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Create barcode labels using DRPU Software


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Now start using DRPU barcode Label Maker Software that allows you to generate bulk number of barcode labels and tags in linear and 2D fonts symbologies

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Create barcode labels using DRPU Software

  1. 1. Explain the process of creating barcode labels using DRPU Barcode Label Software What are Barcodes Barcodes are the machine-readable codes in the form of numbers and a pattern of parallel lines of varying widths, printed on a commodity and used especially for stock control like sales/purchase details in just fraction of seconds. Where we use barcode labels and tags: Specify application areas Barcode Labels are used in different application areas like Post Office, Packaging & Supply, Manufacturing, Inventory, Healthcare etc for designing labels in specific manner.
  2. 2. Use DRPU Barcode Label Maker Software: Corporate Edition for creating business tags and stickers
  3. 3. Steps to designing and printing barcode labels Step-1 :--> Install Barcode Label Software: Corporate Edition for generating business stickers Just Install Corporate Barcode Label Maker Software for designing business tags and labels on your windows PC that consists of interactive graphical user interface for creating labels in linear and 2D fonts symbologies without any need of applying programming skills. Step-2 :---> Go to barcode designing view option to select variousbarcode fonts, drawing tools etc
  4. 4. Step-3 :---> Double click on barcodes to change barcode header and footer values
  5. 5. Step-4 :---> Now Barcodes are Ready to Print on multiple rolls sheets using Thermal or Laser Printers
  6. 6. Step-5 :---> Barcodes are now printing on multiple paper rolls
  7. 7. Step-6:---> Now your barcodes are ready to use