Reviews of the Novel Sinphony by Monica F. Anderson


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Third grade teacher Nona Huff has two dreams: a promotion to Vice Principal and making her parents proud. There are only three things standing in her way--
*Franklin, mature and successful with the sex drive of a shoelace. He’s a big horn in public so she plays him for her friends and family.
*Terry, the much younger artist, who makes her feel his age. He strums her like a Spanish guitar in private.
*Vince, her new colleague, who would be the perfect man if he wasn't after her dream job.
She chose the “independent” label because she’s already made an A+ in Heartbreak 101. It was a hard, painful lesson learned. Now that she's directing the sheet music, can anyone touch her heartstrings?

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Reviews of the Novel Sinphony by Monica F. Anderson

  1. 1. Reviews for Sinphony by Monica F. AndersonWhat the Readers Want!“Sinphony is a well-plotted, fast-paced contemporary romancewith very believable characters and lots ofdrama…characterizations are vivid and well-described, makingthe people come to life with their own distinct mannerisms,speech and personality. I loved them all.”Anita Bunkley, Bestselling AuthorAre you Lucky in Love?“…Anderson does a wonderful job at developing the charactersespecially detailing people we would hate - Ebonee, Frankieand Seven; people we would love - Mickey, Dianne and BigPoppa; and even a few that would leave us wondering - Terryand Vince…Anderson continues to work her magic withwords. Glad she has made come back to romance.”-4.0 out of 5 stars, M. Bruner "Deltareviewer"Real Page Turners/ Sinphony (Kindle Edition) “A creative and analytical writer…””Ujima Magazine OnlineSingle Mothers Rock!“I read Sinphony in one day. I loved how the author gave very detailed information regarding thecharacters…Being raised by a single father I was delighted to know that the author didnt allowone parent to speak negatively about the other parent. The book shows respect, loyalty, strongfamily bonds and the true meaning of friends.”-5.0 out of 5 stars, OUgyrlNonfiction Reader Review“Typically I dont enjoy fiction, yet the metaphors, and colorful/comicaldescriptions you paint for your reader, creates real life-size characterswho generously share their joy and pain….Chapter after chapter makes me wonder, did thisreally happen-ever? Nona and Mickey are my newest best friends. I will missthem terribly when page 267 is turned.”-M.J.Sinphony by Monica F. AndersonPublication Date: February 2011ISBN: 978-0-9786378-2-8Category: Fiction (Contemporary Romance)Available formats: Amazon paperback & Kindle, Google E-Book, Barnes & Noble NOOK Book