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Millions of Children or Learners and their Teachers and Parents encounter with the problem of augmenting the learning abilities and reducing the learning strain and Education is getting irrelevant and substandard, in spite of the applications of Information Technology in Education. Knowmatics offers wonderful opportunities to make a Real Revolution in Education. Strategies have been discussed.

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  1. 1. DR. RAJU M. MATHEW
  2. 2. Acquiring, Accessing and Applying Knowledge andSkill Acquisition or Developments constitute the Core of Learning or Education. They are the different manifestations of Knowledge.
  3. 3. The building blocs of Knowledge are concepts. Each concept hashundreds of levels, from simple to complex. Any Domain ofKnowledge consists of a set of core concepts and a series of sub-concepts that can be presented for learners at different levels.There exists a common structure and method for all Domains ofKnowledge. Knowledge is organized similar to the thinkingpattern and the way in which human brain organizes concepts.
  4. 4. Brain Researchers, Cognitive Scientists and IT Experts, besidessome Linguists, have wrongly been identified Human Brain as aData or Information Processing or Storage mechanism based onthe heart beats in ‘bit’ or ‘bytes’ and reduced or over simplifiedevery thing into mere ‘0’ or ‘1’ and their permutation andcombinations.But the human brain is basically a Knowledge or Conceptformation, processing, organizing and storage mechanismwhich brings out words, ideas, plans,, dreams, decisions,theories, imaginations and etc
  5. 5. The brain of a normal human being brakes down if its is assigned tostore and recall a 300 page data book or telephone directory. Brainstarts to eject data or information after a certain amount.On the other hand, the brain of a normal human being can store andrecall Knowledge in the form of ideas, plans, dreams, concepts,theories, verses, decisions, beliefs that may exceed thousands of pagesif theya re brought in printed form.It shows that Human Brain is designed not for Data or InformationProcessing, Storing and recalling, but for Knowledge.
  6. 6. The Structure of Data is Static and Linear where as the Structureof Knowledge is Dynamic and Non-linear. Further, Data isfragmented without any meaning or relevance unless it isintegrated with Knowledge. Knowledge is holistic and hasindependent meaning or relevance. Of course, organized data ,presented in the particular context and integrated withKnowledge becomes meaningful and relevant. In short, Data orInformation has no independent existence, where as Knowledgeexists on its own identity.
  7. 7. The very foundation of Information Technology is Algorithms built uponStatic and Linear Data Structure. IT is essentially a Data Processing orManipulation Technology. Information Technology has nothing to dowith ‘Knowledge Processing, Knowledge Organization, KnowledgeCreation and Knowledge Application.Education or Learning is essentially concerned with Processing,Organization, Creation and Application of Knowledge at different levelssuch as Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Levels with hundreds of sub-levels for each level.This is the simple reason that makes Information Technologyincompatible to deal with or enter deep into the hears of Learning orEducation, in spite of thousands of unfounded claims made by theEducationalists, Cognitive Scientists, Linguists and IT Experts.
  8. 8. If Knowledge is Data and Learning or Education is Data Manipulation,then Information Technology is the most suitable or CompatibleTechnology for Education. Further Information Technology wouldhave been made unimaginable strides in making a Learning orEducational Revolutions, brining the entire humanity in the fold ofEducation. The Truth is that over 41% of the humanity lives inignorance and backwardness. Schools and Colleges that havechampioned for the cause of Information Technology are facing theproblem of an erosion of the quality of education besides the inabilityof tobring out highly critical and innovative brains or talents.
  9. 9. Educationalists, Teachers and Parents all over the world areencountering with the problem of augmenting the learningabilities of students or learners and reducing the learningstrains, in spite of the increasing IT Applications. Over 95% ofthe Knowledge that humanity has created so far cannot be usedor put into applications for the simple reason that they arescattered in billions of books and millions of libraries orcomputers or brains of scholars. No technology ahs developedso far to process and organize knowledge and bring out valueadded Knowledge Products, Services and Solutions.
  10. 10. Knowmatics is a Philosophy, Science and Technology todeal with Knowledge and Education or Learning. It isbased on the, nature, structure, representation andtransfer or communication of Knowledge. It is designedfor Knowledge processing and Organization and makingKnowledge Accessible and Usable for All. It aims atAugmenting Learning and Accessibility and Application ofKnowledge and Reducing Learning Strains. On the basisof our approach towards Knowledge and Learningstrategies can be formulated to attain the tasks.
  11. 11. On the basis of the above appraoch towards Knowledge and Learning, thatwe have discussed earlier, strategies can be formulated to attain the tasks.Further, Mathew’s Theory of Knowledge Consumption – ProductionCorrelation and Mathew’s Stage Theory of Knowledge Consumption-Production Growth can effectively put in to applications for augmentingLearning and Skill Acquisition and Scientific Productivity and ReducingLearning Strains. Knowmatics is capable of brining out a n EducationRevolutions globally encompassing the entire humanity. This presentationis only a beginning to make further studies and research on these areasand develop suitable Systems and Services, including Live KnowledgeBanks , Mega Knowledge Corporations and above all Building upKnowledge Industries on a sound basis.