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Everybody leads a unhappy and stress-ridden life. The mystery behind Unhappiness and Stress-ridden life has been exposed for the 50 years relentless search. A complex problem has been dealt in a plain and simple way.

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  2. 2. UNHAPPINESS AND STRESS-RIDDEN LIFE IS THE REALITY• It has become practically very difficult to find people who are happy and stress-free. Most people, including successful, well known or celebrities, religious and very rich men and women lead an unhappy and stress-ridden life.• They could not enjoy their food, sleep and sex or mates, the three elementary things in everyday life, for their poor physical, mental and spiritual state of affairs. Our food, sleep and sex are not merely confined with physical activates but involve mental and spiritual elements. Each of them is as much physical as mental and spiritual.• For enjoying food and its digestion, for enjoying sleep and sex, one should be physically, mentally and spiritually healthy and vibrant and there must be a proper integration and harmony between one’s own body, mind and soul. This makes man or woman different from that of animals, their food, sleep and sex.• Without enjoying food, sleep and sex, nobody can be happy in spite of having a lot of money, fame and power or eating sumptuous food, mating with beautiful or well known and sleeping after taking drugs or spirit that end with mere pleasures or thrill without any joy or happiness .
  3. 3. AN EXPLORATION,MY OWN EXPLORATION• Everybody is talking about Happiness and stress-free life. Some are offering them under the framework of Islam or Hinduism or Buddhism or Christianity or even Communism, even though they do not have to share them. Even inspiring speakers and yogis and spiritual men and women are in the same path.• As a last resort, they talk about Heaven or Paradise, after death with the excuse that the life on earth is made unhappy and stress-ridden by the God or the Devil or Satan or Sin or Curse.• This has made me to explore the ways of attaining Happiness and Stress- free Life and also understanding the underlying causes of unhappiness and stress ridden-life through civilizations and cultures. My explorations extend for a period of nearly fifty years.• I am not a Yogi or Spiritual Man or Prophet or Spokesman of any Religion or Ideology other than a Teacher or Master who is powered by Humanism, Spirituality and Oneness of the Humanity, irrespective of any Race, Tribe, Religion, Ideology or Nationality.• I am just sharing or giving back what I learned or found in my relentless explorations for the benefit of the Young and the coming generations. Everybody is free to make use of them and go further to find out the secrets, in stead of re-inventing the wheel.
  4. 4. THE SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS THROUGH THE WISDOM OF DIFFERENT AGES OR CIVILIZATIONS• My life is a long exploration for the causes of the man-made misery, sorrow and stress-ridden life and a search for the Bliss, Happiness and Enjoying the Pleasures of Life, through different ages, cultures and civilizations.• Everybody is endowed with unlimited potentialities that can be developed. Everybody is entitled to amass the Bliss, Love, Beauty and Vitality flown from the Cosmic Energy abundantly without any limit for all men and women on earth, irrespective of any faith or ideology or culture. Following a particular faith or religion is not a guarantee for Happiness and Stress-free Life.• But unfortunately, most of the people could not realize their potentialities and develop them, besides, absorbing the Cosmic Energy so as to attain Bliss and Happiness and a Stress-free Life.
  5. 5. FAME, MONEY, POWER AND RELIGION• We can find many who are religious or ideologically committed; some are very rich or famous or even influential. There are people who are religious but not rich or famous or influential. Yet there are some who are not at all religious, but very much successful in material terms. Believers attribute to God for their every material success or achievement and non-believers to luck and hardwork.• We can find many who are Unhappy and Stress-Ridden, in spite of their religion or faith or even non-belief, including celebrities, business tycoon, preachers, healers, god-men or god- women, leaders or rulers. Most of the Celebrities and Tycoons lead a miserable life without enjoying food, sleep and sex, the basic things, in the midst of plenty.• However, unhappiness and stress-ridden life unite them together rather than God or Faith or Ideology or Devil. They cannot enjoy their life or a moment of solitude, that they find it horrible. This is mainly due to a lack of realization and a lack of integration, that need to be discussed at length.
  6. 6. THE LACK OF REALIZATION• Realization is not mere knowledge but that is coming out from the inner self. It is an awareness of the Self, the Body and the Mind, besides the Nature, the Cosmic and the Humanity. Such an awareness is the beginning of the human dignity and the importance of oneself and the people around him or her, besides the Nature. Realization never leads to Fear but Love and Oneness.• Inability to attain realization leads to Fear, the fear of the God, the fear of the Nature, the fear of the Humanity, the fear of death and also the fear of the life after death. Fear is the basis of tension and stress-ridden life that can make people violent or mad.• All the Primitive Tribal Gods and Religions have been built upon such fears and it is the tribal gods and religions that fears the Realization, Love and Oneness. It is their necessity to keep men and women, including children, in unhappiness, stress-ridden life and constant fears. Fear is inculcated in the minds of the little children telling about the Angry and Punishing God and the Violent Nature. Such Fear is the basis of Radicalism, Fundamentalism and Terrorism.
