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Digital doctors in India


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How Many Doctors in India Online?

What Indian Doctors Do Online?

Where Do They Need Help?

What are the Communication opportunities for Pharma?

How will e-Doctors evolve down the stream and how can Pharma stay Relevant?

Answers to all these questions and a case study of CiplaMed (a physician only community website started by Cipla Pharmaceuticals in 2008)

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Digital doctors in India

  1. 1. Digital Doctors in India Dr. Neelesh Bhandari MBBS (AFMC), MD (Path) PGP Human Rights - Chairman, Social Media Committee, Indian Assoc. for Medical Informatics - CEO, Digital MedCom Solutions
  2. 2. •How Many Doctors in India Online? •What Indian Doctors Do Online? •Where Do They Need Help? •What are the Communication opportunities for Pharma? •How will e-Doctors evolve down the stream and how can Pharma stay Relevant?
  3. 3.  Clinical Practice of 10 years before corporate  Experience with Medical eLearning and Multimedia Content  Run India’s Best Healthcare Social Media Agency (Healthcare Excellence Awards 2012) Training and Product development in Healthcare Social Media
  4. 4.  Presently Chairman, Social Media Committee at Indian Association For Medical Informatics  Mentor at Society for Knowledge and Health  Taking “Internet for Physicians” training workshops for >2 years now  Visiting Faculty at IIHMR
  5. 5. First , The Data
  6. 6. How many are there? 750,000 Practicing Doctors in India (GOI Report)
  7. 7. LinkedIn 75,000 Medical Practitioners on LinkedIn ( i.e 10% of all docs in India)
  8. 8. On Facebook
  9. 9. Imp. Websites for most doctors Email Provider (hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or Rediffmail) Medical News in general News within Specialty Upcoming Conferences and events Social Networking sites  Google
  10. 10. Common Medical Information Portals most visited by Doctors  Medscape  PubMed  Cochrane Library  Trips Database (You can arrange to receive specific updates by email)
  11. 11. About Medical Literature Online  A lot Of Published Articles.  Difficult to keep track  Many articles are free full text.  Some Articles are Paid *  Difficult to access Indian Articles and studies  Need simple tools to build personal learning environment for each physician
  12. 12. Opportunity in Medical Literature! •Medical Literature Search is second most important online activity of Doctors (after email) •Physicians are online but not capable of accessing most articles •Need a simple way where they can get all relevant articles and links in their email inbox
  13. 13. Opportunity in Medical Literature!
  14. 14. Digital Efforts by Pharma  Most Pharma Efforts currently Patient facing.  Very Few Actually cater to Physicians Only.  Only One example in India!
  15. 15. Novartis for Oncologists International example
  16. 16. Cipla Docs  CiplaMED India
  17. 17. Videos
  18. 18. Gets Good User Details
  19. 19. The Only Sustained Physician centric Pharma digital initiative in India  CiplaMED provides the latest medical news.  Clearly demarcated News for Specialists.  Good collection of Data.  Calendar Of Events  eCMEs
  20. 20. Case Study of CiplaMED  How is CiplaMED doing at Present?  Where is it going Wrong?  What Can we learn from it?
  21. 21. Lets analyze
  22. 22. Steady Increase in Popularity
  23. 23.
  24. 24.
  25. 25.
  26. 26. Negligible on Social Media
  27. 27. Some Accessibility Issues
  28. 28. What can we learn? Physician communities need sustained effort Create Niche (condition/specialty specific) communities for Doctors  Make it Social Media friendly  Make it Interactive for all members  Promote Relevant Medical literature  Build up your database for future needs
  29. 29. Other Simple digital initiatives  Promote Specific Groups or Pages on Facebook  Start Facebook and Twitter accounts to provide links to latest articles  Weekly or Daily eNewsletters to physicians  Dedicated Video Channel for Doctors  Start a monthly e-Journal or e-Magazine  Offer Medical content assistance to Physician websites
  30. 30. Our Initiatives at Digital MedCom Solutions Social Media for Continuing medical education Facebook and Twitter Channels for specialties  Medical News and articles curation sites for specialties  Daily and Bi-weekly Newsletter for specialties  Database of over 40,000 doctors
  31. 31. Reaches 250+ Cardiologists
  32. 32. -1000+ Unique Visitors every Week (mainly India) - 1000+ Twitter Followers - 350+ Facebook Fans - 40% of website traffic is returning visitors - 240-250 Indian Cardiologists receive daily enewsletter - 10% open and 1.5% Click through of enewsletter - Heart Failure and Atrial Arythmias most popular topics
  33. 33. Reaches 750+ Rheumatologists
  34. 34. Digital MedCom Solutions Similar specialty specific India Medical 2.0 ecosystems for - Psychiatry - Gynecology - Oncology - Pathology - Neurology - Nephrology, and others are on the way…
  35. 35. Dr. Neelesh Bhandari MBBS (AFMC), MD (Path) PGP Human Rights Chairman, Social Media Committee, Indian Assoc. for Medical Informatics CEO, Digital Medcom Solutions Chief Mentor, Society for knowledge and health (RAKSHA) Business Analyst and Marketing lead at Doctors Global Private Limited Phone: 09352290083