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Pituitary gland anatomy


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Lectures of Anatomy (2011) by Dr. Noura El tahawy for second year Faculty of Medicine

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Pituitary gland anatomy

  1. 1. Pituitary Gland ByDr. Noura El Tahawy
  2. 2. • Tentorium cerebelli• Transverse sinus• Sphenoidal air sinus• Frontal air sinus• Sigmoid sinus• Pituitary fossa
  3. 3. Outer EndostealLayer of the Dura Inner Meningeal Layer of the Dura Pituitary Gland Diaphragma Sellae Intercavernous Dural Sinuses
  4. 4. Cavernous Sinuses Optic ChiasmaInternal Carotid Artery Uncus of Pituitary Sphenoidal Temporal Lobe Gland Air Sinus Sphenoidal AirSinuses Body of Sphenoid Bone
  5. 5. Pars Tuberalis Infundibulum of the Pituitary Gland Anterior Lobe(Adenohypophysis) Rudementary Cleft Posterior Lobe (Neurohypophysis) Pars Intermedia Pars Distalis
  6. 6. Portal Pituitary Venous System Superior Hypophyseal ArteryTo Surrounding Dural Sinuses To Surrounding Dural Sinuses Inferior Hypophyseal Artery
  7. 7. Plain X-ray, Lateral view of the Skull and Neck