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  1. 1. A Fortress for your Android ApplicationJian WangHead of Technology, certgate
  2. 2. Business and the Mobile WorldAgenda About certgate Mobile Security Solutions Android Security Concept certgate Mobile Application Protection Layer [Live Demonstration] Q&A Slide 3
  3. 3. Business and the Mobile WorldAbout certgate Mobile IT security innovator Founded in 2008, located in Nuremberg, Germany certgate is mastering the secure mobile IT device from hardware to application level Created the first microSD memory card with full smartcard capabilities, bringing hardware-based crypto functions to smartphones and tablets (Patent protected) Slide 4
  4. 4. Business and the Mobile Worldcertgate Smartcard microSD Slide 5
  5. 5. Business and the Mobile WorldThe Challenge Most businesses and administrations today • Either deploy smartphones and tablets to their employees • Or accept their employees to use their own devices for business purposes Those who don‘t do either have a reason: • They don‘t feel safe doing it • They would love to introduce new business models and applications like mobile e-D, payment, physical access and much, much more if only they COULD feel safe Slide 6
  6. 6. Business and the Mobile WorldThere Are Solutions on the Market Digital signing and encryption of emails with S/MIME Certificates stored in a fully-fledged (yet small-in-format) smartcard VPN Client requiring digital user authentication Banking client requiring digital user authentication and digital signature VoIP client creating session keys on the smartcard sitting inside the device Slide 7
  7. 7. certgate – Use CasesSecfone – Voice Encryption for Android • Tap-proof worldwide voice communication • Latest Android smartphones supported • End-to-end encryption with hardware protected keys • Authenticates user by a privately or publicly owned server – no data pass through the server • Directly integrates in fixed-line enterprise communicationSlide 9 Version 11-05
  8. 8. certgate – Use CasesTouchDown – Exchange Integration for Android • Secure Exchange synchronization for Android smartphones • Consistent PKI integration of mobile devices • Authentication and secure data transfer based on hardware certificates • S/MIME protection for your confidential data: messages, contacts, appointmentsSlide 10 Version 11-05
  9. 9. certgate MAPL™ for AndroidHere Is A New One Slide 11
  10. 10. certgate MAPL™ for AndroidWhy Did We Do This In the First Place Protect confidential data on the device Protect an application against unauthorized users Provide security with minimal integration effort Qualify the device to fit the BYOD concept Enable surplus security functions by the same hardware token, e.g. S/MIME encryption and secure VoIP Slide 12
  11. 11. certgate MAPL™ for AndroidAndroid Security Overview The Application Sandbox • Each application is assigned with a UID • Each application is running as a user in a separate process • IPC through Binder, Intents, Services, and Content Provider The Android Permission Model • Permissions are GIDs • Declared in the app’s Android manifest • Need to be explicitly confirmed by the user Slide 13
  12. 12. certgate MAPL™ for AndroidWhich Concerns Are Being Addressed? Extension of rights by „rooting“ the device: Allows free access to all system resources Shortcomings in platform specific knowledge: Process boundaries can be violated e.g. by Intents Limitations in cryptographical comprehension: Sub-optimal choice of algorithms and cipher modes and less than perfect implementation of same Slide 14
  13. 13. certgate MAPL™ for AndroidDifferent Cipher Modes Original Encrypted Encrypted using CBC mode using ECB mode Picture: Larry Ewing Slide 15
  14. 14. certgate MAPL™ for AndroidThe Solution Mobile Application Protection Layer (MAPL) • No app execution without correct user PIN • Standard Android API • Transparent Encryption of Files and Database • Android SharedPreferences encryption • Tamper-proof key storage on cgCard™ Slide 16
  15. 15. certgate MAPL™ for AndroidSolution Architecture Application Crypto Service certgate MAPLTM JCE Provider Database / File Access Android Framework Slide 17
  16. 16. certgate MAPL™ for AndroidLive Demo Howto: User Login Howto: Encrypt InternalStorage Howto: Encrypt SharedPreferences Howto: Encrypt Datenbank Slide 18
  17. 17. certgate MAPL™ for AndroidAdd MAPL library into your project Slide 19
  18. 18. certgate MAPL™ for AndroidAn example Android-Manifest Slide 20
  19. 19. certgate MAPLTM for AndroidModification of your Android manifest file Using MAPL applikation class Set MAPL activity as your entry activity Declare your application entry activity Slide 21
  20. 20. certgate MAPLTM for AndroidA MAPL ready Android manifest Slide 22
  21. 21. certgate MAPL™ for AndroidMAPL Effects Login: Before: After: Slide 24
  22. 22. certgate MAPL™ for AndroidWhat‘s In It For You?  certgate MAPL™ can be integrated into virtually every app  Secure hardware element beats every software approach by attack resistance level  Powerful tool to really become security policy compliant  Enables company-wide BYOD practice Slide 25
  23. 23. Thank youGet MAPL now! mapl.certgate.com Slide 27