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  1. 1. Tips on using my ppt. 1. You can freely download, edit, modify and put your name etc. 2. Don’t be concerned about number of slides. Half the slides are blanks except for the title. 3. First show the blank slides (eg. Aetiology ) > Ask students what they already know about ethology of today's topic. > Then show next slide which enumerates aetiologies. 4. At the end rerun the show – show blank> ask questions > show next slide. 5. This will be an ACTIVE LEARNING SESSION x three revisions. 6. Good for self study also. 7. See notes for bibliography.
  4. 4. INFRASTRUCTURE • If patients are treated in this scheme both the state and central government will provide incentives. • Incentives will be provided to Doctors, staff nurse, ward boy, safai karmi etc. • But due to improper and incorrect filling of the forms and also no proper information related to the treatment leads to lack of provision of incentives.
  6. 6. MEMBERS INVOLVED IN THE SCHEME • Institutional head • Medical superindent • Nodal officer • Ward In charge/Unit Head • Class 4
  8. 8. INFORMATION • Each and every in patient should be treated in this scheme. For this Sister should educate the patient about the importance of scheme. • To get the benefit of this scheme the patient primarily should have Ration Card or Adhar Card or Smart Card. • Patient can submit them within 72 hours/ 3 days from the date of admission.
  9. 9. For successful claim following measures must be taken.
  10. 10. For successful claim following measures must be taken. • Obstetric and Gynecology : bed side patient photo, Investigation reports, scanning report are mandatory within 3 days of admission. • Case sheet should contain the information regarding EDD, Obstetric history, vital chart[daily 2 times] • Delivery notes • After delivery both mother and new born photo should be needed.
  11. 11. Obstetric and Gynecology • In case of C – section along with above mentioned details, OT notes, Anesthetics notes, post stitch photograph are required. • In case sheet , Medicine chart, sister notes, fluids chart[input and output] and discharge summary, photocopy of discharge ticket must be needed. If not the case will be rejected. • In case of blood transfusion detailed BT notes are required.
  12. 12. Surgery allied department • Complete procedure details ,Diagnosis, investigation reports, USG, Pre op & post op x-ray,CT scan report, Histopathology report, BT notes should be needed. • Patient photograph in OT. • OT notes and Anesthetics notes. • Medicine chart, fluid chart, sister notes, discharge summary, discharge ticket. • NOTE: In case of patient death, death summary is required.
  13. 13. Ortho department: • Along with al l the details mentioned above , implant details must be mentioned in the case sheet. • Barcode photograph of implant should also attached in the case sheet. • Pre op and post op x-ray also needed.
  14. 14. Medicine department : • Patient bedside photograph, investigation reports, detailed treatment plan should be mentioned. • Medicine chart, fluid chart, sister notes, temperature chart, vital chart and USG and x- ray also required. • BT notes, detailed blood transfusion notes. • Detailed information about the discharge summary. • Discharge ticket should be attached to the case sheet.
  15. 15. 1. Vital chart, 2. investigation report, 3. medication chart, 4. diagnosis and 5. treatment plan, 6. discharge summary and discharge ticket. 7. NICU detailed notes Pediatric department
  16. 16. 1. A Scan reports Eye department
  17. 17. 1. Detailed anesthhesia notes 2. Signature 3. Full name. In case sheet. Anesthesia department
  18. 18. COVID CASES
  19. 19. COVID CASES • In cases of Covid 19, patient photograph and covid test report along with Adhar card or Ration card should be submitted within 3 days of admission.
  20. 20. • Every ward should provided with seal or stamps. • Discharge ticket seal • Discharge summary seal • Medicine chart seal • Sister note seal. • In every case sheet detailed information along with above mentioned seal is mandatory or else case is rejected.
  21. 21. • Head of the departments should conduct meeting with the Interns, Junior residence and other consultants and submit the meeting minutes in the dean office/ MS office • Sister In charge should also conduct the meeting with the staff nurse and submit the meeting minutes to the matron within 3 days.
  22. 22. • According to Honorable Chhattisgarh High court direction PIL number 74/2o16, improper case sheet filling and no complete name of the consultant will be considered as an offence.
  23. 23. CONCLUSION
  24. 24. • In case sheet the consultant should focus mainly on diagnosis, treatment plan, discharge summary and discharge ticket of the patient and also name[ capital letters], signature and seal of the consultant is mandatory. • The sister should thoroughly check the case sheet before sending it to medical record section. • Each and every patient should be benefited through this scheme . • BY taking the incentives hospital staff can also be benefited. • Through this incentives hospital infrastructure and manpower can be developed. CONCLUSION
  25. 25. THANK YOU
  26. 26. Get this ppt in mobile 1. Download Microsoft PowerPoint from play store. 2. Open Google assistant 3. Open Google lens. 4. Scan qr code from next slide.
  27. 27. Get this ppt in mobile
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