  7. 7. THE LACK OF INTEGRATION• Lack of integration at Five Level is the root cause of unhappiness and stress-ridden life and not the God or Faith or Religion or Fate or Devil. Otherwise, religious people, strong believers or highly disciplined people, from among Islam, Christianity, Hinduism or Buddhism should have been free from unhappy and stress-ridden life. On the contrary, they are the greatest victims of unhappy and stress-ridden life.• Buddhism tells that desire is the cause of sorrow. Islam and Christianity ask to believe and to observe strictly the religious practices for Happiness and Stress-free life. If people are not getting them, in spite of the belief, practices, pilgrimage and prayers, the Devil or the Satan is brought and branded as the villain. Then people are forced to believe that it is their fate and every thing is the tricks played by the Devil or Satan.
  8. 8. THE BROKEN POT• Men and women who cannot attain a five-level integration are unable to attain Bliss and Happiness that are flown from the Cosmic or the God without any end. Every human being is entitled and capable to absorb the Cosmic Energy.• Man or woman who has the five-level integration alone can with stand the flow of the powerful Cosmic Energy that can be transformed in to bliss or happiness or vitality or beauty.• Other wise; he or she remains just like broken pot unable to collect milk or water in spite of his or her fame or power or wealth or success or knowledge. And the life is reduced in to a mere search for Happiness without getting it till the end.
  9. 9. GOD OR COSMIC ENERGY• There is nothing like believer or non-believer, but only those who can realize or those who cannot realize the God or the Cosmic Energy. Though the Cosmic is One, it can be visualized in thousands of forms, names or characteristics , according to the level of advancement of the humanity.• From the wandering primitive tribal age, the age of settlement and the statehood, the humanity has entered the civilized age and the age of the global interconnectivity and oneness of the humanity. The savages found their God cruel and punishing; the meek and cultured found their God merciful and loving.• However, there is a tendency to go back to the age of the Primitive Tribes even in the modern age and thereby keeping the Humanity without Happiness and stress- free life. The Primitive Gods found somebody as their enemies so to declare Holy Wars.• People who believe in the Primitive Tribal God and follow the primitive tribal practices can never realize their Own Self, the Nature, the Cosmic, the Humanity and attain higher levels of Integration that are the basis of Bliss, Happiness and Stress-free and Fearless Life.• They live in fear; they cry for mercy; they plead or pray for hours; they inflict pain in themselves as means of repentance; the sins haunt them; they make pilgrimage one after another and construct big mansions for their Gods. But they never enjoy Peace or Bliss and fear death for they die for the Hell or Punishment .
  10. 10. THE PRIMITIVE TRIBAL GODS• For the primitive tribes, the God is angry, jealous and revengefully punishing. Such a Primitive God demands Fear, Worship and Praises. The primitive tribes made their God blood thirsty, demanding human or animal blood or sacrifice.• The Primitive Tribes attributed, some of the known characteristics of the ancient cruel or inhuman kings or emperors to their God. So they feared their God; they praised the God with songs and music; they fought and died for their God; they made their war against the other tribes, the Holy Wars.• The Primitive God needed rest after six or seven days work just like men or animals; He specially ordained some people as prophets or black magicians to communicate with the people. One particular tribe alone was declared as the chosen or beloved people of the God and the others, His enemies. Only Primitive Tribal God asks people to fight against other tribes or His enemies and demand the Holy War.• Those who worship and obey the Primitive Tribal God can never be in Peace or Bliss or Happiness, but only in Fear, Tension and Worries that promote enmity between brothers, tribes, nations or peoples besides war and terror. Life of men or women before and after death is also made miserable by the Primitive Tribal God who demands self-inflicted pain or torture, animal or human sacrifice, prolonged fasting or worships and even then offers Hell.
  11. 11. THE GOD OF THE CIVILZED• When the people are entered in a civilized age, their God is the embodiment of Love, Care and Forgiveness. He knows everything. He never demands Fear, Worship or Praises from anybody. Nobody can be the enemy of such a benevolent God who treats the entire Humanity one and the same.• It is impossible and illogical for the people to be the enemy of the God who created every thing and controls everything. Is it possible for the people on earth to do any thing against the Sun or the Ocean? If not, how men on earth can be the enemy of the Creator of the Earth, Sun or Sky?• If the God knows the entire secrets kept in the inner heart of men and women, how can they be unfaithful or infidel to the God? It is only the primitive tribes or men who alone can create somebody as the ‘Enemy of the God’ or ‘Unfaithful or Infidel to the God’. It is nothing but the fantasy of the primitive tribes suffering from lunacy or mental disorders .
  12. 12. THE NATURE,THE MAN,THE WOMAN AND THE HUMANITY• The Nature is the embodiment of the Cosmic. It is universal and not limited to any particular locality or region. There was a tendency for the primitive tribes to limit the earth within a narrow radios of their locality; flood or volcanic eruption in a particular locality was considered as the end of the earth.• Each individual or the entire humanity is the integral part of the Nature. Nobody has any right to upset the balance of the inter-relationship between different creatures themselves and they and the Nature. Everybody is expected to give back to the Nature what has been taken from it.
