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Table 1 Foramina of the Skull and Their Contents
                 Dr. Noura Osman

Location on                      Location on
    Foramen                                 Bone(s)                          ...
Table 1 Foramina Of Skull
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Table 1 Foramina Of Skull


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Table 1 Foramina Of Skull

  1. 1. Table 1 Foramina of the Skull and Their Contents By Dr. Noura Osman 29-11-2009
  2. 2. Location on Location on Foramen Bone(s) Contents Skull Bone Anterior ethmoidal Medial wall of Ethmoidal Fronto-ethmoidal Anterior ethmoidal nerve orbit and frontal suture and vessels Carotid canal Middle cranial Temporal Petrous portion of Internal carotid artery fossa temporal and associated sympathetic plexus Cecum Anterior cranial Frontal and Between the base Emissary veins fossa ethmoidal of the frontal crest and crista galli Condyloid Posterior cranial Occipital In condylar fossa Emissary veins fossa just behind the condyle Greater palatine Anterior base of Palatine Between the Greater palatine vessels the skull and palatomaxillary and nerve maxilla suture, lingual to the third molar Hiatus of the facial Middle cranial Temporal Petrous portion of Greater petrosal nerve canal fossa temporal, lateral to trigeminal impression Hypoglossal canal Posterior cranial Occipital Directly above Cranial nerve XII, fossa the anteror aspect meningeal branch of the of the occipital ascending pharyngeal condyle artery Incisive Palatal midline Maxillae Opens into the Nasopalatine nerves and incisive fossa just descending septal behind the branches of the interdental sphenopalatine artery septum between the two central incisors Inferior orbital Orbit Sphenoid, Between lateral Maxillary division of fissure maxilla, wall and floor of cranial nerve V, palatine, orbit zygomatic nerve, and infraorbital vessels and zygoma veins to the pterygoid plexus, ophthalmic vein Infraorbital Inferior to rim of Maxilla Inferior to rim of Infraorbital vessels and orbit orbit, lateral to nerve nasal aperture, above canine fossa Internal auditory Posterior cranial Temporal Posterior aspect Cranial nerves VII and meatus fossa of the petrous VIII, nervus intermedius portion of and internal auditory temporal vessels Jugular Posterior cranial Occipital Lateral to the Cranial nerves IX, X, and fossa and foramen XI; inferior petrosal and temporal magnum, medial sigmoid sinuses; to the styloid meningeal arteries; process jugular bulb of internal jugular vein Lacerum Middle cranial Temporal, Medial to the Covered by cartilaginous fossa occipital, apex of the plate, which is pierced by and petrous part of the meningeal arteries and sphenoid temporal; lateral emissary veins to basilar part of occipital Lesser palatine Palate (posterior Pyramidal Lesser palatine vessels palatine part) process of and nerves palatine Magnum Posterior cranial Occipital Posterior to the Medulla oblongata and fossa clivus associated meninges, spinal roots of cranial nerve XI, vertebral arteries, anterior and posterior spinal arteries, postganglionic sympathetic fibers Mandibular Medial surface of Mandible Medial surface of Inferior alveolar vessels the mandible ramus, inferior to and nerve lingula Mastoid Posterior external Temporal Above and Emissary veins, mastoid surface behind the branch of the occipital mastoid process artery near temporo- occipital suture Mental Anterior surface Mandible Inferior to Mental nerve and vessels of mandible interproximal region between first and second premolar Nasolacrimal canal Anteromedial Maxilla Region of Nasolacrimal duct aspect of orbit and articulation lacrimal between the frontal process of the maxilla and the lacrimal bone Olfactory Anterior cranial Ethmoid Cribriform plate Olfactory nerves fossa of ethmoid surrounding the crista galli Optic Middle cranial Sphenoid Apex of the orbit, Optic nerve, ophthalmic fossa between the two artery and associated post roots of the lesser ganglionic sympathetic wing of the fibers, central artery of sphenoid retina Ovale Middle cranial Sphenoid Greater wing of Mandibular division of fossa sphenoid, cranial nerve V, anteromedial to accessory meningeal the foramen artery, sometimes the spinosum lesser petrosal nerve Parietal Anterior to Parietal On superior Emissary vein to superior lambda on either aspect near the sagittal sinus, sometimes side of sagittal sagittal suture a branch of the occipital