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Angelina Jolie is Not A Sex Symbol


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Published in: News & Politics
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Angelina Jolie is Not A Sex Symbol

  1. 1. Perpetual mOetion, Dr. mOe Anderson’s funny and frank blog gives practical, mOe-tivational advice on relationships, self-improvement, business life skills, and survival of thefunniest in the corporate jungle.Angelina Jolie Is Not A Sex SymbolThese are the facts about her double mastectomy as relayed by Angelina Jolie. Her mother diedof ovarian cancer after a decade long struggle; she was in her mid-50′s . With that very bad newsin her medical history, Jolie made the wise decision to have genetic testing and learned the oddsof her suffering a similar fate are very high. Jolie wrote a moving 0p-ed piece about the difficultdecision to have a double mastectomy in the NY Times. “My doctors estimated that I had an 87percent risk of breast cancer and a 50 percent risk of ovarian cancer, although the risk is differentin the case of each woman.” is a beautiful woman. She is a daughter, mother, partner, actress, and outspoken activist.She is mortal and, therefore, made a decision that she hopes will extend her relative immortality.I know it seems drastic to remove both breasts when you don’t actually have cancer. Look at itthis way. If there was an 87% chance that you might be killed if you set one foot outside yourhome tomorrow, would you leave the house? What if it was your parents’ 50th weddinganniversary and your only child’s first day of school and the absolute only day you could pick upyour lottery winnings of 1 million dollars–would you take that chance? I don’t think I would, butI really can’t say because I don’t have to make a decision quite that difficult when I get up in themorning.What I do know is that my physical appearance would not be a factor in my deliberations andshame on all the people who seem more concerned with the change in her breasts than thechange in her life. That doesn’t just objectify her, it objectifies all women. You’ve seen hermovies. You’ve seen her rainbow tribe of children. And, of course, you’ve seen her red carpetphoto shots with partner, Brad Pitt. Today, you see another side of Angelina Jolie. Call it whatyou want but don’t use the term “sex symbol”. She is way more than that now.She is a symbol of strength.www.drmOeanderson.com2013 Copyright. Monica F. Anderson. All Rights Reserved.