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Dougie Rae                                                         16 Montfode Court                                      ...
Ardrossan Development Group     The Ardrossan Development Group is a collection ofArdrossan residents, business people and...
Ardrossan Development GroupPat Breen and Dougie Rae attended a meeting with Patrick Wiggins (Irvine Bay Regeneration) andT...
Mr Pat Breen                                8 Hill Street                               ARDROSSAN                         ...
ARDROSSAN DEVELOPMENT GROUPThanks to all those who attended a meeting of the Ardrossan Development Grouplast Wednesday. Th...
Mr Pat Breen                                8 Hill Street                               ARDROSSAN                         ...
David Rodgers                                                 27" May 2011    Garfields    59 Princess Street    ARDROSSAN...
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  1. 1. Dougie Rae 16 Montfode Court ARDROSSAN KA22 7NJ TELE: 01294 466347 18th August 2011Dear (Lo o c tMay we take this opportunity to thank you for taking an advertising board atWinton Park.We would like to invite you and a friend to attend our forthcoming Matchagainst East Kilbride Thistle FC on Saturday 27 August 2011Please find enclosed hospitality ticket for the match.If unable to attend please let me knowRegards Dougie Rae (Chairman) Pat Breen* Note Entrance from gate at Hill Place Ardrossan. Gates open 12.15pm
  2. 2. Ardrossan Development Group The Ardrossan Development Group is a collection ofArdrossan residents, business people and communityrepresentatives who have a common interest in improvingthe social and economic climate within the town. The Ardrossan Development Group wishes to assist inthe regeneration of Ardrossan and the surrounding area.Provision of improved facilities for all residents, regardless ofage or personal circumstance, the creation of a vibrant towncentre, an awareness of local drug, alcohol and associatedcrime problems are all seen as key issues to be addressed. Realising the potential of the North and South beachesand the Castle Hill area are also seen as important assetsworthy of discussion. Creating local employment is crucial forthe town. Ardrossan Development Group wish to work with IrvineBay Regeneration and North Ayrshire Council to discuss ideasand ensure real and meaningful projects are undertaken. Ardrossan Development Group has no religious orpolitical affiliation and is focused on assisting in creating abetter future for the residents of Ardrossan.
  3. 3. Ardrossan Development GroupPat Breen and Dougie Rae attended a meeting with Patrick Wiggins (Irvine Bay Regeneration) andTony Gurney (Local Councillor) to discuss the concerns and suggestions raised by the members of 9ththe Ardrossan Development Group. This meeting took place on Tuesday August.The meeting opened with an explanation that Pat and Dougie would focus on four areas of concernand stated that we expected agreement to be reached on how best to resolve the issues. Thisstrategy was agreed by Patrick Wiggins and Tony Gurney. This first concern discussed was the growing problem of drink and drug related crime andanti-social behaviour and the problem caused by hostel residents who persistently causedisturbances for local residents, shopkeepers and publicans. Tony Gurney advised that all incidentsshould be reported to build up a police database of" incidents reported". Ardrossan DevelopmentGroup stated that repeatedly reporting incidents and getting little or no police response added tothe frustration and there needed to be greater urgency and imaginative thinking than merelycreating more statistics. It was stated forcibly by Pat and Dougie that action is required, and that allresponsible parties must be made aware of the scale of the problem. Tony Gurney has agreed to arrange a public meeting in the Civic Centre with Police, SocialServices, Councillors, Council Officials and Housing Association Representatives in attendance. Thiswill be a public meeting where questions and suggestions can be voiced. This has been achieved bythe creation and persistence of the Ardrossan Development Group and Pat and I would urge asmany as possible to attend. The next issue for discussion was the provision of Town Centre Parking. After a lengthydiscussion (of which we will give detailed feed back at our next meeting) it was agreed to look atPrinces Street, the area of industrial units in Hill Place and the Asda car park as areas that couldprovide substantial car park facilities. The viability of each of these options will be looked at urgentlyboth by the Council, Irvine Bay and Ardrossan Development Group. It has also been agreed to approach Caledonian MacBrayne about the provision of someserviced sites for Motor Homes and Caravans in an effort to encourage some of the throughput ofArran traffic to spend some time (and money) in the town. Finally, agreement was reached that the Castlehill area will be made a focal point of thetown. It is of historic value and is a vantage point from which to see much of the beauty of theAyrshire Coast. The Council, Irvine Bay and Ardrossan Development Group will work together toensure this happens. (further details to follow) The meeting closed with everybody agreeing that this initiative of Ardrossan Developmentgroup, Council and Irvine Bay meeting regularly and making things happen must be continued. Thereare other issues to be addressed, and Pat and I are aware we must keep pressure on Irvine Bay andthe Council to progress the actions they have undertaken. 30th A feedback session will take place on Tuesday August at 19.00hrs in the ArdrossanWinton Rovers refurbished supporters club at Winton Park (access via Hill Street). This eveningmeeting is in response to a request made at our last meeting. Dougie Rae Pat Breen
