Suraksha setu abhiyaan training intro


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Suraksha setu abhiyaan training intro

  1. 1. Suraksha Setu Abhiyaan Female Police Constable’s Master Training For Women Safety-Security, Self Defence, Self Esteem & Positive Life
  2. 2. Background of Women Safety As is apparent from various news and current scenario, women are victimized at work, streets, public areas and even their own homes. The list includes 1. Eve Teasing 2. Abduction 3. Rape/Molestation Women are the pillars of society as care takers of families and bread winners. Their safety is a basic responsibility of a progressive society. Avoiding victimization is a multi prong effort that includes safety services and women empowerment and gender sensitization.
  3. 3. Namaste Life Namaste Life is a progressive NGO focused on Women Empowerment & Family Welfare Headed by Dr. Meena Shah, Namaste Life has unparalleled expertise in Women Trainings, Master Training, Module Development, Media Production and more. We Believe: We Salute The Foresight & Initiative Of Home Dept. To Undertake & Promote Such A Comprehensive Program Social, Legal & Emotional Empower ment Support & Framework of Relevant Authority Self Defense Techniques Caution & Awareness Safety of women in Society
  4. 4. Women Learning Martial Arts ? • Many Women Enroll In Martial Arts Classes For Learning Self Defense. • There Are Many Efforts Geared Towards Introductory Karate/Tae Kwando Classes etc.
  5. 5. Why ? Women Are Biologically Smaller & Less Strong Than Men. Many Indian Women Are Meek, Lack Confidence & Don’t Have Presence Of Mind To Practice What They Learn. Empowering Women To Be Confident & Live Life To full Potential Is Equally Important. Women must be taught to be safety conscious
  6. 6. What Can Be Done ? • Train Women To Constantly Be Aware Of Their Safety And Surroundings. • Teach Them To Not Be Naïve And Identify Potential Danger. • Give Them The Confidence To Thwart An Aggressor From Victimizing Them. • Teach Them Presence Of Mind. • Assure Them Of Social, Moral And Legal Support. • Create Awareness Of Their Rights And Available Services. Think Safety Not Only Self Defense
  7. 7. Importance of Safety & Self Defense Training Basic defensive and release techniques will enable women to escape assailants Knowledge of vulnerabilities of male body will enable women who are biologically weaker to deal with a larger/stronger male assailant Caution is the most important defense. Training will emphasize on cautionary tips for women Presence of Mind is often the difference between an escape and victimization Self esteem, confidence and assertive personality is a deterrent for offenders. Training will build these important traits
  8. 8. Traditional Role of Women Police Officers Escort Counseling Public Safeguarding Maintain Law & Order
  9. 9. Envisioned & Extended Role Of Women Police Officers Proponents of Women Empowerment Promote Women’s Positive Role In Society & Be Safety Trainers in Community
  10. 10. Women Police as Proponents & Trainers Women Police Officers Are Uniquely Suited To Empathize, Counsel And Help Women In The Community In Case Of Problems & For Safety. As Women Police, They Can Build Trust They Already Have A Background In Public Safety As Master Trainers For Self Defense, Self Esteem And Self Preservation A Few Hours A Week Training Women In Community Will Go A Long Way Towards Women Empowerment & Safety Time Required For Such Is 2-4 Hours A Week . Results, Recognition And Satisfaction Is Exponentially More
  11. 11. Objectives of Master Training Train Master Trainers (Women Constables) To: • Empower Women Physically Against Potential Assault • Empower Women Mentally & Emotionally • Develop Presence Of Mind & Decision Making Power In Case Of Assault • Assist Other Women In Such Eventualities • Preventive & Precautionary Safety Measures Create Empathy And Gender Sensitization Among The Trainers (Women Constables)
  12. 12. Methodology Goal Of Training: Each Constable/Trainee Should Be Able To Conduct Effective And Comprehensive 2 Hour Safety Workshop In The Community 3 Day Master Training Of 2 Women Constables From Each Police Station. Master Training To Cover Practical And Theoretical Aspects Of Prevention, Self Defense, Self Esteem, Gender Sensitization & Communication A/V Communication, Role Play, Games, Group Activity Case Study Etc Incorporated
  13. 13. The Big Picture 2 women constable from each police station 1200 women constable trained as master trainers Community Program of 50-100 women weekly Result: 60,000-1,20,000 women empowered weekly statewide
  14. 14. Training Kit We Will Provide A Unique And Practical Kit That Includes: •DVD With Training Modules: • Women Empowerment • Precautionary Measures For Women • Safety & Self Defense Techniques And Tools • Flip Chart For Use During Community Programs • Group Activities And Games As Appropriate
  15. 15. Facets Of Safety & Self Defence Training • Women Empowerment – Positive Self Image, Legal And Social Empowerment • Dealing With Empathy, Love & Understanding With Troubled Women • Personal Safety – A Way Of Everyday Life (Workplace, Home, Public Places, Parking Etc.) • Fitness For Self Defense • Defensive Releases And Strikes When Under Attack • Ways To Deal With Aggressor • Safety For Adolescents • Gender Sensitization For Police Officers • Effective Communication And Public Speaking Strategies
  16. 16. Communications & Skills Training • Women Constables Will Be Trained To Communicate Effectively With Audience • Modules Are Developed For 2 Hour Community Programs • Training In Public Speaking • Learning To Connect With Audience For Impactful Training • Use Of Group Activities, Role Plays & Case Studies For Effective Community Trainings
  17. 17. Gender Sensitization & Empathy • Many Times Women Fear Police Instead Of Turning To Them • Women Expect Sensitivity Within Police Force With Regard To Women's Complaints. • Socio-cultural Biased Attitude Of Police And People Towards Women Must Change
  18. 18. • Women Constables Trained In Public Relations Help In Establishing Good Rapport Between Police Officials & Women Complainants. • Women Constables Will Be Trained To Empathize And Treat Victims Of Abuse With Consideration. • Women Police Can Play A Very Important Role In Rehabilitation Of Victimized Women Gender Sensitization & Empathy
  19. 19. Participant Details & Modalities 50-80 / Women Constables Per Workshop Suggested Eligibility Criteria: – Good Physically fitness – Age <= 40 3 Days Workshop
  20. 20. Workshop Requirements • Meals Workshop Location/Hall • LCD & Computer With A-V System • Public Address System With 2 Cordless Mikes
  21. 21. Faculty Details • Dr Meen Shah • Mrs Naini Shah • Mrs Murli Srinivasan • Mrs Smruti Desai • Ms Priti Solanki • Mr Rushiraj • Mr Priykant Sharma