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The Deschutes Economic Alliance is a grassroots effort organized by a diverse group of local, private-sector business and community leaders who seek an objective, coherent vision for the economic future of Deschutes County—a vision which builds on our regional strengths, but provides greater economic stability for sustainable growth.

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Deschutes Community Conversation

  1. 1. Delore  Zimmerman,  Ph.D.   A    Community  Conversa7on   Oxford  Hotel,  Bend  OR  
  2. 2. Looking  Ahead   •  More  of  the  same?   •  Transi7on  and  transforma7on?   •  Disrup7ve  change?  
  3. 3. •  WORK  flows  to  places  where  the  technology,   infrastructure  and  talent  is  located   •  TRADE  flows  between  places  that  are  equipped  for  &   connected  to  regional  and  global  enterprise  networks     •  FINANCIAL  &  HUMAN  CAPITAL  flows  to  where  it’s  wanted   and  stays  where  it’s  treated  well   •  INNOVATION  makes  the  world  go  around  and  is  7ed  to   higher  standards  of  living  
  4. 4. Consequences of Flows ! in the Global Network Economy    Work is project-driven by networks of capable people"  Fewer, smarter firms drive regional economies"  Robust sectors of cities and regions become integrated globally"  Communities & regions can become disconnected from their traditional trade centers & the global economy "  Networks are possibility factories enabling many types of economic activity to occur anywhere"
  5. 5. ConstrucNon  and  extracNon   occupaNons   Military  OccupaNons   ProducNon  occupaNons   •  Innova7on,  entrepreneurship,  fnetworks  and  infrastructure   Farming,  fishing,  and   orestry   occupaNons   2010  Jobs   Deschutes   TransportaNon  and  material  moving   occupaNons   2008  Jobs   County   Architecture  and  engineering   occupaNons   Declining   InstallaNon,  maintenance,  and  repair   OccupaNons   occupaNons   Net  Loss  of   Management  occupaNons   1,743     0   1,000  2,000  3,000  4,000  5,000  6,000  7,000  8,000  9,000  
  6. 6. Building  and  grounds  cleaning  and   maintenance  occupaNons   Sales  and  related  occupaNons   Office  and  administraNve  support   occupaNons   Personal  care  and  service   occupaNons   Business  and  financial  operaNons   occupaNons   Life,  physical,  and  social  science   occupaNons   Legal  occupaNons   •  Innova7on,  entrepreneurship,  networks  and  infrastructure   Arts,  design,  entertainment,  sports,   and  media  occupaNons   2010  Jobs   Computer  and  mathemaNcal  science   occupaNons   2008  Jobs   Deschutes   Healthcare  pracNNoners  and   technical  occupaNons   County   ProtecNve  service  occupaNons   Growing   Healthcare  support  occupaNons   OccupaNons   Food  preparaNon  and  serving  related   occupaNons   Community  and  social  services   Net  Gain  of   occupaNons   EducaNon,  training,  and  library   2,020     occupaNons   0   4,000   8,000   12,000   16,000  
  7. 7. Economy! Social! Environment!
  8. 8.  A  community  like  an  individual  has  a  work  to  do    Communi7es  don’t  act,  the  parts  do  –  so  –     empower  the  parts    Performance  is  facilitated  by  seizing  momentum   and  aligning  ac7ons  with  trends  that  work  in   your  favor    Success  is  accelerated  by  the  power  of  your   connec7ons  –  local  and,  increasingly,  elsewhere.    A  compelling  story  commits  people  to  the   possibili7es  
  9. 9. TODAY   Building  a  High  Performance  County   •  Our  approach   •  Ini7al  findings  and  impressions   •  A  few  words  about  strategy  and   implementa7on   •  Your  ideas  
  10. 10. High-Performance Communities! •  Places where the private, public and civic sectors are enabled to be fast, flexible, focused, customized, connected, networked and global"
  11. 11. High  Performance     CommuniNes   NETWORKS  
  12. 12. 1.  Is connected via telecom & transport & transit! 2.  Nourishes entrepreneurs! 3.  Grows from within focusing on higher-skill, higher-value opportunities! 4.  Focuses on industry sectors that build on local competitive advantages! 5.  Networks with outside business and government ! 6.  Has a global outlook! 7.  Mobilizes local leadership & collaborates regionally!
