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questions for peroidic examination (thorax) december 2011


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Question of the Thorax for periodic examination 18, December 2011
By dr. Noura El Tahawy

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questions for peroidic examination (thorax) december 2011

  1. 1. Enumerate the followings: 1. Branches& distribution of the right (left) coronary artery 2. Relations of the aortic arch 3. Branches of the descending thoracic aorta 4. Blood supply of the lungs 5. Location & tributaries of the coronary sinus 6. Boundaries& contents of the superior mediastinum 7. Boundaries & contents of the posterior mediastinum 8. Boundaries & contents of the middle mediastinum 9. The structures passing through the hilum of the lung? 10. Relations of the mediastinal surface of the right (left) lung 11. Roots& distribution of the phrenic nerve 12. Branches of the internal mammary artery 13. Branches of the typical Intercostal nerve 14. Contents& boundaries of superior thoracic aperture 15. Structures that a needle will pass through, If it is inserted into the pleural cavity at the anterior axillary line1