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Jeff Gardner; Smarter Apps for Smarter Phones


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Jeff Gardner; Smarter Apps for Smarter Phones

  1. 1. Smarter apps for Smarter phones - a guide to improving apps development for mobilesJeffrey Gardner PhotoM o b ile T e r m in a l (s. TippS o lu t io n s rechtsD e u t s c h e T e le k o mU K L td Based on works by GSMA, Deutsche Telekom Business Units : T-Labs,je f f . g a r d n e r @ e le k o m . c o m t Technology Innovation & Governance,w w w . t e le k o m . d e Service Management & Product Development. Life is for sharing.
  2. 2. T h is p r e s e n t a t io nc o v e r s t h e f o llo w in g …  How Mobile Operators view smart phones & apps  The objectives of the apps developer guidelines  Working examples of the apps guidelines  Where you can find and contribute to the guidelines  GSMA sponsored – smarter apps challenge 2
  3. 3. C h r o n ic le o f t h e 1S ma rtp ho ne a ndc ons ume r us a g e WAP 2.0 UMTS Android LTE 2000 2002 2003 2004 2007 2009 2010 2011 GPRS/ MMS iPhone Windows WAP 1.0 Phone 7 6 5 U s e r D a ta U s e r D a ta 4 c o n s u m p t io n c Highs u m p t i o n on High 3 Medium 2 Medium 1 Low Low 0 2006 2008 2010 2012 3
  4. 4. H o w S ma rtp ho ne a p p sm p a c tusers o b i l e Network t w o r k sapps Service Smartphone m ne providers Operator Apps ‘chattiness’ overloads Operators signalling network 4
  5. 5. H o w S ma rtp ho ne a p p sim p a c t m o b ile u s e r sApps activity (chat) Traffic Pattern Battery Lifetime 100% G1 with heartbeat: every 28 minutes 73% IM A p p A reload: every 4 minutes 33% IM A p p B reload: every 1 minutes Apps ‘chattiness’ consumes battery lifesource: T-Mobile US analysis for G1, defined user activity (power user) and two different Instant Messaging applications as on top activity in comparison 5
  6. 6. S m a r t p h o n e C h a lle n g e -e c o s y s t e m aCollaborateo a OS suppliers to optimize p p r with c h OS s efficiency App OS Apps Networks Terminals etworks TerminalsN Drive mitigating features through 3GPP Ensure integration into terminal specificationOptimize network configurationDrive resource friendly features withinnetwork releasesa l y z e A p p s a n d a d d r e s s c r i t i c a l b e h a v i o AnExecute granulari v e h a r m o n i z e d d e v e l o p e r g u i d e l i n e s t h r D r load monitoring 6
  7. 7. M o b i l e N Objective:o r k ‘ K n o w - e twH o w ’ f o r Ther“developer guidelines” document aims 3 d p a rtyd e v e l o p e r to create awareness amongst new/novice s developers while encouraging better development habits.  Provides a set of key principles (some independent of the underlying platform) covering:- Asynchrony Connection Loss and Error Handling Caching Efficient Traffic Usage Compression Background/Foreground Modes Security S c ope :  Targeted at Android, Windows Mobile & iOS 7
  8. 8. D e v e lo p e r G u id e lin e s –w h a t a r e a Asynchronyr e a Latency r e s s e d ? s a dd Connectivity User Experience Connection Loss + Non-Modal User Error Handling Interface User experience Mobile Fast Dormancy HTTP Cache connection Application Network Scaling Efficiency Device battery Optimizing NetworkCompression Data Formats Requests Media Security Transcoding Local Cache 8
  9. 9. Connectivity User Experience Asynchrony Latency Connectivity User ExperienceTopic : Asynchrony Connection Loss + Non-Modal User Error Handling Interface Mobile networks are relatively slowSynchronous requestsAsynchronous requests(ideal)Asynchronous requests(real mobile network) 9
  10. 10. Connectivity User Experience Aynchrony Latency Connectivity UserTopic : Non Modal User Interface Experience Connection Loss + Non Modal User Error Handling Interface User interface should not be blocking  Network activities should be visible to the end user 10
  11. 11. Network efficiency Fast Dormancy Compression Network EfficiencyTopic : Fast dormancy HTTP Cache Data Formats Security Awareness of how networks save battery & signalling } 30K 30K 30K b b b D a ta tra n s fe r Data transfer Before Power =9 0 k b Power } 90K Time us ed = x b T i a te = y Dm a tra ns fe r After Data transfer =9 0 k b Power Power Time u s e d = x /3 T i m e = y /3 11
  12. 12. And now for the video ! See it Shortcut to 120227_SmarterApp_FINAL_V2.wmv.lnk 12
  13. 13. T o d o w n lo a d , f e e d b a c ka n d e n g a g e g o t o … I t‘s Download the full document @ fre e You can provide feedback on the document by emailing You can join the dedicated W3C community discussion at You can enter a competition, prove your app as being network efficient, and win prize money and a trip to Asia World Congress Tweet @appchallenge 13
  14. 14. A c k n o w le d g e m e n t s The guideline has been compiled by operators, vendors and developers. It is a living document and planned to be updated on regular basis. All trademarks are acknowledged. 1 iOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under licence by Apple Inc. 2 Mac® and Mac OS® are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. 3 Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. 4 Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. GSMA is a registered trademark of GSMA Ltd. in the United Kingdom and other countries. Copyright Notice Copyright © 2012 GSM Association. 14
  15. 15. 15