  13. 13. 5  Factor  Model:   Quality,   Connected   Regional   Places   Development   Civic   InnovaNon   Branding   Entrepreneur   Stories   Collabora7on   Networks   Brainpower   Ed  Morrison   21st  Century   Talent   Open  InnovaNon  &   Strategic  Doing  
  14. 14. Invest in Infrastructure 1.  Broadband telecom infrastructure! 2.  Specialized facilities! 3.  Transportation facilitating mobility of people and products! 4.  Water and energy!
  15. 15. INFRASTRUCTURE  &  INFRASYSTEMS   Higher  Order  Infrastructure  Builds  Higher  Value  OpportuniNes  and  Jobs   Essential Public Works Interoperability Community Transactional Innovation Facilities Roads Connectivity -> Hospitals & Export Specialized telecommunications clinics processing Facilities -> Water zones & R&D labs, tech Mobility -> Schools & facilities parks, skills training transit, transport, centers, computing shipping libraries Waste Logistics Advanced treatment Fire & public centers Distribution -> infratech and water and energy safety stations services for connectivity, energy, environment Infrastructure  ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••  Infrasystems  
  16. 16. Build  and  culNvate  the  skills  and  energies  of  people,   both  as  entrepreneurs  and  workers.     The  growth  of  a  region  now  depends  on   the  decisions  of  individual  entrepreneurs,     investors,  crea7ve  workers  to  locate  there.     To  them  the  world  is  a  vast     smorgasbord  in  which  various  locales     compete  for  their  affec7ons  and  a[en7on.   Quality of life and lifestyle factors can attract new people to an area - but opportunity is the prime ingredient.
 Joel Kotkin
  17. 17. Entrepreneur" Community" Business " Interests & Relationships" Business" Opportunities & Access" Geographical Preferences " Quality of " Life" Quality of Life" Preferences" Resources" & Infrastructure" Entrepreneurial" Capabilities & Resources"
  18. 18. LocaNonal  Factors  for     Lone  Eagles  &  High  Fliers  
  19. 19. Entrepreneurship Ideas Creativity Product Vision Service Commitment Technology Motivation Process ENTERPRISE OPPORTUNITY Window is Open - Time is Right Market Entry is Feasible - Management is Able Venture can Achieve Competitive Advantage Economics are Rewarding & Forgiving Know-How Capital Management Seed Marketing Venture Technical Equity Operational Debt
  20. 20. Networks & Clusters Reinvention of:!   business models !   skills!   workflow!   planning!   procurement!
