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Unicorn Communications Osp Division Profile1


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Unicorn Communications Outside Plant experience

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Unicorn Communications Osp Division Profile1

  1. 1. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 1 Unicorn Communications Profile Presentation Outside Plant Division
  2. 2. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 2 Who is Unicorn Communications Founded in 1987, Unicorn Communications (UCI) is a privately owned International telecommunications design, build, and operate firm. Unicorn focuses on complete turnkey solutions encompassing design, installation, commission, and maintenance of telecommunications (wireless and fixed) equipment and systems.
  3. 3. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 3 Unicorn’s Business Structure
  4. 4. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 4 Unicorn Organizational Chart
  5. 5. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 5 Turnkey Project The target of a turnkey project is to provide an economical, practical and competitive solution according to the cost and technical criteria, and requirements.
  6. 6. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 6 Unicorn - Turnkey Provider Unicorn provides a turnkey program offering thus allowing for the assignment of the project administration and execution to Unicorn, who has a proven ability to deliver the program deliverables for a fixed price. Unicorn consolidates the responsibilities of engineering, procurement, construction, installation, commissioning, and integration. For that reason, our strength lies in organizing all activities under one entity, bringing our clients peace of mind every step of the way.
  7. 7. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 7 Turnkey Services Unicorn Turnkey Commitment • Fixed price for total turnkey Design, Installation, Commissioning, and Integration project • One contact for all services • Single company's responsibility and liability • Elimination of multiple mark-ups of tiered contractors (Unicorn predominantly utilises internal manpower – seldomly do we subcontract)
  8. 8. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 8 Experience • Program Management : 20 years • Engineering : 20 years – Wireline: Fibre, Switching, Transmission : 20 years – Wireless: BSS, NSS, RF : 15 years – Survey: Planning & Acquisition : 15 years • Implementation : – Wireline : 15 years – Wireless : 15 years • Civil Design, Permitting, & Construction : 10 years • Tower Construction : 7 years • Outside Plant : 15 years
  9. 9. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 9 Experience • Designed and built in excess of 6.5million kilometres of outside plant networks •Direct Buried 2.3 million KM •Direct buried in Inner-duct 3.45 million KM •Underground 750,000 KM • Designed and built FTTx networks •Approximately 10 million KM of fibre to ODNs (ONUs from distributed OLTs (60/40 split between metro and Rural)) • Designed and built Aerial networks •In excess of 2.5 million KM in metro and rural • Designed and built DWDM networks •Approx. 8 million KM
  10. 10. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 10 Experience • Designed and built xDSL services networks •DSLAM: approx. 40,000 elements •MSANL FTTC with 2000 MSAN cabinets and 20,000KM of fibre trunks and 3 million copper drop line cut-overs • Designed and built television networks •Head-ends: approx. 100 with varying number of channels, encryption, etc. •IPTC Head ends: approximately 40 •HFC Systems; Approx. 12,000KM of coaxial and 4000KM of fibre optics
  11. 11. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 11 Experience • Designed and built for mobile networks •Towers: approx. 1 million •BTS/NodeB: approx. 2.5 million •BSC/RNC: approx. 200,000 •MSC/MGW: Approx. 100,000 •RF Nominal Plan, Site Selection, and Acquisition, Optimisation • Designed and built microwave (PDH/SDH) networks •Approx. 5 million
  12. 12. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 12 Services • Business and Market Consulting • Program Management • Outside Plant: Design, Build, and Operate • Fibre: Design, Place, Commission, and Operate • FTTx: Design, Build, Commission, and Operate • Mobile - GSM/3G: Engineering, Plan, Installation, Optimisation, and Operate • Transport: Microwave, Fibre, PDH, SDH, DWDM; Design, Build, Commission, and Operate • Access: MSAN/xDSL; FTTx; WiMAX, WiF; Microwave PDH; Fibre: Design, Build, Commission, and Operate • Site and Right of Way: Selection/Acquisition
  13. 13. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 13 Project Management Services
  14. 14. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 14 Success is a Choice Failure is not an Option
  15. 15. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 15 Unicorn’s Program Management Services • Network infrastructure development •Wireless: GSM/3G; Microwave; WiMAX/WiFi •Wireline: Fibre – Metro/Long-Haul/DWDM; OSP •Access: FTTx; WiMax; WiFi; MSAN; Copper; Coaxial • Specification and standards development • Risk identification and management • Site acquisition management • Construction site management • Schedule management • Quality assurance and assistance in quality assurance • Project close-out
