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A detailed presentation on Florida Atlantic University

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University presentation

  1. 1.  Florida
  2. 2.  The old
  3. 3.  The State of Florida Established1961 Colors: French blue Silver, Red.
  4. 4.  Founded by state of Florida Congress Public Research Institution
  5. 5.  Main Campus built on Abandoned military airfield
  6. 6.  Gave Honorary Doctorate to President Lyndon B. Johnson (1964)
  7. 7.  The new
  8. 8. The Associate Vice Presidentand Dean of Student Officeexists to assist students inmeeting their educationalgoals by offering assistancewith academic matters andleadership and studentdevelopmentopportunities, throughindividual advising.
  9. 9.  President Barack Obama Visits FAU o U.S. Leader Delivers Speech on Economic Policy
  10. 10. “…to serve its region, state, and nation by preparingstudents to make meaningful contributions in anincreasingly complex global society, by encouragingreflection on and evaluation of emerging needs andpriorities, and by supporting research and service thatenhances economic, human, and cultural development.”
  11. 11. Well fight fight fight for F A U Theres foot-ball in pa-ra-dise Well fight fight fight for F A U We know were gonna win and its feelin mighty niceCheering our football team down the field and waving our colors too Hoot! Hoot! The fighting Owls are on the prowl Go F A U hey! Go Owls Go! Go Owls Go! Hitem high, hitem low, Go Owls Go!
  12. 12.  Academic staff: 1,621 Admin. Staff: 1,652 Students: ≈30,000 o Undergraduates: ≈24, 000 o Postgraduates: ≈4,500 o Other Students: ≈1,500
  13. 13. NA, 3.4 Unknown, 1 American Indean, 0.3Asian, 4.6 Hispanic, 16.6 White, 59.9 Black, 17.1
  14. 14.  The Locations and Primary Studies
  15. 15.  Dania Beach Davie Fort Lauderdale Jupiter Port St. Lucie Fort Pierce Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution
  16. 16.  Established in 1997 as a state-funded Type II research center, the institute is part of FAUs Department of Ocean Engineering. Students are engaged in federally and industry- sponsored ocean engineering research and technology development in the areas of o Acoustics o Marine vehicles o Hydrodynamics o Physical oceanography o Marine materials o Nanocomposites
  17. 17.  # of Students: 70 Average Age: 26 Gender Female 20% Male 80%
  18. 18.  FAU colleges with programs at the FAU Davie campus include: o The College for Design and Social Inquiry o The Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters o The College of Business o The College of Education o The Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing o The Charles E. Schmidt College of Science
  19. 19.  Number of Students: 5,000 Average Age: 29 Gender Female Male
  20. 20.  The Fort Lauderdale campus in downtown Fort Lauderdale takes advantage of its unique urban setting to serve as a center for FAU programs in creative industries and urban affairs. o The College for Design and Social Inquiry o The Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters o The College of Business
  21. 21.  Number of Students: 900 Average Age: 28 Gender Female Male 47% 53%
  22. 22.  The MacArthur Campus is also home to the o Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College o The Center for Environmental Studies o The Hibel Museum of Art o New research facility for Scripps Florida o Future site of the Max Planck Florida Institute.
  23. 23.  FAU’s Division of Student Affairs and The Student Government Association Student life events and services Student services including o admissions o financial aid o registrar
  24. 24.  The Bread and Butter
  25. 25.  Average 28 Required 25 2.6 o Average 3.8
  26. 26.  Dania Beach Campus Library Davie Campus Library Fort Lauderdale (Main Library) Largest Jupiter Campus Library Port St. Lucie Library Fort Pierce Campus Library
  27. 27.  Research Institution o Biology o Neuroscience o Biotechnology
  28. 28.  Biology o Biotechnology Chemistry o Organic Chemistry Computer Science
  29. 29. Asus NJ6V Intel Core I5 processor Windows 7 Ultimate/Linux/ Mac Snow Leopard USB 3.0 Nvidia Optimus 500 GB Hard drive w/ 1 TB external Hard drive
  30. 30.  Baseball Tennis Golf Croquet Football (D1) Swimming Many more
  31. 31.  Academic Graduate Greek Honor Societies Medical Multi-cultural Special interest Student Government
  32. 32.  Chemistry Club Spanish Club Mechanisms of Biology Club M.O.B.
  33. 33.  (a) The use of notes, books, or assistance from or to other students while taking an examination or working on other assignments unless specifically authorized by the instructor--acts defined as cheating. (b) The presentation of words or ideas from an existing source as ones own--acts defined as plagiarism. (c) Other activities that interfere with the educational mission within the classroom. o Penalties include expulsion (without refund of tuition) o Dismissal from any seats of office o Withholding of incoming/recieved degree
  34. 34.  Ah it was good while it lasted
  35. 35.  Instate $12,859.00 Out of State $19,715.00 Housing (on campus) $10,940.00 Current Meal Plan: $2,800.00 There is employment (TA) though extremely competitive. Scholarships Available: Florida Bright Futures
  36. 36.  Motor-vehicle Public transit
  37. 37.  
  38. 38.  Roommate snores: deal with it Roommate borrows items and does not return them: don’t allow to burrow item. If done so without permission file grievance with dorm manager Roommate eats all food: contact dorm manager Either too organized or too sloppy: talk to roommate about habits and if nothing changes, deal with it Roommate has friends over who mess with your stuff: contact dorm manager and file grievance Do not like their music, posters, clothes, or beliefs: not really my concern Commit acts that lead to eviction: contact dorm manger file grievances repeatedly until problem is resolved
  39. 39.  I have a schedule already that gives me an edge for time management I have self-control and know how to say “No!” Alter schedule to allow more study time/practice I have spouse to wake me and I have two alarms set synchronously No, for complete budget click here I plan to pay off college during my years of instruction, there will be no loans