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Womans day proposal


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Womans day proposal

  1. 1. MEDICO MEDIA “MOST AND MORE – FUN FILLED LIFE SKILLS FOR THE MODERN WOMAN” Dr. MEENA SHAH. ( Health Care Consultant ) 4/C, Trade Center, Stadium Circle, Navrangpura, AHMEDABAD. Ph. (O) : 26400405 (R) : 27411130 (M) : 9824064806 E - Mail : HEALTHY LIVING MADE SIMPLE
  2. 2. Background A Woman plays many roles in the society. She holds the family together. She is often an earning member. As a mother she molds the future of her children. As a wife, she is the pillar of strength and support for the husband. As a daughter and daughter-in-law she cares for the parents. As an earning member, she supports the family’s finances. On the occasion of woman’s day, we celebrate womanhood and all things that are important to a woman. To commemorate this day, we have a special workshop designed to empower and enliven women in your organization as well as colonies. This special workshop is a unique combination of topics that are closest to a woman’s heart and games interwoven that will lift their spirits and build camaraderie. Please note that this workshop can be modified according to needs and preferences. The topics included in this fantastic workshop 1. Celebrating the many roles of a woman.  Develop high self esteem and confidence  Positive Attitude, Positive Thinking, Positive Life  Living life Full of Energy 2. Parenting     Overcoming the various challenges of parenthood Raising healthy children Raising happy and motivated children Dealing with pressures of examinations and competitions - For you and your child
  3. 3. OR 2. Gynec Care For Women  Question – answers and interaction on gynecological health and preventive care  Head to Toe Care for Women  Video presentation on menopause, osteoporosis, anemia, and other women related topics 3. Healthy cooking  Importance of healthy nutrition  Menu planning for healthy and easy meals  Low calorie and healthy cooking tips and videos OR 3. Healthy Diet and Weight Management  Importance of healthy nutrition  Nutrition guidance for weight loss and weight management  Eating healthy while eating out 4. Safety and Empowerment For the modern woman       Safety consciousness as a way of life Safety at workplace Safety at home Safety in public places Safety during travel Safety while shopping We Have Developed Some Fantastic Games That Are Interwoven In The Workshop Making It Fun And Interactive.
  4. 4. DETAILS & MODALITIES OF PROGRAM DURATION : 5-6 Hours LANGUAGE : English / Hindi / Gujarati. PARTICIPANTS : 20- 30. METHODOLOGY : Pre-seminar Evaluation. Group Discussion Audio Visual Presentations. EXPERTS : Dr. Meena Shah -Healthcare Consultant. Mrs. Naini Shah Mrs. Pragna Shah Dr Minjan Patel PROFESSIONAL FEES : Rs. 20,000/- For Ahmedabad Rs. 30,000/- + Travel + Lodging of 2Faculty Members For Out of Ahmedabad DVD CHARGES : Rs.150 – DVD Mind Body Fitness Rs. 150 –CD ROM Stree INFRASTRUCTURE FACILITIES : To be provided by you : a ) Venue. b) LCD & Integrated Sound System c) Computer / laptop. d) Mike System. e) White board. f) Writing pads and pens. g) Lunch / Refreshment.