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Self defense and self esteem half day


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Self defense and self esteem half day

  1. 1. MEDICO MEDIA ‘THE COMPLETE WOMAN’ HOLISTIC APPROACH TO HEALTH AND HAPPINESS Self Defense, Self Esteem & Lifestyle For Women Dr. MEENA SHAH.4/C, Trade Center, Stadium Circle, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad. Ph. (O) : 079-26400405 (R) : 27411130.(M) : 9825064806 E - Mail : Website- HEALTHY LIVING MADE SIMPLE
  2. 2. PROPOSAL FOR WORKSHOP ON SELF DEFENCE AND BUILDING SELF WORTHA woman plays a pivotal role in the health of her family. She maintains a verysignificant all embracing function as wife, mother, caretaker, helpmate and morethan often contributes to the family income.Nature has bestowed women with specific biological make-up, mind and emotionsto fulfill these multiple roles.It is against this back drop that the modern woman must know her strengths,recognize her own self worth and understand her importanceTHE COMPLETE WOMAN seminar aims to fulfill these needs & helps womento develop a new attitude to health, beauty & life itself OBJECTIVES Learn about importance and fundamentals of self defense Help participants recognize their worth for self, family and society Provide Practical Guidance On Fundamentals of Lifestyle and Health Management BENEFITS Attitude shift to self with respect to family, work and society Positive thinking Understand importance of self Learn about self defense CONTENTS OF PROGRAMSession 1 Introduction and fundamentals of Self Defense for Women Practical session with Martial Arts Expert on Self DefenseSession 2Establishing womans self worth, strength and self respect to live life fully Recognizing the power of Woman’s Role in Family and Society Developing Self Esteem & Confidence Living fearlessly Power of PositivityClosing – Commitment & Feed back
  3. 3. DETAILS & MODALITIES OF PROGRAM DURATION : Half Day ( You Can Do 2 Half Day Program) LANGUAGE : English / Hindi / Gujarati. PARTICIPANTS : 20 - 30. M ETHODOLOGY : Pre-seminar Evaluation. Group Discussion Audio Visual Presentations. EXPERTS : Dr. Meena Shah - Healthcare Consultant. Mrs. Naini Shah Mrs. Pragna Shah Dr Minjan PatelINFRASTRUCTURE : To be provided by you : FACILITIES a ) Venue. b) LCD & Integrated Sound System c) Computer / laptop. d) Mike System. e) White board. f) Writing pads and pens. g) Lunch / Refreshment.