Technology Power and Use


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This presentation is about the responsibility of technology and the power of technology. The impact depends on the speaker and the anecdotes and presentation style used.

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  • What you do when no one is watching you, what you decide to do independent of your parents, your teachers, your friends, that’s the real you. Cultivating an identity, living life involves making choices at every stage of what to do, and how to do it. Are you a person of integrity? Are you principled?
  • We belong to various communities, each of which has rules, and expectations with attached responsibilities. The structures around you and the communities that you belong to aim to help you make choices that benefit you, that benefit your communities.
  • One of the many frameworks that we provide to help you is the acceptable use policy. The acceptable use policy is the key to technology access and use here. Do you know what it says? In a few minutes, some grade 9 students will help me highlight components of the AUP. Before we get to that, I want to emphasize three points, all having to do with #2 of the AUP: responsible and considerate hardware use, the use of shared spaces and printing. Grade 9 students will read the heading and for each of the five headings, and give some examples to highlight responsible use.
  • We teach you to be critical and creative thinkers. If we’re doing our jobs right, you’re questioning the boundaries and limitations that we set up. How many of you have accessed Facebook at school? How many of you leave school laptops in your lockers? Do you believe that Facebook should be unblocked at NIS. Keep your hand up if you think that Facebook has educational value.
  • If you’re thinking about the role of technology in school, if you have some ideas, we could use your help. Don’t be a sneak in the corner circumventing the protocols. The technology committee has been working on a vision of technology use to determine the value of technology in learning and teaching at our school. I’m looking for some students to provide their perspective.
  • The thing that excites me about technology is the value that it adds to life – my own life and society. My brother joined Facebook last week and I’ve “spoken” to him more in the past week alone and seen more pictures of my nephews than in the past 6 months (communication). I’m planning a trip to Morocco with two friends and we’re working on a Google document collaboratively to organize travel and accommodations (collaborations). I blog and microblog on my own blog and on twitter and share videos, presentations and other creations there (connecting and creating). Choose to use a variety of technology to enhance life.
  • Google’s Demo Slam encourage us to use technology in a way that is innovative and authentic while showing how the technology works and how to use it.
  • Sure, we all like potato chips but we can’t eat potato chips all the time. My challenge to you over the break is to enjoy the moment. Put your iPods, and PSPs and computers away sometimes and just enjoy the presence and real connections with the people that you care about and the people that you encounter. Life is more meaningful than eating a bag of potato chips so treat it differently. Be engaged, be purposeful, be discriminating and control your use of technology instead of letting it control you.
  • Technology Power and Use

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