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Introduction to Selenium IDE


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Introduction to Selenium IDE

  1. 1. Somethings Broken...and i kind of know what it is Nikki Stevens Drupal Camp NYC 10
  2. 2. Senior Software Engineer @LBi○○ AMI○○ @drnikki github & d.o: drnikki email:
  3. 3. In the next hour...● Automated Testing● Why its a Good Thing● First steps
  4. 4. ... for● site builders● just starting site administrators● just starting module builders
  5. 5. Testing● Unit Tests● Smoke Tests● Regression Testing● Black Box Testing
  6. 6. Automated TestingTest automation is the use of software to control theexecution of tests, the comparison of actual outcomes topredicted outcomes, the setting up of test preconditions,and other test control and test reporting functions.[1]Commonly, test automation involves automating a manualprocess already in place that uses a formalized testingprocess.Compare with Manual testing.
  7. 7. Selenium?● browser automation● via script running on a server● via IDE running locally
  8. 8. What can I test?● menus● contexts● panels● image styles● blocks● views
  9. 9. Test!
  10. 10. Build and Deploy 101● Commit everything● "QA"● Push to production
  11. 11. "website build process"
  12. 12. Continuous Integration● test your work iteratively● catch problems as they are created