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By 2017, one Kg of rice in Kerala costs 200 Indian Rupees; one Kg of tapioca costs 150 Indian rupees and one liter of bottled drinking water to 100 Indian rupees. Kerala is heading towards the Great Famine and Water Crisis. It is high time to formulate counter strategies to meet the exigencies, though both the Left and Right Political Parties and their leaders are least bothered about such an impending crisis other than engaging in their usual controversies, scams, corruptions and nexus with the criminals. Counter strategies have been proposed to save 35 million people in Kerala. Kerala suffers from wrong priorities ignoring basic conditions for the very survival. Without ensuring pure drinking water, uninterrupted power supply and waste management, it is building up Biggest Malls, Metro Trains and Sophisticated Temples, Churches, Mosques and Political Party Offices. Nobody, including Muslim Organizations or Political Parties , is bothered to examine why so many Malayalies working in the GCC Countries are sending back. Is there any solution for Kerala's problems. Yes, solutions are there; we can save Kerala and its 35 million people from an impending tragedy or fall. Read this presentation along with 'Alternative Development Strategy for Saving 35 Million People in Kerala' and 'Kerala Needs No More New Malls, Churches, Temples, Mosques, Party Offices but..."

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  2. 2. POOR PLIGHT OF KERALA • • • • People and politicians in Kerala are more interested in creating problems and controversies rather than solving them. Every crime or scam is celebrated in Kerala more than its national celebration, ONAM! A leader is born when he or she leads a group for destroying the public property or disrupting the normal life of the people or creating new controversies or wild allegations. Then he or she gets the maximum media exposure. All the political leaders irrespective of any political parties or communal organization in Kerala have such a proven track record. They don’t know the art of problem solving and formulating strategies for development and peaceful life. Both the UDF and the LDF, in spite of their ideologies and long political experiences, have proved that they are the greatest curse or liability of Kerala to exist just for scams, corruption and controversies without even a single leader having vision, statesmanship and ability to understand the basic problem of the people of Kerala. Corruption is the basic motive force for all their major or minor development projects, either highways, techno-parks and even a pachayath road. The last 55 years of the UDF/LDF rule pushed Kerala on the verge of famine, water and energy crisis, dumping garbage everywhere and making everybody sick and fatally ill . Nobody in Kerala is bothered about the impending peril: Kerala is heading towards a Great Famine, Pollution and Water Crisis capable of wiping out 30 to 40 per cent of its population by 2018 - 2020. Rice or the essential food items will not be available to import or to buy from the other parts of India. Unscientific urbanization of Cochin or Trivandrum made the original settlers to runaway for the unknown people with unknown languages to dominate every where. (Also read. ‘Kerala Needs no more New Malls…..’)
  3. 3. RICE ,TAPIOCA AND DRINKING WATER COST 200 INDIAN RUPEES IN KERALA • • • • By 2018, in Kerala one kilogram of rice or one kilogram of tapioca will cost around 200 Indian Rupees and one liter of bottled drinking water around 150 Indian Rupees. All the lakes and rivers in Kerala will be dumped with city, village, hospital and industrial waste. Sabarimala pilgrims are potent enough to turn the entire Pampa and Manimala Rivers, the Vembanad Lake and the Kuttanad, the world’s largest deadly disease spreading garbage. Power supply will be limited to 3 to 4 hours in a day. Many people find it difficult even to cook their food for the non-affordability of cooking gas, fire woods and electricity. Even the Tenoparks and the SmartCity will become a liability. Over 60% of the farm lands will turn into barren for the excessive use of pesticide and chemical fertilizers and lack of water for irrigation besides urbanization. Education will be reduced into mere degree or diploma or certificate awarding without much quality or content. Over 90% of the Keralites working in the GCC countries, including big and small business people will be sent back for the clever strategy of China in branding them, especially Kerala Muslims, as fundamentalists or terrorists. China is using Pakistan to spread Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism in Kerala and giving wide propaganda for them, as I said in my presentation : ‘Alternative Development Strategy for Kerala to Save 35 Million People’. Recently China has reached an agreement with GCC countries for greater co-operation, including massive employment of its citizens. By hook or crook China has to get rid off the Keralites working in the GCC countries which do not tolerate Islamic Terrorism and Fundamentalism, a great threat to their very survival; every Kerala Muslim is watched suspiciously, including his money transactions and telephone communications by the secret police forces. Some are under trial, including Imams.
