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Voting for An Antichrist (E-Booklet)


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In my short life, I have lived to see eleven Presidents come and go but never have I seen such a moral dilemma that rubs in the face of God like I have seen in the elections of 2012. There are theologians from all over the world attempting to tackle the sensitive issue of "Should Christians vote in these elections?"

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Voting for An Antichrist (E-Booklet)

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  3. 3. Voting For an Antichrist Dr. Stephen R. PhinneyIn my short life, I have lived to see eleven presidents come and go; but never have I seen sucha moral dilemma that rubs in the face of God like I have seen in the elections of 2012. Thereare theologians from all over the world attempting to tackle the sensitive issue of “shouldChristians vote in these elections?” Online research proves this question to be the most askedby “followers” of Christ.Needless to say, in having an active readers list, I have been asked this question several times.Before I spoil my readers with my answer – I ask them a few questions: 1. Do you believe Jesus would vote for one of the candidates? 2. Do you believe in voting for the lesser of two evils? 3. Do you believe there is a difference between being Christian and an indwelt Christian? 4. Do you believe God assigns the governing leaders in spite of human effort? 5. Would you vote for the Antichrist?The answer to these questions helps me gain an understanding as to the level of wisdom anddiscernment the “believer” has. If the answers to my questions are well beyond emergent,(lukewarm) than I know that whatever I say will most likely fall on deaf ears. Believe it or not, inmy older age, I am learning to save some of my breath.Would Jesus Vote? The idea of Jesus voting in these American elections, or any elections forthat fact, is a probable NO. Don’t misunderstand me. I am an active voter. But in Truth, thepractice of voting originally came to us by way of the Roman political system – placing the “wethe people” in power over the governing leaders. Ultimately, this formed a style of governmentthat is opposite of the biblical model of God selecting and managing our leaders (Daniel 2:20-22). Thus, I am in high doubt that Christ would subject Himself to a Roman-style anything.Voting For the Lesser of Two Evils: The concept of Christians voting for the lesser of twoevils has spread into the church like a cancer. The real way to ask this question is, “Would youvote for the lesser of two devils (Greek: wicked devil)? This helps the Christian, indwelt orfollower, understand what he is actually doing. With this renewed clarity, no – I would not votefor a wicked devil under any circumstance, let alone trying to convince myself that Jesus wouldvote for a devil. IOM AMERICA RESOURCES | P.O. Box 71, Sterling, KS 67579 | |
  4. 4. Christian versus Indwelt Christian: Surveys state that 73% of all Americans say that they areChristian just because they are American (ARIS Report1). Most of the cult groups within that73% make the claim in their doctrinal statements that they are “Christian” – Jehovah’sWitnesses, Mormons, Unification Church (“Moonies”), Christian Science Church, Unity Schoolof Christianity, Scientology, Muslim/Islam, and Chrislim (combining Christianity with Islam).Those are just a few of the cults that believe in Christianity, but not in the indwelling life of JesusChrist. This does not include the group of “Christian” denominations that don’t believe inSalvation being a point of conversion and the indwelling of the life of Christ through the HolySpirit – Roman Catholics, Orthodox churches, Lutherans, Anglican, Seventh-Day Adventist, etc.(Keep in mind there are born-again movements within these denominations).Being “Christian” no longer means having the life of Jesus Christ in you, empowering you tofollow Him. In the modern culture, it meant to follow Jesus Christ with or without an indwelling.Now, in the postmodern culture, it means “spiritual formation” (a person following a “Christ”(Messiah) of your choice. The danger of this is the enemy (Satan) will use the term “Christian”to lead the world unto himself through a global religion that possibly will be called “Christian.” IfChristian means “Christ” follower, and since Satan will introduce himself as Christ, it would beeasy for him to make the apocalyptic swap of the real Christ (Jesus) for himself (Antichrist).Therefore, voting for someone who says he is a Christian is not only unimpressive to me; it is awarning to me. It begs the question, “Who is your Christ?”God Assigns our Leaders in Sovereignty: People who don’t believe God when He speaksare, if I remember correctly, saying God is a liar. Here is what God told Daniel to tell a wickedking, who was an antichrist:“Daniel