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Caught between fires html5 mahdi_njim


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Published in: Technology
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Caught between fires html5 mahdi_njim

  1. 1. Caught between fires: the disillusion of the HTML5 promises on Android Mahdi Njim DISYCS
  2. 2. Great times▸ It’s great to be a programmer these days▸ Users want rich applications▸ Many platforms and technology to consider in order to deliver this great experience▸ This ages dilemma: Web or App
  3. 3. Web or App is NOT the Real Problem▸ Many reduce the problem to whether you should have m.youapp.xy or App Store/Google play App▸ This is more a strategically point of view▸ It’s better to have both!
  4. 4. Why you should have an App▸ Angry birds made 5 million downloads in less than two years, Super Mario sold only 3 million including all versions▸ Great statistics tools▸ Mobile is more used than ever▸ Reach more people
  5. 5. Why you should have a mobile web▸ The browser is already making success in the pc world▸ Web provides a well known experience▸ People demand it▸ Use it for different scenarios▸ m.facebook is used more than all the Facebook native apps together
  6. 6. So what is the real problem Do I create my app using Objective C/Java orusing HTML5+CSS3+Javascript+Phonegap?
  7. 7. The answer is HARD Let me tell my Story and you decide
  8. 8. The Story Begins▸ Big application, Time to market pressure, Customer requires three versions of the app IOS, Android and web▸ A science-fiction design and in love with Web▸ Decision made “We are not sure but we are going for HTML5”
  9. 9. The arguments and the dream▸ HTML5 is cross platform, the browser is like the JVM back in the days▸ Phonegap is really great and supports many features▸ We already have the web experience (using HTML, CSS and Javascript)▸ Everyone is talking about The shift towards Web!▸ If things didn’t go well, that’s ok we will end up with web browser version (we need it anyway) The Dream: Having three great versions at a time
  10. 10. Phonegap supported features
  11. 11. We used Sencha and we enjoyed it▸ Sencha is an open source framework for building HTML5 applications▸ Sencha looked mature and well documented▸ It uses MVC design pattern▸ It’s great for developers who used to develop with C#/java▸ Friendly support team▸ Decent community▸ Unit tests supported (new feature)
  12. 12. 30 days of happens▸ The best part was using CSS3 to apply the design: it was easy to use,▸ The same Design would have needed thousands of lines of XML code▸ We noticed some performance issues, but we said it will go away in the production version “hopefully”. u ght ys!!! ly tho 0 da eal just 3 e r in W d e it ma we
  13. 13. The Dream becomes a nightmare▸ The performance issue still there after production build▸ And becomes a real nightmare … Performance is the real Problem
  14. 14. So we start a 60+ optimization phase▸ All good practices (Cache, modified CSS files, modified Javascript, HTML5 manifest…)▸ Events▸ Drawing▸ Animations▸ Code execution▸ And DOM DOM DOM!!!
  15. 15. Keep The DOM light▸ Complex DOM kills memory▸ Use the little screen of the smartphone and kill all the unused views
  16. 16. Events▸ Javascript events also eat a lot of memory, remove any unused events
  17. 17. Drawing▸ The use of the GPU by the web browser still not very optimized▸ Don’t use CSS3 advanced new features (opacity, border-radius, gradients, text shadow and box shadow..)▸ All the drawing is handled by the CPU▸ Use images instead and accept lower quality of images
  18. 18. Pagination and User Illusion▸ Use pagination▸ Use lazy loading▸ When navigating betweenViews display an empty view andA loading wheel, it gives the userA better feeling
  19. 19. Code execution▸ The CPU is really powerful, don’t look for the usual suspects▸ All in the size, try to make your Javascript code as tiny as possible▸ Use shorthand techniques, they are useful
  20. 20. iPhone good friend,Android is still killing us!!▸ Optimization efforts really useful, the application works great on PC, iPhone 4 and +▸ The application was not bad on advanced devices but clumsy on low devices and again: Android device fragmentation makes life harder!▸ Developing for Android browsers is like developing for IE6▸ Strange behavior with forms and Javascript injection▸ The next updated version will make things even worst▸ We spent the same effort optimizing that probably would have been needed for two native Apps!
  21. 21. The bonuses …▸ Application works great on iPhone, iPad and many android phones and tablets▸ Mobile web version▸ With a crazy idea, PC version too▸ But the best BONUS was…
  22. 22. Adding new features:▸ One implementation worked for all platforms
  23. 23. When to use HTML5▸ If you have a small application▸ If you have a tight schedule and limited resources▸ If you like to get all the bonuses of HTML5 AND ready to take the challenge▸ You can use a hybrid application (LinkedIn) but it requires advanced knowledge
  24. 24. What can the Android community do▸ It can fight the HTML5 and kill it, claiming that only way to develop for android is by using Android SDKThe good way would however be to:▸ Keep enhancing the browsers and the web experience on mobiles
  25. 25. Thanks you for your attention Mahdi Njim Disycs SARL +216 21 082 206