  21. 21. !In a network economy competitiveness and prosperity are increasingly determined by the power of your connections.! “Networks  are  possibility  factories.”      Kevin  Kelly,  WIRED  
  22. 22. FLOWS People Information Trade Rural: Metro Technology Remote & Economies Capital Urbanized Person to Person• Firm to Firm • Network to Network • Community to Community • The Dynamics of Rural-Urban Linkages •
  23. 23.  Innova8on    Makes  the  World  Go  Round   Fresh  thinking  creates  value   •  New  products,  business  processes  and   organic  changes  create  wealth  or  social   welfare   GlobalizaNon  +  informaNon  technology   •  Enable  diffusion  of  compeNNveness,   producNvity,  growth  and  rising  standards   of  living  like  never  before   The  Economist  -­‐  October  13,  2007  
  24. 24. A  SHORT  HISTORY  OF  TECHNOLOGY:       RED  RIVER  VALLEY  CORRIDOR   Biofuels, chemical feedstocks" Food processing" Crop  &   Health and nutrition" Biosciences   Vaccines" Livestock   Science   Digital imaging" Business solutions" Sohware  &   High-throughput robotics" Crop     Agri-­‐business   Info  Systems   Multi-scale modeling" Farming  &   Management   &  Finance   Nanotechnology" Animal   Advanced   Polymers & coatings" Husbandry   CoaNngs  &   Surfaces   Wireless technology" Machinery   Micro-fabrication" &   Equipment   Aircraft – manned/unmanned" Airborne remote sensing" Electronics   Atmospheric sciences" Hydrogen" Coal  &   CleanTech  &   Wind power" Oil   Sustainable   Oil" Energy   Environmental sciences! 1870’s        1950’s                2000+  
  25. 25. Focus on industry clusters that ! build on local competitive advantages! What our community makes and does" Current! Current! Skills Mix" Industry Mix" Emerging! Emerging! Know-How" Technology" Future Forms! Future Forms! Of Work" Of Enterprise" What our community could make & do"
  26. 26. InnovaNon-­‐Driven   Economic  Development     An  intellectual  infrastructure,  i.e.  universi7es   and  public  or  private  research  laboratories   that  generate  new  knowledge  and   discoveries;   Busi   Mechanisms  for  transferring  knowledge  from   ness   one  individual  to  another  or  from  one   company  to  another;   Educa   Physical  infrastructure  that  includes  high   N on   quality  telecommunica7ons  systems  and   affordable  high  speed  Internet  connec7ons;     Highly  skilled  technical  workforce;  and     Sources  of  risk  capital.  
  27. 27. High Value Opportunities are at the ! Crossroads of Industries today! Information! For  Example   Technology! Electronics! Precision Agriculture! •  Instrumentation! Agriculture! •  Data Services! Machinery! Production! & Equipment! •  Application Services!
  28. 28. Proven Strategies for Urbanizing Rural Economies!   Establish market connections in large metro markets!   Build on linkages to traditional rural industries!   Repurpose assets and resources, e.g. agro- energy!   Create collaborative networks of firms, colleges, universities & government!   Support outward-oriented, tech-savvy firms!   Serve regional markets in food and energy!
  29. 29. Yahoo! 
 Picks Wenatchee, Washington for New Facility Confluence Technology Center! Wenatchee, WA! We chose North Central Washington for this important facility because of the great quality of life here, the immediate availability of suitable space, the 'can-do' spirit of community leaders, the cost and reliability of electricity, and the access to a world-class fiber optic network. They've taken all the right steps to create a terrific environment for us.
  30. 30. Emulate  The  Success     Become  a     of  Others   possibility  factory!   “  The  future  is   “If  you  want  to  have  good   already  here.    It’s   just  not  equally   ideas  you  must  have  many   distributed  yet.”   ideas.”        Linus  Pauling   William  Gibson      Quantum chemist & biochemist" author,  coined  term   " "Nobel Prize Winner (2 times)" cyberspace  
  31. 31.   Aligning  policies,   “I’ll  believe  it  when   pracNces  and  acNons  by   I  see  it.     the  private,  public  and   I’ll  see  it  when  I   civic  sectors  that  are   believe  it.”   consistent  with  and             forNfy  the  strategy.   A  story  backed  up  by  ac0ons  
  32. 32. High Performance Communities ! Mobilize leadership coalitions on multiple fronts!