said, ‘Let the name of God be blessed forever and ever, for wisdom and power belongto Him. It is He who changes the times and the epochs; He removes kings and establisheskings; He gives wisdom to wise men and knowledge to men of understanding. It is He whoreveals the profound and hidden things; He knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwellswith Him’ ” (Daniel 2:20-22, bold added).Honestly, I understand enough of the wisdom proclaimed in this passage to say that I dare notquestion the ability of God being able to put leaders (kings) in place, whether they are good orevil. He is the One who knows which leaders are needed to advance His prophetic plan. Don’tget confused over the term “king.” Keep in mind, most countries don’t use the system of“kingdom” (or monarchy) due to the adoption of the system of Roman democracy, which rulesfrom the bottom up – thus, making the Daniel passage impotent.God simply does not need my vote to advance the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is notriding on my vote or the vote of any hater of God.Voting for an antichrist: Most true Christians know that Muslims and Mormons do NOTbelieve that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, Jesus Christ is God, and Jesus Christ provides theonly way to heaven. This throws both groups into the classification of being “antichrists.”I have asked “Christians” the question, “Would you vote for an antichrist?” many times; but, Idon’t remember one time when I got the answer they would. Although, I will tell you what myresearch has proven. My survey showed that 97% of all who were asked this question said they IOM AMERICA RESOURCES | P.O. Box 71, Sterling, KS 67579 | |
  5. 5. ARE going to vote for the lesser of two evils (devils). Sounds a bit paradoxical for sure! Thefact that a “Christian” would vote for a devil, who hates the thought of Jesus Christ being theonly Way, Truth, and Life, under the banner of advancing the lesser of two evils is beyond me.Since one of the meanings for vote is a vow to serve, I cannot for the life of me grasp why a“Christian” would have such turmoil over this issue. Voting is a serious responsibility. I get thisnew postmodern emergent view of authority, but I don’t understand how people who claim tohave the King of kings and Lord of lords living inside their mortal bodies to use the temple of theHoly Spirit (body, soul, and spirit) to advance an antichrist. That level of the lack of discernmentis beyond alarming to me. It provokes in me a righteous anger that requires me to stand up andsay something.What is an Indwelt Christian to do? I cannot tell you what to do, although I will encourageyou to soberly embrace the James 4 passage:“Therefore, to one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin” (James4:17).I understand the “whatever is not of faith is sin” (Rom. 14:23b). I know that you, our readers,must make a decision of faith that is in congruence with what you say you believe. But I appealto you to consider all that I have shared with you.Many do not know that when it comes to voting, you can legally do a “write in” of a candidatewho is not officially running for office. In fact, I was notified yesterday that I am on the list asone of the presidential candidates. That should show you just how possible it is to do a “writein.” Most don’t do “write ins” because they think that it will push the favor, or votes, to thecandidate they DON’T want in office. Well – as Indwelt Christians, that isn’t the point (Daniel2:20-22). When I go unto the Father someday, I want to hear those words, “Well done, thougood and faithful servant” (Matt. 25:21). I have complete understanding that there is coming aday when Christians won’t be able to vote because not one of the candidates will supportChristianity. But I also know that in the final days of the end-times, Christians who claim thatJesus Christ is the only Way, Truth, and Life will NOT be able to vote, buy, sell, or trade (Rev.13:17). Those days just might be sooner than later.I would like to finish by addressing those who do the voting for the lesser oftwo evils, in spite of what I have shared. The uninformed belief, of the lesserof two evils, makes the assumption that the lesser (in this case, Mormonism) isthe best choice due to their family values. As a worldview researcher, I havediscovered something rather alarming about the end-times – it is the white(lesser) side of the yin and yang that is far more dangerous and more descriptive of the finalAntichrist. Satan does and will continue to disguise himself as a Christ of light (life).“No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14).It is obvious to me that a religion that persecutes and kills Christians daily is of the darker side ofevil (greater); but those of the lesser side are far more covert, deceptive, and strategic inrecruiting votes to advance their cause. There is one thing this Kansas boy knows - I will notcast my vote to a man who believes that Jesus and Satan are brothers (The Book of Mormon). IOM AMERICA RESOURCES | P.O. Box 71, Sterling, KS 67579 | |
