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Secure franchise presentation


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SECURE Space Standard Water Franchise to provide Cost-Effective Natural Mineral Water to ALL Total Quality Citizens of our Globe..

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Secure franchise presentation

  1. 1. 1455 Kleppe Lane Sparks , NV 89431 www.watseco.comWater Security Corporation (WSC) (Principal Company in USA)Based in USA. Developed, tested and sold aproprietary technology to US Space AgencyNASA for purifying and de-sanitizing water forastronauts on their mission to moon and outerspace.
  2. 2. 403,4th Floor, CAESARS’ Tower, Plot ST-10, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi, PAKISTAN Water Security Co. Pvt. Ltd.(WSCP) (License Manufacturers in Pakistan) Sole agent/distributor/manufacturer outside USA for water purifying system that is used and approved for NASA astronauts for upper space use. Purpose is poverty alleviation through water dispensation franchise business.Water Security®
  3. 3. Company Vision Provide Water Vending Machine with Computerized water dispensation and monetary record keeping Payment by coin or Easy Money or pre- paid USB system 12 liter/minute or 3,000 L/day capacity Takes a space of only 5ft x 5ft with a height of 12 ft Completely insured for vandalism, robbery & pilferage(camera recording) Desire to Open 20,000+ vending stations in Pakistan by 2015 Special Focus on Bacteria & Virus Free Drinking Water
  4. 4. Company ObjectivesDevelop a strong and robust franchisee basedsystem for vending water systemKnow what is in your Drinking WaterCreate awareness campaign / education sessionthrough out PakistanDevelop and practice a “Fair Priced DrinkingWater” SchemeAct as resource for supply drinking water in localcommunity and vicinity.
  5. 5. FRINCHISORWater Security Co. Pvt. Ltd. Ex-Prime Minister of PakistanH,E, Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani presenting the Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistanmomento of the Brand of the year Award 2010 H,E, Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani presenting the To momento of the Brand of the year Award 2010Dr. Mufaddal Mirza – CKC of WSCP & RESI To Syed Khurshed Akbar Shah - CEO of WSCP Syed Khurshed Shah Meeting with Former President of Pakistan H.E. Gen Perveez Musharaf at President House Islamabad
  6. 6. Briefing Retired Gen . Pervez Musharaf The Ex- President of Pakistan
  7. 7. The Problem and its SolutionProblem:• Bacteria infested tap water• Not very safe bottled water available.• Tap water has to be boiled to make it “Safe” but only for temporary period. Cost and labor involved in boilingSolution:• Should be Simple• Should be Safe• Available at the door step• Reliable• Disinfection assurance• Must be cost effective within reach of general publicWater Security®
  8. 8. Purification Stages and Process Impurities in water and processes for removal Suspended solids Can be removed by 50 to 10 micron filters Chemical impurities Not contagious or fatal but effects the person who consumes them Toxic chemicals dependencies, arsenic, lead, etc. Smell and odor removed by carbon filtration Biological impurities Bacteria can be removed by ultra violet radiation. Advantages: Cheap in short term with UV light. Disadvantages: The UV tube has a life of 8,000 hours use and that reduces over time and needs replacement. Viruses, parasites and cysts They are contagious as well as fatal. Causes influenza, typhoid, hepatitis, etc. Can not be removed by UV light system Can be removed by WSCP introduced (Microbial Check Valve) MCV system
  9. 9. The Big Advantage of MCV Technology MCV on every shuttle MCV® (Microbial Check Valve) Iodinated resin developed for, and used on, all space shuttle flights to assure water safety. Iodosorb® The only iodine Iodosorb® scavenging resin to remove all forms of iodine. Unibed® The combination of Unibed® Iodosorb® and other elements to remove nitrates and heavy metals.
  10. 10. Ultra-Filtration Membrane
  11. 11. Our Solution • Why Iodine in MCV® for disinfection? – Overcomes issues with other Halogens • Chlorine and Bromine can produce carcinogens that are difficult to remove • Chlorine and Bromine are hazardous materials to transport and store. • WSC’s patented Iodosorb® removes excess Iodine to non-detectable levels in product water • Chemical Disinfection – Allows for a residual concentration in product water to prevent re-growth, as opposed to mechanical filtration and Irradiation (UV).Water Security®
  12. 12. How it Functions Removes Sediments Sediment Filter 9 sec Removes Toxic Materials Kills GAC Bacteria 75 sec Virus Cyst MCV Removes Iodosorb Iodine 100% Corrects Taste Kill & & Block Order Pathogens GAC KDFWater Security®
  13. 13. Diseases Transmitted by Water Cholera Typhoid Bacillary Dysentery Infectious Hepatitis Giardias All bacteria, viruses and cysts are killed preventing above mentioned diseases. WHO, “World Health Report 2002”
  14. 14. Our Certified TechnologyThe cartridge for uses of MCV® Iodinated resin andIodosorb® iodine scavenger are developed by WaterSecurity Corp.These are both Space Certified Technologies andused by NASA for water purification on all SpaceShuttles.Recently, Water Security Corp. was inducted intothe Space Technology Hall of Fame for theirinnovative work in water purification.