  4. 4. Mr Pat Breen 8 Hill Street ARDROSSAN KA228HE 01294 464733 07866445538 Email: breenroofing(äaol.comDavid Rodgers 1st June 2011Garfields59 Princess StreetARDROSSANKA22 8DEDear Mr RodgersRE: ARDROSSAN DEVELOPMENT:We are writin to invite you to a meeting of the Ardrossan Development Group onThursday 23r June 2011 at 2pm in the Michael Lynch Centre Ardrossan.We will provide update on our recent discussions with Patrick Wiggins of IrvineBay.Yours sincerelyPAT BREEN
  5. 5. ARDROSSAN DEVELOPMENT GROUPThanks to all those who attended a meeting of the Ardrossan Development Grouplast Wednesday. This is not an exclusive group of people, but it is a group of localresidents who would like to influence and participate in the development ofArdrossan to being a safe and vibrant place to live. In order to facilitate a discussionPat Breen gave a presentation of potential development ideas for the castlehill,beach and marina areas.A meeting will be arranged with Irvine Bay Regeneration at which the followingpoints will be presented which were highlighted at our meeting. It was clearly statedat the Ardrossan Development Group meeting that the intention is to contribute ideasand strategies towards the "regeneration" of Ardrossan. This should be seen as apositive contribution. 1. There is not enough focus on the needs of the local residents. 2. There is a need to create real and meaningful jobs. 3. The development of the town centre is a priority. 4. There is a greater need for local accountability. 5. It would be beneficial for a three way discussion to take place with Irvine Bay, the Council and the Development Group. 6. There is a need to teach local history to the local school children. 7. There is a problem regarding lack of facilities for local youths who wish to spend their leisure time productively. Conversely, there is a problem with an "out of control" group of youths, who in many cases are not locals, who are causing trouble and distress to many local residents. 8. The Council must contribute towards the re-development and regeneration of Ardrossan and work in "partnership" with Irvine Bay Regeneration.Finally it is intended to create a constitution for the Ardrossan Development Groupwhich will clarify its role and intentions within the community.Feedback will be provided from our meeting with Irvine Bay Regeneration.Dougie Rae Pat Breen
  6. 6. Mr Pat Breen 8 Hill Street ARDROSSAN KA22 8HE 01294 464733 07866445538 Email: breenroofinqaol.comDavid Rodgers 11th May 2011Garfields59 Princess StreetARDROSSANKA22 8DEDear DavidPlease find enclosed letter to confirm points discussed at the recent meeting onWednesday 27th April 2011 with regards to possible redevelopment of Aid rossan.We have since been in contact with Irvine Bay and can confirm that myself andDougie Rae will be attending a meeting with Irvine Bay on the 17th May 2011.We will advise you in due course of the outcome.May I take this opportunity to thank you for your support.Yours sincerelyPAT BREEN
  7. 7. David Rodgers 27" May 2011 Garfields 59 Princess Street ARDROSSAN KA22 8DE Dear Mr Rodgers RE: ARDROSSAN DEVELOPMENT: On Tuesday 17th May 2011 Pat Breen and Dougie Rae met with Patrick Wiggins of Irvine Bay Regeneration Company. Pat and Dougie highlighted the points made at the recent Ardrossan Development Group meeting. Pat outlined his suggestions to upgrade the facilities at the Arran Ferry Terminal, Castlehill, The North and South Beach areas and the Town Centre. Patrick Wiggins responded by stating that there were plans to provide a café and toilet facilities at South Beach and he would be supportive of a "Friends Of The Castlehill Group" similar to what exists for the plantation. In response a set of more ambitious proposals were put to Patrick Wiggins about town Centre redevelopment, job creation and other social issues. Joint initiatives were suggested by Dougie Rae as a more ambitious alternative than a reliance on Voluntary Friends Of The Castlehill. A prolonged conversation took place about resources, commitment and a request that Irvine Bay needed to harness and encourage the enthusiasm and concerns of the Ardrossan Development Group. The detail of this meeting will be fully discussed at our next meeting (which we hope to arrange sometime mid June) where Pat and I will inform all attendees about the tone and the outcome of our discussions with Patrick Wiggins. Regrettably Jim Ledgerwood did not attend. Yours sincerelyI Dougie Rae Pat Breen