  6. 6. The honor and love I have for my Savior, Jesus Christ, requires me to take a bullet before thathappens.Further Examination of the Term Christian vs. Indwelt Christian:Christian: Christianos is a name given by worldly observers regarding those individuals orgroups who were individually or collectively following Jesus throughout the first generation afterthe resurrection. This was not the title born-again indwelt followers of Christ Jesus usedamongst themselves. The term used by the born-again was “disciples” (mathetes) of ChristJesus. The term “Christian” was first adopted at Antioch and initially was not necessarilyconsidered a compliment. It does not occur in the New Testament as a name commonly usedby the disciples themselves.“And when he had found him, he brought him to Antioch. And for an entire year they met withthe church and taught considerable numbers; and the disciples were first called Christians inAntioch” (Acts 11:26).“Agrippa replied to Paul, ‘In a short time you will persuade me to become a Christian’ " (Acts26:28).In Acts 11:26, the verb used for “called” is not onomasthesan (profess to be a disciple); butrather, the word here is chrematisai (to have a business affair or dealings). This means – ChristJesus’ disciples were noted by observers to have had “dealings” with Jesus. This same termwas used by the Magi (magicians) from the East who were divinely informed not to return to tellHerod where the baby Jesus was located. Magi were not being classified as born-again indweltfollowers of Christ, but rather “having dealings with Jesus through divine oracles.” Thus, a moreliteral definition of the term “Christian” in Acts 11:26 is: followers of the one who called himselfthe Messiah, Christ. This term was never strictly used to define true indwelt believers; butrather, those who have been overpowered by a divine direction and then choosing to followsuch a teacher.It is important not to confuse Christianos with Christos (anointed, to anoint), a term used in theHebrew applied to everyone anointed with the Holy oil (Spirit) by the high priest. In the NewCovenant, that high priest is Christ Jesus. In fact, in the New Covenant (NT) it communicates atitle that the Bride of Christ (indwelt believers) is the body in which Jesus Christ is the head(Groom). To be a Christos, one must be selected as a Bridal member, have the Holy Spiritpoured upon and indwelt in him, and be justified/sanctified through the work of the Crossthrough co-crucifixion.Most Biblically accurate term: Mathetes Christos. Mathetes in the Old Testament meant studentor learner, where the learner cannot be higher than the instructor (Luke 6:40). In the NewCovenant (NT) it means to become one with instruction, by being a follower of one’s teacher.To have Christos come into play, we now have the following meaning:Mathetes Christo: Becoming one with the instruction of Jesus Christ, by way of being anointedby the Teacher with the Holy Spirit who indwells the believer, which comes by way of Salvationin Jesus Christ. IOM AMERICA RESOURCES | P.O. Box 71, Sterling, KS 67579 | |
  7. 7. The history of the word “Christian” was quickly adopted by the world as a term to label thosewho followed Christ Jesus – being indwelt by the Holy Spirit (born-again) or not. The term isused in the postmodern times of today in the same fashion, except the “Christ” in Christ-ian isnot necessarily Jesus Christ; This means it does not necessarily separate the indwelt (HolySpirit indwelt) believers/disciples from those who intellectually follow Jesus Christ, or a Christ,by their works. Thus, the term “Christian” no longer means Bridal/Body member of JesusChrist, nor did it ever accurately communicate the definition of true indwelt followers of Jesus.This is why I make it a habit to use the term indwelt Christian, which accurately communicatesChrist Jesus’ followers who have the Holy Spirit indwelling them.Warning: I am of the belief that in the last days, the enemy (Satan) will use the term “Christian”to lead the world unto him through a global religion that possibly will be called “Christian.” IfChristian means “Christ” follower, and since Satan will introduce himself as Christ, it would beeasy for him to make the apocalyptic swap of the real Christ (Jesus) for himself (Anti-Christ).1“ American Religious Identification Survey 2008: Summary Report 2009,” Trinity College, Hartford, CT, Oct.31, 2012).Unless otherwise stated, Scriptures are taken from the New American Standard Bible, © Copyright 1960, 1962, 1963, 1968, 1971,1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission.Scriptures marked KJV are taken from the Holy Bible, King James Version, public domain. IOM AMERICA RESOURCES | P.O. Box 71, Sterling, KS 67579 | |