Permanent Fast Fat Loss Course : Part 1 : Health


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Click to transform your life and for fat burning exercises. There are three main areas of your life for permanent effective fat loss; Health, Diet and Exercise - The Fat Meltdown Trilogy. This presentation offers a brief overview of health issues that affect fat loss and what you can do about them. If you like my presentation please view my other ones on Health and Diet, click the like button and tweet them. Thank you!

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Permanent Fast Fat Loss Course : Part 1 : Health

  1. 1. Fat Meltdown Trilogy : 1. Health by Dr. Mark Howard Personal Trainer Costa Blanca
  2. 2. Fat Meltdown : Introduction • I have created 4 presentations on factors that affect fat loss: – Fat Meltdown Trilogy (Summary) – 1. Health (this presentation) – 2. Diet – 3. Exercise • The goal of these is to educate and help you to lose weight
  3. 3. Health : Basics • Your body is an incredibly complicated machine where every body system has an influence on another – This is why ONLY an holistic approach to weight loss and health is effective – Every person with health problems has a unique set of imbalances in their body chemical and energy processes – This is why a one pill/supplement/weight loss approach NEVER works for everyone (despite marketing claims) • Long term weight loss is only possible when you can regain your body health with or without professional coaching
  4. 4. Health : Basics • A key area of health concerns the communication systems that control the body processes and these includes the: – Nervous system (neurotransmitter messengers) – Endocrine system (hormone messengers) – Immune system (cytokines messengers) • The muscular/skeletal system is also important – It consists of muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, joints – A healthy system is one with sufficient coordination (e.g proprioception), arrangements (e.g. posture), strength and flexibility to enable you to do all you want to
  5. 5. Health : Endocrine System • There are a number of hormone related problems: – Too much Insulin from the Pancreas caused by a long term diet that is high in refined carbohydrates and sugar – Overactive Adrenal glands creating high levels of Cortisol and Adrenalin because of a stressful lifestyle, too much alcohol, smoking and a high refined carbohydrate diet – An underactive Thyroid (hypothyroidism) producing low levels of Thyroid may be caused by toxins (e.g. PCB’s), diet deficiencies (e.g. Selenium), food allergies and stress – Imbalances in Testosterone, Estrogen and Progesterone caused by the other related problems and lifestyle
  6. 6. Health : Endocrine System • High levels of Insulin leads to cravings, more efficient fat storage (Insulin is one of the main fat storage hormones) and in the long term insulin resistance, diabetes and even cancer • High levels of Cortisol and Adrenalin cause unhealthy mood swings, panic attacks, depression and sleeplessness • Low levels of Thyroid may cause constant fatigue, difficulty in concentrating and getting up in the morning, low body temperature, constipation and weight gain (because the body organs have been slowed into a low metabolic state) • Sex hormone imbalances may cause a variety of symptoms from man breasts, to beer bellies, excess hair and low libido
  7. 7. Health : Muscular/Skeletal System • There are many muscular/skeletal system problems – All of them make it more difficult to be more active and undertake exercises and therefore MUST be addressed – Inactivity alone leads to muscles, tendons and ligaments weakening, joints deteriorating, poorer nervous system control (e.g. balance) and bones becoming weaker – Accidents can cause acute injuries and have a wide ranging impact on how the muscular/skeletal system functions (e.g. poor balance due to nerve damage) – Long term wear and tear and damage from old accidents and diseases can cause chronic injuries
  8. 8. Health : Muscular/Skeletal System • Poor posture, unbalanced muscles, poor exercise form, sudden intense exercise that is beyond your ability and contact or extreme sports increase your risk of injury but – Being inactive and not doing any regular exercise poses the only guaranteed threat to your body health • Injuries and inactivity can have a variety of implications e.g. – Reduced strength of bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons, for example due to scar tissue and inactivity – Less flexibility and range of motion of joints – Poorer nervous system response and control for balance, proprioception, posture and body coordination
  9. 9. Health : Summary • Coming back to my statement “A healthy body is never overweight” you need to take actions to be as healthy as possible because this will help you to lose weight! • Your first option is to find a qualified holistic doctor and a personal trainer or rehabilitation therapist (for exercise and injuries) to provide coaching for solving your health problems • The second option is to simply make proven improvements to your activity, diet and lifestyle, observe what happens and use a detox system so that your body can literally heal itself – Although this approach cam be very effective it is not a good idea if you have more serious health problems
  10. 10. Health : Summary • Just a few of the actions that you can take to be healthier: – Eat more fresh, organic vegetables and less processed foods, especially sugar and refined carbohydrates – Drink much more water (2 to 3 litres a day) and less alcohol, fizzy drinks (of any kind), coffee and tea – Undertake workout routines for your needs (e.g. injury rehabilitation or body conditioning) 2 to 3 times a week – Take up active AND relaxing leisure activities – Detox and make weight loss into a small project
  11. 11. Fat Meltdown Trilogy : 1. Health Dr. Mark Howard Personal Trainer Costa Blanca Transform your fitness, wellness and life by visiting