Valentines Day: Going Beyond the Stress of Love


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In this post, Dr M David Kurland discusses the good and bad parts of the holiday in terms of how an adult would feel. How to view this day and what to think of to make it feel good.

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Valentines Day: Going Beyond the Stress of Love

  1. 1. Girl and man huggingAh, Valentine's Day. The one day a year where you have the chance to love and cherish your significant other. ...Does that sound right? Not necessarily.! ! You have the whole year round to express and experience love and affection toward your family, your friends, and your significant other, if you are in fact a person who currently has one.! ! Saying as much, I will make another point. For many, Valentine's Day can become surrounded and permeated with a theme of stress. It makes total sense. There are many ways in which the situation can seem stressful. On the one hand, there's the obvious: you might not have a significant other. If you don't, and have been looking, you might not have been able to find a significant other to share this day with.! ! On the other hand, those who do have a significant other may still be overwhelmed with the Girl and man huggingoncoming stress in trying to outperform their partner's expectations. Or simply with the preoccupation that comes with the job of doing so.! ! All in all there is a great need, pomp, and importance attributed to Valentine's Day through a means of talking it up in commercials, company promotions, competitive displays of affection (as long as these things come from the heart, all is well and good in the world. What could after all be better then a competition to show affection, should the affection be true, felt, and earnestly invested in the positive feelings of another person.).! ! And beyond that, there is the sense that the mere compulsion arising from the holiday causing more trouble than its worth. So, I'd like to pose the question: is Valentine's Day actually a healthy holiday? Is the day focussed around showing appreciation really a positive choice in the life of each individual who seeks to or does not seek to participate in it. Is V Day actually good for our hearts?! ! As with anything, one must put to question his most important values. If you're like I am, this comes with giving priority to the ones you love. Such being said, Valentine's Day should simply be an extension or a piece and punctuation of the love you focus on giving and receiving everyday.! ! Remember that if you see such a holiday through the right perspective, you'll remember what is important, and hopefully, for your heart, be able to remember that its not about impressing anyone, or keeping up with the Jones', but remaining true and earnest with the affection you mean for the one you love.