Success Is A Side Effect Reader Reviews


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Women in leadership from every sector--nonprofit to corporate executives--are raving about Dr. Monica Anderson's new book "Success Is A Side Effect". Read an excerpt on Amazon and order your copy today! Follow her on Twitter @drmoeanderson

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Success Is A Side Effect Reader Reviews

  1. 1. © 2014 Monica F. Anderson. All Rights Reserved. | | Twitter @drmoeanderson Praise for Dr. mOe Anderson: Dr. “mOe” synthesized her years of experience as a professional, family woman, and community leader into Success Is a Side Effect, a no-nonsense guide to navigating the pitfalls, challenges, and triumphs on your march to the executive suite. As you read through real-life problems and solutions, you get a master class in corporate ascension from a trusted mentor…delivered with humor and candor. These are insights your manager won’t tell you and your mother may not know. Whether you need help getting to the next rung on the ladder of success or can’t seem to make sense of your personal life, it’s time to find out why success is truly a side effect. Anne Boyd Writer | Editor | Critic This book is an instructional compendium of knowledge. Dr. Anderson weaves advice, compassion, allegory, and scenarios in each and every lesson. Readers will be able to utilize this “roadmap to self-improvement” like a GPS reference guide to actually plan the improvements, as they progress through the curriculum. What a priceless “gift”! Marilyn D. Johnson Global Ambassador/Speaker | Retired IBM Corporate Executive | Wilhemina Model This is a must-read for the busy professional seeking coaching with humor. Dr. mOe weaves a tale of success to help already accomplished people do even better. I loved it! Sheryl Cole, JD Mayor Pro Tem, City of Austin, TX Very inspiring! This book is a must-read for every woman looking to get ahead in business. I especially liked the bullet points and discussion questions. They make it easy to review the important points and form a personal plan of action. As a professional who has advised clients on wealth strategies for over two decades, I know Dr. Anderson’s sound, practical tips will put you on the path to financial independence. Becky L. Walker, CFP® President, Wealth Strategies, Inc. We make choices every day. Moe’s book does an excellent job of speaking to your inner voice. She encourages you to get out of your own way. I’ve accomplished a lot in my lifetime, but I needed a dose of energy and a reminder that I should do more things that scare me. Moe’s book
  2. 2. © 2014 Monica F. Anderson. All Rights Reserved. | | Twitter @drmoeanderson speaks to the inner do-gooder in me. It also makes me want to hug myself a little more. Every young professional should read this book. Terri B. Williams Vice President-Government Relations | American Heart Association-SW Affiliate Dr. Monica Anderson’s book is a great read for aspiring and established professional women alike. Her tenets of success are practical and outline best practices for women looking to climb the corporate ladder, rise in rank, or start a successful enterprise. Success Is a Side Effect is a go- to book when you need guidance and reference on how to be the successful woman you were destined to be. Natalie Madeira Cofield Founder, Walker’s Legacy President & CEO, Greater Austin Black Chamber of Commerce. I found Success Is a Side Effect to be a great read for women of all ages and all careers. Since change, and often the transitions we experience as a result of change, continue to be affected by one’s choices, this book helps one reevaluate the thought process for making choices, commends one for the choices one has made, and offers one the security of making a change at any point in one’s life. Marie “Doc” Holliday, DMD Dentist | Entrepreneur All readers will find much to stimulate their thinking in this book about pursuing excellence and being a leader in every role, whether you are in the classroom or the boardroom. The use of personal anecdotes, research, statistics, and humor to illustrate life management strategies is brilliant. As I continue to inspire girls and women to be PHENOMENAL, this book will serve as a guide to success not just for them but also for myself. Rashaanne N. Lewis Founder/President & CEO Girls Inc. of Greater Austin Moe writes with sincere passion and clarity, which makes this book a go-to manual for busy professionals who want to get ahead. Her insights guide you to make the best decisions for your career and life. The coaching she provides short-circuits common mistakes and puts you on a path to certainty and success. I highly recommend it! Shuronda Robinson President/CEO Adisa Communications www.makingthingsclear