  15. 15. Certifications and Independent Testing 10/13/2012 15
  16. 16. Environmental Protection Agency • The EPA (USA) is an acknowledged premier authority on water purification – EPA Produced “The Guide Standard Protocol for Testing Microbiological Water Purifiers” – Classes of filters • Halogen’s, UV, Ceramic • No Protocol for UF • WSC proprietary patented technology passes EPA ProtocolWater Security®
  17. 17. Laboratory Testing of MCV Resin‘s Effectivenessagainst Pathogenic Bacteria and Viruses Umpqua Research Lab EPA and State of Oregon certified Water quality lab Challenge Organisms Percent of organisms killed Escherichia Coli 99.9999 Streptococcus Faecalis 99.9990 Staphyloccus Aureus 99.9999 Listeria Monocytogenes 99.9999 Bacillus Subtilis 99.9999 Pseudomonas Aeruginosa 99.9999 Clostridium Perfringens 99.9900 Aspergillus Niger 99.9990 7 Organism mixture 99.9999 Poliovirus type 3 99.9900 Reovirus type 1 99.9900 Adenovirus type 2 99.9900 Colliform bactria in sewage 99.9999 EPA Standards World class solutions – 6 log bacteria kill, 4 log virus kill. 3 log cyst kill - true performance to EPA halogen protocols With MBT systems, full redundancy
  18. 18. OUR PRODUCTS Life Straw SECURE Survival Bag Chill Water Apollo Vending Plant Discovery SECURE WaterVending Machine Vending Tower Filling Station 302
  19. 19. Current Bottled Water-Business Practices 99% RO Plants are Water to Bottle Suppliers operated by non-water incurs an expense of Rs25 technologist per bottle Supply @Re1/lit water to Deliver it at Rs60-130 to Bottle Suppliers the user As per LHC Decision 99.99% of the water supplied is contaminated during refilling
  20. 20. Franchisee Bottled Water-Business ProjectConsumer savesRs. 40-70 per bottleby refilling from thefranchisee Franchisee sells Delivery 20 liter bottle refill expenses @ @ Rs.40/- Rs.5/- per bottle Third Party/Delivery Comp Profit@ Rs.20/-
  21. 21. The Business Model WSCP will install Mini & Large Scale Water Vending Plants at pre-scrutinized franchisee’s site from where Member citizens can buy; Water at Fair Price @ Rs2 per liter Each plant will be owned by a Teacher, Student or Community Family/Business as a Franchisee and as an independent owner willing to invest a small capital to make sustainable earnings and SECURE their Family Savings. The cost of maintenance, operation and principal investment will be covered through a Franchise Agreement between Franchisor and Franchisee
  22. 22. Structure WSCP will scrutinize the status and verify the credentials of the Franchisee to understand the working environment and system. Water Security Company Pakistan will install and maintain the vending plants. Islamic Financial Organizations may become a business partner by way of Mudarba or Musharka to assist the Franchisee. WSCP shall operate the network. WSCP shall maintain the vending plants. Computerized, automated, audited and tested system shall assist the Franchisor and Franchisee to check and assist in maintaining the books & records
  23. 23. Advertisement Illustration
  24. 24. Operating & Managing Process Franchisee identifies location and WSCP approves it. Agreement is signed between WSCP and Franchisee. Necessary approvals are obtained from Water Dept., Power Authorities and connections obtained. Site prepared and vending machine is installed. An operator and one cart mover are appointed. Vending Plants operated by USB or Coins (Rs. 2 and 5) Daily cash collected by WSCP authorized personal Daily revenue record available on vending machine as well as on Internet to authorized users and Franchisee
  25. 25. Chill Water Vending Plant AssetsFollowing assets make a complete Chill Water Vending Plant (CWVP): Mini Chill Water Vending Plant SECURE 500 ml Empty water bottles Pressurized water source UPS