  33. 33. Be  Persistently  OpportunisNc   Not  houses  finely  roofed   Nor  the  stones  of  walls  well  built   Nor  canals  nor  dockyards   make  the  city   But  men  able  to  use  their  opportunity   Alcaeus 600 BC Greece"
  34. 34. Work  together  to  create  opportuniNes   “A  community  like  an  individual  has  a  work   to  do.”        inscription in the Nebraska capitol"
  35. 35. Resolve   Resourcefulness   RelaNonships   Terroir  
  36. 36. Keys  to  a  Successful  Strategy     Innovate  with  foresight     Align  with  trends/driving  forces  that  work  in  your  favor     Seize  momentum  to  build  on  what  is  already  working     Focus  but  not  so  much  to  sacrifice  resiliency     Leverage  and  deploy  resources  effec7vely  (internal  and   external)     Create  opportuni7es  for  working  together  with  others   (internal  and  external)     Tell  a  compelling  story  that  commits  people  (inside  and   outside  the  organiza7on)  to  the  possibili7es  
  37. 37. Most  Compe77ve   Jobs  due  to  the  compe77ve  effect  of  the   county  economy  are  calculated  by  factoring   Industries   out  the  growth  rate  of  the  overall  na7onal   economy  and  the  na7onal  growth  rate  of   2008-­‐2010   that  par7cular  industry.  
  38. 38. Most  Compe77ve   Jobs  due  to  the  compe77ve  effect  of  the   county  economy  are  calculated  by  factoring   Clusters   out  the  growth  rate  of  the  overall  na7onal   economy  and  the  na7onal  growth  rate  of   2008-­‐2010   that  par7cular  industry.  
  39. 39.  Use  exis7ng  organiza7onal  capacity  wherever   possible  and  forge  coali7ons  around  common   purposes.      Success  is  dependent  on  the  cumula7ve   outcomes  of  small  efforts  on  many  fronts.    You  should  seize  opportuni7es  based  on  a  game   changing  idea  or  ini7a7ve  that  could  transform   the  community.    
  40. 40.  What  do  we  have  to  build  on?      What  are  our  compe77ve   advantages?    What  are  the  key  ac7on  steps  –  now   and  in  the  future?  
  41. 41.  Credit  crunch  is  limi7ng  startups  and  expansions    Entrepreneur  support  system  is  not  widely   understood  or  readily  accessible    The  tourism  industry  could  be  improved  if   operators/entrepreneurs  would  have  access  to   exper7se  and  trainng      Technology  entrepreneurs  have  access  to  a   variety  of  support  services    Many  entrepreneurs  started  doing  business  here   aler  recrea7ng  here  
  42. 42.  TechSpace  Bend  -­‐>  co-­‐working  center    Central  Oregon  Business  Consor7um  –   coordinated  effort  of  five  business  orgs    Venture  Catalyst  –  focus  on  scaleable  ventures    Price  of  land  remains  a  barrier    Regulatory  environment  is  not  business  friendly   –  so  let’s  focus  on  the  30%  that  we  can  directly   impact  
  43. 43.  County  has  reinvented  itself  before  –     •  ag  –  potatoes   •  wood  products     •  housing    History  of  prominent  innovators    The  area  a[racts  innovators    No  innova7on  epicenter  where  research  is   commercialized  
  44. 44.  Networking  is  extensive  within  groups  but  not   much  inter-­‐group  networking    TechAlliance    Networking  events  -­‐    PubTalk,  Bend  Venture   Conference,  other  informal  F2F  events  
  45. 45.  Water  system  is  at  capacity  in  Bend    Hwy  97  corridor  issues  related  to  access    Shortage  of  land  that  can  be  developed  in  some   parts  of  the  county    Airport  provides  good  connec7ons  to  major  hubs   –  loss  of  LA  flight  is  not  good    Broadband  infrastructure  is  very  good  
  46. 46.  Greater  access  to  post  secondary  educa7on  and   training  widely  desired    OSU-­‐Cascades  pairs  with  Cornell  for  hospitality   courses    Central  Oregon  Community  College  expanding    What  addi7onal  avenues  are  available  to  the   region  to  put  in  place  addi7onal  post  secondary   opportuni7es??  
  47. 47.  We’ve  got  a  lot  of  poten7al  if  we  all  work   together    Coordina7on  could  be  improved    Our  shared  vision  could  be  clearer   The  cavalry  is  coming  and  it  is  us.   Dennis  Donohue,  Mayor   City  of  Salinas  California