  13. 13. THE FIRST-LEVEL INEGRATION• The first-level integration of a man or woman, the basis of all other integrations, is purely at personal level . This is the integration of the body, the mind and the soul of the every human being; any imbalance leads to disease or decay and disintegration to death.• The human body consists of the five basic elements; when these five elements are integrated properly, he or she is physically fir or healthy.• The mind is developed and remained healthy with the proper integration of the five senses; any disintegration leads to mental disorder or imbalance at different levels.• Nobody can change the soul which is free from the physical world. Those who cannot realize the soul may say that there is no soul at all. It is not because the soul is not there, but because of their inability to realize the soul just like the Cosmic Power.
  14. 14. THE SECOND LEVEL INEGRATION OF THE MAN AND THE NATURE• The Human -the Nature integration is the basis of the human existence and development. The Nature has its own balance and harmony. When it is upset, the Nature becomes violent. Only by realizing the Nature, its balance and harmony and attaining an integration with the Nature can a man or woman be happy and stress-free. That leads to love of the Nature rather than the fear. The Nature can act as a medium to transfer Cosmic Energy to men.
  15. 15. INTEGRATION OF THE MAN AND THE HUMANITY• The fundamental principle of Capitalism, Communism, Fascism, and Machiavellianism is rooted in the Primitive Tribal ideology of ‘selfishness’ , ‘exclusiveness’, and ‘like the hungry wolfs’, concerned only about the oneself and one’s own tribe, treating other tribes or people enemies. Such an element is deeply inbuilt in Islam, Christianity, Brahmin-dominated Hinduism and Radical Hinduism.• The Humanity has a known history of more than 60, 000 years, where as religions, organized tribal economy and political systems have just less than 5000 years out of which Christianity has just 2000 years and Islam mere 1400 years.• With selfishness and exclusiveness, they brought thousands of wars, terrors and added human sufferings and poverty. That is why; none of them could bring Happiness and stress-free life.• Unless and until it is realized that everybody has equal right and he or she is only a part of the Humanity and without integrating with it, nobody can attain Happy and Stress-free life. At this higher level of consciousness everybody will say, ‘Let all human beings and creatures live in Harmony and Happiness’, the Supreme Prayer . Here is the beginning of true science, education, economics and political science so as to save the children and the humanity.
  16. 16. MAN-WOMAN INEGRATION• Unlike animals, man-woman relationships have more dimensions than mere child reproduction and child rearing, the basis of continuity. Every physically healthy and mentally sound and spiritually enlightened human being is basically romantic and erotic.• Every man needs the care and support of a woman as every healthy and mentally fit woman needs a man, emanating from the physical, mental and spiritual spheres of both men and women. This is the basis of mutual love, respect and care and healthy and long lasting relationships between a man and a woman.• From the level of mere passion or pleasure, sex can be elevated to the level of Joy and Happiness when it becomes physical, mental and spiritual. Inability of men and women to make sex mental and spiritual besides physical is the basic reason for unhappiness and stress-ridden life besides broken families. Sexually dissatisfied men and women become violent, revengeful, jealousy and socially unfit.• It is highly essential to keep the men and women, including the youth physically, mentally and spiritually healthy and vibrant and educate them to respect and love each other for a joyous and happy sexual and romantic life and thereby safeguarding the integrity of the family life and protect the interests of the children who need the love and support of their fathers and mothers.
  17. 17. MAN-CONSMIC INEGRATION• A man or woman is incomplete and stressful without realizing the God or Cosmic by a process of self-realization. Yoga or meditation is only one of the means by which one can realize and experience the Cosmic. Loving the Nature and the Humanity as a whole and doing selfless services are the best means of realization.• Fearing the God is the greatest obstacle to realize the Cosmic; instead what is required is loving the Cosmic, for fear leads to hate or estrangement. Out of fear, people make prayers and human or animal sacrifice or perform tedious and expensive pilgrimage to please the Fearful God .• The Primitive Tribes fear their Gods, die or kill for the sake of their Gods and fight against the ‘enemies ‘of their Gods or Creators . On the other, the cultured and civilized men Love their God who has no enemies but treat everybody as His beloved and therefore they can live in peace and harmony.• Man-Cosmic Integration is possible with Love and Realization of the Universal Nature of the Cosmic, the Nature and the Humanity and the man or woman without hate and fear.
  18. 18. THE KEY FOR HAPPINESSAND STREE–FREE LIFE• In short, the five fold realization and integration are the basis of Happiness and Stress-Free life. Without attaining Happiness and Stress-free Life, what is the meaning of life on earth? If one cannot attains Happiness and Stress-free life on earth while alive, is there any basis in believing that they can be attained in the Heaven or Paradise after death?• Even all religions admit that one’s performance while alive is the basis of the entry into Heaven or Paradise after death. To die or kill for a cause or belief is very easy, but to live for a cause or belief and let other’s live for their causes is a very difficult task.• For Happiness and Stress-free Life, we have to live and we have to let others to live, for all men on earth are unique and very much important with equal right on the earth. No God but only Devil or Satan asks men to fear, hate and kill others.• These are the sum and substance besides the simplified version of the Great Indian Wisdom.