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Permanent Fast Fat Loss Course : Part 3 : Exercise


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Click to transform your life and for fat burning exercises. There are three main areas of your life for permanent effective fat loss; Health, Diet and Exercise - The Fat Meltdown Trilogy. This presentation offers a brief overview of exercise issues that affect fat loss and what you can do about them. If you like my presentation please view my other ones on Health and Diet, click the like button and tweet them. Thank you!

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Permanent Fast Fat Loss Course : Part 3 : Exercise

  1. 1. Fat Meltdown Trilogy : 3. Exercise by Dr. Mark Howard Personal Trainer Costa Blanca
  2. 2. Fat Meltdown : Introduction • I have created 4 presentations on factors that affect fat loss: – Fat Meltdown Trilogy (Summary) – 1. Health – 2. Diet – 3. Exercise (this presentation) • The goal of these is to educate and help you to lose weight
  3. 3. Exercise : Physical Ability • Exercise level needs to be matched to your physical ability • If you are otherwise healthy it depends on your – Skeletal system – Muscular and nervous system – Cardiovascular system – Respiratory system
  4. 4. Exercise : Physical Ability Skeletal system Muscular and nervous system Cardiovascular system Respiratory system
  5. 5. Exercise : Physical Ability • Whatever your ability there is a workout routine just for you – Physical problems will only heal properly with exercise • Your workout routine should: – Take into consideration your ability – Consist of balanced exercise sets and if necessary extra exercises to address your weaknesses – Contribute to your main objective of burning fat – Involve a level of intensity and time that you can commit to in the long run and enjoyable enough to keep you going
  6. 6. Exercise : Motivation • Motivation = am I willing to invest time/energy/money into an activity based on my perception of the pain/gain balance? • The secret is simply to minimise the pain/maximise the gain! • You can change your perspective by focusing on the positive aspects of how you feel after exercising (the high) and how great you look or how great someone else says you look • Minimising the real pain and maximising the real gain can be achieved with a whole variety of methods and techniques to make exercise easier and I address these next
  7. 7. Exercise : Motivation • Clearly identify what you really want and why you want it e.g. visualise a wedding where you look and feel stunning • With the help of a personal trainer or your own research translate this need into a quantifiable objective such as your ideal waist size and set start and end dates • Create a chart with dates along the bottom (e.g. weeks) and your waist size on the Y axis, pin this up and update it! • Brainstorm a list of changes you can make to your diet and weekly schedule to be more active (e.g. exercise, hobbies)
  8. 8. Exercise : Motivation • Create a weekly plan with the days of the week along the columns and times of the day in hourly increments in the rows • Shade in the times when you have no possibility to do any sort of exercise (e.g. you are at work) • Identify what you do in the remaining time and mark 3 times during the week when you can spare 1 hour for your workout • With your framework for how you want to spend your time and a list of changes (e.g. diet) get your family to buy into it • Remember that YOU are the only one that ultimately decides your priorities
  9. 9. Exercise : Motivation • Analyse how you spend your remaining time and try to incorporate the hobbies and activities you listed earlier • Work with a personal trainer to educate yourself on weight loss and ensure that you consider all the possible lifestyle changes and workout routines that suit you • The gym is NOT the only option you have for exercising and NOT always the best place to exercise • Many people prefer the freedom, efficiency and low cost of exercising at home, in the park or on the beach for example
  10. 10. Exercise : Weight Loss Workout Routines • It seems fashionable at the moment to say that long slow cardio is dead but let me set the records straight: – ALL exercise uses energy and once your short term energy stores are used up you will burn fat – Obviously training intensely, with short breaks between exercises and heavy weights will burn more fat (immediately and later because of a higher metabolism) – BUT not everyone has the ability (or motivation) to do this • You need to find equipment that you are comfortable with, use workout routines that you enjoy and regularly change your routines (e.g. 10 weeks) to encourage muscle growth
  11. 11. Exercise : Weight Loss Workout Routines • Exercise as intensely as you can without losing the correct form and initially I recommend using a personal trainer • Ideally use compound free weight or kettlebell exercises that involve multiple muscles (e.g. lunges with dumbells) rather than isolation exercises (e.g. bicep curls) or gym machines • The secret to long term weight loss is not just the effectiveness of the workout routine but more importantly your ability to create a long term habit of working out • Remember that an active lifestyle and a healthy diet offers the greater potential for fat loss e.g. hiking, a multitude of lifestyle changes such as walking instead of using the car
  12. 12. Exercise : Summary • Before beginning your workout routines ask a fitness professional (e.g. personal trainer) to assess your physical ability • If you have specific medical problems discuss them with a medical professional as well • Determine what type of workout routines (exercise equipment and exercises) you enjoy and match your ability and needs • Develop a positive attitude to exercise by forcing yourself to focus on enjoyable aspects and benefits that are important to you • Use visualisation methods to understand exactly what you really want to achieve and why and then pin the reasons on the wall! • Translate your want into an objective by quantifying it
  13. 13. Exercise : Summary • Turn your objective into a plan with a measure you can track over time and a weekly plan to reserve time slots for exercise, hobbies and activities (pin both of them up!) • Brainstorm a list of lifestyle changes you could make, pin them up and discuss them with your family • Use compound exercises and train as intensely as you (safely) can for muscle growth (more muscles = more fat burning), more energy consumption and a higher metabolism • Take a look at my other presentations for more information
  14. 14. Fat Meltdown Trilogy : 3. Exercise Dr. Mark Howard Personal Trainer Costa Blanca Transform your fitness, wellness and life by visiting