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Aesthetic Anatomy Of The Forhead And Brow


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Power point presentation on the aesthetic anatomy of forehead and eyebrow

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Aesthetic Anatomy Of The Forhead And Brow

  1. 1. AESTHETIC ANATOMY OF THE FOREHEAD AND BROW Dr.Nikhil Panse, Assistant Professor Department of Plastic Surgery, B.J Medical College and Sassoon Hospital, Pune.
  2. 2. The upper third of the face is most expressive and revealing….
  3. 3. The fascial and muscular planes in forehead
  4. 4. Pitanguys and Ramos line – Frontal branch of facial nerve
  5. 5. Superficial and Deep temporal fascia
  6. 6. The insertion lines of fascia planes on skull
  9. 9. The surprised look – excessive elevation of medial edge of brow
  10. 10. The sad look – inferior location of lateral edge of brow
  11. 11. The Brow elevator - Frontalis
  12. 12. Frontalis – Brow elevation & formation of transverse rhytids
  13. 13. The Medial Brow depressor - Procerus
  14. 14. Procerus – Inferior & Medial displacement of medial eyebrow and transverse rhytids at nasal radix
  15. 15. The Medial Brow depressors – Corrugators & Orbicularis
  16. 16. The Corrugators - Vertical and Oblique rhytids
  17. 17. Lateral brow depressor – Orbicularis oculi
  18. 18. Lateral Orbicularis oculi – lateral canthus rhytids and lateral brow ptosis
  19. 19. Sensory nerves of the forehead and the brow
  20. 20. Reflected superficial temporal fascia Relationship to the sentinel vein – endoscopic view
  21. 21. The blood supply of the forehead and the brow
  22. 22. Changes in eyebrow with age
  23. 23. Eyebrow changes with age
  24. 24. Pearls… <ul><li>The Frontalis is a primary brow elevator and should not be weakened during a procedure aimed at brow elevation. </li></ul><ul><li>The Procerus and Corrugators are primary brow depressors and should be weakened to achieve medial brow elevation. </li></ul>
  25. 25. Pearls… <ul><li>Vertical glabellar rhytids are best corrected by surgical alteration of transverse head of Corrugator. </li></ul><ul><li>Horizontal glabellar rhytids are best corrected by alteration of the Procerus. </li></ul><ul><li>Oblique rhytids require a combined alteration of Depressor superciliaris and oblique head of Corrugator. </li></ul>
  26. 26. THANKS ……