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Social Media & Free Clinics


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Mike Sevilla, MD presentation to Ohio Association of Free Clinics Annual Meeting on October 8, 2012. Title of presentation is "Using Social Media For Public Relations & Building Awareness For Your Free Clinic." More details at

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Social Media & Free Clinics

  1. 1. Using Social Media for PublicRelations & Building Awareness of Your Free Clinic Mike Sevilla, MD Family Practice Center of Salem Ohio Association of Free Clinics October 8, 2012
  2. 2. Pew Internet & American Life Project80% looked online for health information88% adults have a cell phone25% teens have a smartphone17% use phone to look up health info
  3. 3. Social Media IS Communication with organization Communication with community Communication with patients Social Media IS NOTYour magic potion to successAnother checkbox you have to delegateAll or nothing
  4. 4. Social Media Communication Creation of Content Reading & Commenting Curation Social Media Stories
  5. 5. Social Media Footprint
  6. 6. Social MediaAs Communications Megaphone For Patients
  7. 7. Social Media Advocacy
  8. 8. Social MediaOpportunities For Free Clinics
  9. 9. My Social Media Challenge To All Of You
  10. 10. Challenges: Break Down The Silos Communication with each other Communication with your community Communication with patients Do something todayMake powerpoint slide with threepoints you learned today and shareand your next staff meeting
  11. 11. Organization Opportunities-Build a Free Clinic Social MediaResource for the organization-List of Facebook, Twitter, andYou tube pages-Evaluate Digital Communication
  12. 12. The Patient Challenge-Is your Free Clinic and your organizationreally patient centered?-Look for opportunities for patients to bespeakers at this conference-Look for opportunities to work with patientsto be in leadership positions in your clinic
  13. 13. Make Social Media Fun
  14. 14.