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With determination and simple techniques, everybody can be happy and enjoy life.

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  2. 2. LIFE IS PRECIOUS• Life of every man or woman, boy or girl, is precious. As a living entity, everybody has the right to live, flourish and enjoy the life on the earth.• Any faith or ideology or religion or system that denies the basic right of existence, growth and enjoyment is inhuman and against the God and the Nature. And therefore it is Satanic or Devilish that skillfully uses the name of God or Heaven to add human misery and sorrows.• It is the greatest human tragedy that there are so many faiths, ideologies and religions that stand against the basic right of existence, growth and enjoyment of human beings on the pretext of the God or the Faith demanding men and women to suffer and add misery to please the God.• Actually it is not the God but the men with unsound mind who find pleasures either in self-torture or the sufferings of the fellow human beings are behind such teachings or practices. The God who created everything shall not be a sadist to enjoy the misery and sufferings of the poor human beings, unlike what have been taught or projected.
  3. 3. THE LIFE IS WORTH LIVING• Our life on the earth is short, filled with pains, problems and calamities. It is not the God, but everyone of us makes the life sweet, beautiful, enjoyable and worth- living. It is not the Devil or the Satan, but the criminal minded and mentally unsound sadists make our life miserable and painful.• Our life on the earth can be made sweet, beautiful, enjoyable and meaningful by a process of realization and integration and extending our helping hand to everyone by one way or the other reinforced by Humanism and Spirituality.• With prayer, devotions or adherence to religious practices or ideological commitment alone no body can make his or her life happy, enjoyable and meaningful. Other wise, the Muslims, the Christians, the Communists or the Fascists should have lead a happy, stress-free, enjoyable and meaningful life on earth and died a peaceful death. But the reality is quite different. In spite of their long prayers, devotions, fasting, pilgrimages, constructions of mosques or churches, self-sacrifice or ideological commitments, they too lead a miserable life and cry for the fear of going to the Hell!• Everybody is getting aware of the failures of all religions and ideologies to solve the basic human problem of hunger, ignorance and denial of human dignity besides making life enjoyable. They are covering up their impotency with the promise of the Heaven or Paradise after death, that too without any guarantee! Within 10 years, both Islam and Christianity will be reduced into mere business enterprises concerned with protecting their wealth and generating more income and preventing their members leaving them with stick and carrot that too without any Humanism and Spirituality. Without drastic reforms, they cannot sustain.
  4. 4. IT IS SHARING• In some of my presentations, starting from the Ancient Indian Wisdom, uploaded in, I have been exploring the reasons of the man-made miseries and sorrows and their simple solutions. They are based on my own convictions.• These presentations are prepared after going though the various scriptures of Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism, and also the ideological works on Fascism and Communism besides some basic understandings on the Modern Science, Technology, Literature, Psychology and Philosophy. The ways of life of the various religious heads or leaders and spiritual men or women, besides the people who are always happy, have been keenly observed.• It takes more than 50 years of constant work, understandings of diverse cultures and civilizations, besides interacting with people of diverse races, faiths, ideologies, philosophies, ways of life and outlooks. I am just sharing what I found or leaned. Every body is free to make further explorations so as to make our life beautiful.
  5. 5. THE ON-GOING EXPLORATIONS• It is the duty of every human being to do something to make one’s own life and the life of others more sweet, beautiful and enjoyable.• Every deed that leads the joy of the people around us is rewarding in the sense that it adds one’s own joy when alive.• Every deed that adds the misery or sorrow of the people around us is punishable in the sense that it adds one’s own pain and sorrow when alive.• This is the Law of the Nature and nobody can be made free from it. Even life after death either in the Hell, Heaven or Paradise is not free from the Law of the Nature.• What I have written may be a stepping stone for making further explorations to reveal the mystery behind Sorrow or Happiness ; Hell or Paradise.• Hope that these works will be useful in conducting further explorations, without reinventing the wheel. Everybody’s life is short, filled with crisis; but we have to enjoy it to the fullest extent.