  16. 16. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 16 Unicorn’s Program Focus for Delivery • On-Time • Within agreed and approved budget • Quality • Functional capacity • Ease of use • Performance • Results
  17. 17. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 17 Program Management Managing a complex program, consisting of a series of single sites, our teams of professionals are prepared to provide you with the best solution for your program. Unicorn ensures that your program and its individual projects are completed in a timely, successful manner and within the agreed budget. Our past and current projects include GSM/3G and wireline network implementations worldwide.
  18. 18. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 18 Unicorn’s Quality Control and Management
  19. 19. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 19 • Every employee is trained to be a quality expert • Every employee starts with familiarising themselves with Quality processes • Every employee will have a solid understanding of Unicorn’s Quality Standards • Every employee complies with and enforces Unicorn’s Quality Standards Unicorn’s Philosophy toward Quality
  20. 20. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 20 What is Quality Quality is the sum of the characteristics of the capability with which the entity satisfies the explicit or implicit requirements.
  21. 21. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 21 Quality in Unicorn Projects Project quality refers to the degree to which the ‘entities’, such as preparation before equipment arrival, and the project stages from unpacking, installation, test – to acceptance and cutover, can satisfy the requirements during the process of project implementation of project deliverables.
  22. 22. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 22 Unicorn’s Quality Control Project control activities: • Exist in each step • Will always centre on two points: – Problem Prevention – Avoidance of Problem Repetition
  23. 23. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 23 Unicorn’s Project Quality Assurance Architecture ProcedureResources Organisation Structure Process Quality Mgmt Committee Project Management Provide Procedure Formulate Process Guide Project Center Quality Mgmt Group Project Group Training Project Support Office Project Design Technical Support Project Implementation Project Check Documentation Center Training Rules Project Mgmt Rules Project Design Rules Quality Monitoring Methods Project Implementation Training Guide Management Guide Design Guide Quality Monitoring Guide Project Implementation Guide Standard Making Technical Training Project Implementation Project Preparation Process Monitoring Support Quality Check Satisfaction Surveys Unicorn’s Quality Assurance Processes
  24. 24. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 24 Unicorn’s Fibre to the X and Outside Plant
  25. 25. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 25 UCI Outside Plant UCI is a leader in the design of telecommunications networks, whether fibre, copper, coaxial, or wireless and associated equipment and infrastructure. Our engineering capability was developed to meet the requirements of customers evaluating communications options available due to deregulation and rapid advancement of technology, while being fully compliant with International, National, and local industry standards.
  26. 26. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 26 UCI Outside Plant Engineering
  27. 27. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 27 UCI Outside Plant Engineering Process Unicorns’ OSP Engineering is the activity of identifying, surveying, acquiring and designing routes for the placement of telecommunications cabling and support infrastructure in a manner that will allow for the optimal connectivity to the highest number of potential subscribers at the lowest cost, while maintaining optimum signal power.
  28. 28. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 28 OSP Route Survey GPS linked Route survey Subsurface Engineering with GPR Range and Inclination Verification Distance Measuring Elevation and Location Verification CADD developed Construction drawings & As Builts
  29. 29. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 29 Existing OSP Route Proving
  30. 30. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 30 FTTx Route Infrastructure Existing UCV cable placement/verification Splice/Split Power testing Placement of multiple innerduct – direct buried directional bore Concrete encasement of multiple duct trench
  31. 31. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 31 FTTx Route Infrastructure Wall mounted fiber panel Street Cabinet fiber panel UCV distribution point Tube Management Splice Point
  32. 32. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 32 FTTx ONU/ONT Installation ONU Testing ONU Installation ONU Installation ONU Installation
  33. 33. 28 June Unicorn Communications Inc. 33 Thank You David Rottmayer Unicorn Communications +1-918-876-3220