasicInformation, Height & Weighttable, Blood Pressure, Glucose,Lipid (Cholesterol)Hematology, Full Blood Count,DifferentialCount,Glucose,GeneralBiochemistry,Lipids,Electrolytes,Renal Function, Lever FunctionSpec. Chemistry,Serology,URINEREME (SwitchingTabs),Chemistry, Microscopy
  18. 18. The Major Illness module facilitates to keep record ofMajor Illness for refer back:• There is list of Major illness to select or type on.• There is list of Major Surgeries to select or typeon.• There is list of procedure to select or type on.• Keep updated with related provider information.
  19. 19. Immunization Record well define with Adult andChild standard sheet:• Various immunization chart• Digitalize your immunization.• Data sheet of all standard immunization• ….much, much more modules waiting foryou
  20. 20. I can access mypatients medicalrecord instantly withFusion Health chart,which is welldesigned withsimple andcomprehensivefeatures. Keeping amedical record isnow easy.www.linkedin.com/pub/bassam-darwish-md/2b/54a/366I am trulyimpressed FusionHealthchart. Thereis a forum featurethere that connectsme with othermembers. Now, Ican discuss medicaltopics with otherphysicians.www.linkedin.com/in/asadriadBy reading the blogof FusionHealthchart, I amupdated with localmedical news andother news aboutthe healthcareindustry. And I amwhenever a newmedical technologycomes inwww.linkedin.com/pub/fachry-albram-md/27/7ba/946Apart from thestandard applicationof Fusion Healthchart,Janus MedicalSystem helps me addmy clinical informationon the physicians’directory portal whichcan be accessed byother members.Because of it, I gotmore patients.www.linkedin.com/pub/dr-a-aleem/18/79/b52Dr. Bassam DarwishMD , GM at Balsam ForHealth Promotion - JLTDr. Asaad RiadGeneral Manager at EgyptIn-Touch assistanceDr.Fachry AlbramMD, Group ProductManager at Pt. TiaraKencanaDr.A. AleemMedical Director at InternationalPatients Services Ltd, CEO,MediConsultants Ltd
  21. 21. Realization of the health careindustry’s paperless processgoals24x7, reliable, redundantsecure access thanks to cloudtechnologySecure data centersHuge revenue potential –target segment is massiveMulti-language – possible tolaunch in any countryPlatform creates possibilitiesbeyond the HealthcareindustryNever experience data lossEasy data retrieval fromanywhere
  22. 22. Since the application has, thus far, proventremendous growth, we now invite marketingpartners who will be interested in working withus to come and share the 40% of sales revenuewith us."