  4. 4. NOT A PROPHET OF DOOM • • • I am not a prophet of doom, but telling some hard realities to meet the crisis in advance . In 2000 when IT was at its zenith, I cautioned about the coming major crisis of IT in the then website ( When the crisis hit the entire IT sector, mine was the only site on that topic. As early as 1985, I wrote about Globalization and India in the ‘International Information Economy Handbook’, published from the USA and the Netherlands. The USSR Academy of Science in1985 published my two theories on Knowledge Consumption-Production. In my paper presented for the Intergovernmental Bureau for Informatics, Rome in 1984, I warned about the international terrorism hitting the developed and developing countries. It appeared in over eight languages.. In 2005, I talked about the fall and decline of IT and Internet and the rise of Knowmatics and Knowledge Technology (KT). In 2014, ‘death of internet’ has already been declared by the west and research is going on to develop ‘Future Internet’ or Intelligent Internet in which my works on Knowmatics have been applied. In the World Universities Forum, Hong Kong, 2011,I predicted the disintegration of universities and the rise of Dynamic Knowledge Banks or Corporations capable of delivering higher education with tenfold efficiency and effectiveness. Most of my writings on the Global Economic Crisis appeared in the Market Oracle(UK) since Dec.2008 are well read or cited globally and appeared in several languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and etc. I am writing what I am seeing or foreseeing for the interest of the Humanity. ‘Terrorism, Starvation and Global Economic Crisis - Counter Strategies’ is my latest work. Also read my presentation :‘Cassava or Tapioca to Feed the Hungry Millions’. (Some news paper reports are also given along with this presentation ).
  5. 5. STOP CONTROVERSIES AND SAVE THE PEOPLE • • • • In the presentations ‘Alternative Development Strategy for Kerala to Save 35 Million People’ and ‘Kerala Needs No More Malls, Churches, Temples, Mosques and Political Party Offices…’, I proposed (a) Mega Water Purification Systems’, (b) Mega Solar Energy Projects and ( c) Decentralized Waste Management System for Kerala using new technologies developed by the European Union and also their funding besides developing Knowledge Industries. ( In addition that Kerala must promote the extensive cultivation of high yielding Tapioca or Cassava and besides Jack fruit trees and mango trees and extensive use of both ripe and unripe jack fruits or mangos to feed the hungry millions. In the eve of the first and the second world wars, Kerala survived just because of Tapioca and Jack fruits in spite of the non-availability of rice, wheat and etc. People must force the Left or Right political parties and their leaders committed to the basic problem of hunger or famine or existence in stead of Corruption and Controversies. Under the mask of controversies, corruptions are made by the political parties or leaders, criminals, industrialists and bureaucrats in Kerala. This is the question of very survival and growth of 35 million people of Kerala irrespective of their faith or ideology or political affiliation. This is the real Politics which is far beyond ‘party’ or ‘group’ politics known to the whole time politicians or political party workers or paid cadre workers in Kerala.
  6. 6. NOT THEIR SERMONS ALONE • • • • The last 50 years of experiences in Kerala proved that in spite of the unending sermons, advices and practices of the well organized Islam and Christianity and the resourceful Hindu spiritual leaders or god-men or god-women or Devasom Boards, Kerala has been spoiled with alcoholism or consumerism or behavioral disorders for the deep-rooted and widely prevailing frustrations and pessimism. Islam, Christianity and Hinduism and their religious organizations and institutions in Kerala must come to the rescue of the people at least for ensuring food, clean energy, drinking water and garbage-free land water and a corruption-free and efficient governance at all levels. They can promote water purification systems, mega solar energy projects, waste management systems and above all developing Knowledge Industries. Islam, Christianity and Hinduism in Kerala must come forward to promote the cultivation of tapioca and planting millions of jackfruit trees and starting food processing ventures to save the hungry millions from famine or starvation. It is their duty to serve pure drinking water for all. History tells us that in the early days Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam in Kerala engaged in these activities to save thousands instead of engaging in mere political or economic bargaining. Unless corruption is wiped out and better, efficient and result-oriented governance is ensured and food and drinking water is made available for all urgently, terrorists and criminal gangs rule Kerala and nobody can save Kerala from the impending peril. Time is running fast beyond the calculation of the political, religious and communal leaders of Kerala. Be ready to read the writing on the wall and do something urgently.