  26. 26. CWVP Projected Financial Details Sales & Delivery Revenue: (All numbers in Pak. Rs.) Chill Water Sale Price: 5 per 500 ml Daily Sales Revenue-DSR (200 500 ml Bottles 1,000/ Monthly Sales Revenue (20 days per month) 20,000/ Facility Operating Expenses: Administration, maintenance, filter and cartridge changes) PKR 1/- per Liter (100 x 1) 100/ CVWP Space Rental (10% of DSR) 100/ Operator Reward (10% of DSR) 100/ Utilities @ 10% of DSR 100/ Total Daily Expenses 400/ Total Monthly Expenses (400 x 20) 8,000/ Monthly Revenue Distribution: CWVP Profit (20,000 – 8000) 12,000/ Profit Share of Franchisee (72%) 8,640/ Profit Share of WSCP (28%) 3,360/ RETURN ON INVESTMENT 105% NET PAYBACK PERIOD <13 months
  27. 27. Community Vending Plant AssetsFollowing assets make a complete Community Point of Sale (CPOS): Water Vending Tower Global Standard CPOS Design Bicycle Cart (Deliver Vehicle) SECURE empty water bottles Commercial water connection CCTV camera with recorder UPS
  28. 28. CPOS Projected Financial Details Sales & Delivery Revenue: (All numbers in Pak. Rs.) Water Sale Price: 2 per liter Delivery charges: Rs5/- per bottle (200 bottles per day) 1,000/ Daily Sales Revenue-DSR (2,500 liters per day (2,500x2) 5,000/ Total Daily Revenue 6,000/ Monthly Sales Revenue 180,000/ Facility Operating Expenses: Administration, maintenance, filter and cartridge changes) PKR 1/- per Liter (2500 x 1) 2500/ CPOS Space Rental (7% of DSR) 350/ Operator Reward (7% of DSR) 350/ Delivery man Reward (5% of Sales) 250/ Utilities @ 5% of DSR 250/ Water Charges @ 10% of DSR 500/ Total Daily Expenses 4,200/ Total Monthly Expenses 126,000/ Monthly Revenue Distribution: CPOS Profit (180,000 – 126,000) 54,000/ Profit Share of Franchisee (72%) 38,880/ Profit Share of Water Security Company (Pvt) Ltd. (28%) 15,120/ RETURN ON INVESTMENT 65% NET PAYBACK PERIOD <2 years
  29. 29. Features & Benefits Kills and filter Bacteria, Viruses and Cyst,. Give best natural mineral water of the same specification/taste in all weathers. Provide Drinking water at 10 % cost of the so called (Branded) mineral water available in the market. Provide employment to local labor Provide handsome profit to franchisee
  30. 30. Where Our Technology is in Use? Afghanistan Kenya Australia Mexico Barbados New Zealand Brazil Pakistan Dominican Republic Rwanda Fiji Thailand India South Sudan Iraq South Africa Malaysia Ukraine
  31. 31. Some of our Sites Purifying under most stringent conditions 33
  32. 32. BALAKOT PAKISTANEarth quake Devastated City
  33. 33. Bara Khou, Islamabad, Pakistan Citizens Collecting Water from Filling StationCapacity 4,000 LPHResin Change after 1 million Liters
  34. 34. Water Security®
  35. 35. Water Security®
  36. 36. Water Security®
  37. 37. Water Security®
  38. 38. Village of Kendalla IraqWater Security®
  39. 39. Water Security®
  40. 40. Site Under Construction KASUR, Pakistan
  41. 41. MalaysiaAll overMalaysia
  42. 42. SECURE Business PropositionAfter careful review of this Presentation you should be able to evaluate the business proposition, and whether or not the franchise will help you meet your financial and future goals. You should prepare this for your own internal use or for raising funds Initial Franchise Fee: Rs 5,000/- Initial Capital investment: Rs755,000/- or Rs 105,000 Additional Costs if any: None Continuing Fees: None When you will break even: Less than 2 years Franchisee role in the operations: Relax/Assist and Introduce new customers What hours will the business operate: 8.00am to 8.00 pm Who keeps accounts: On site computer and on Internet Who operates the System: Franchisor with its appointed staff. Location: Franchisee has to arrange for the location and franchisor can help/assist in case. Time Period: Within 30 days from signing the agreement Marketing and advertising strategies are managed by Franchisor. Franchisee helps in getting customers from his contacts and network in his area of influence. We help you prepare Business Plan to raise bank finances. Join us!
  43. 43. How to Syed Khurshed Akbar ShahContact Us Tel: 021-279 0838-39, Fax: 021-279 0840 Cell: 0300-925 6181, Email: Mufaddal Mirza Cell: 0333-2283257 Email: Quaid J. Surti Cell: 0315-8244152 Email: 45