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Dr. Milton McLaren Presentation on Learner Diversity (part 2)


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Addressing the Challenges of Learner Diversity in a Time of Change in the Landscape of Education in BC – Dr. Milton McLaren, SFU

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Dr. Milton McLaren Presentation on Learner Diversity (part 2)

  1. 1. At UBC More than 17,000 students enrolled in the first offering.
  2. 2. MOOC’s—Non Credit, Credit Free, Elective Credit…?? Credit Aggregators?
  3. 3. YouTube
  4. 4. Learner Schools How it was, and often still is…….
  5. 5. General Access to New communications & media Disintermediation The Music & Publishing Industries Performers, composers, musicians Audiences Dominated by 5-6 major corporations; selection, production, marketing, distribution A New Force is in Play…..
  6. 6. A Learning Society High tech and high touch: complementary-synergistic
  7. 7. Learner Schools ---and…. A changing landscape