10 d celebrity stalking


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10 d celebrity stalking

  1. 1. Celebrity StalkingBy Dr. Mark D. YatesTaken from the syllabus of the LawEnforcement &BodyguardAssociation International LEBAI
  2. 2. Stalking  Stalking is a very in-depth and complex subject, my aim is to give you as much of an insight in to it as possible.  After studying the different aspects of this lesson I know it will enable you to present yourself to potential clients armed with the relevant expertise and knowledge to undertake Protective services relating to Stalking and Threat Assessments. © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com
  3. 3. Stalking  Stalking and Threat Assessments are the two major growth areas within the VIP Protection and Security industries.  I am convinced that once you fully understand this in-depth subject you will quickly realise that in the European arena it is virtually an untapped market.  No-body will be better placed that a professionally trained EPO to take on such a unique opportunity. © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 3
  4. 4. Why the lesson in Celebrity VIP Stalking As an Executive VIP Protection officer you need to have a real understanding of all potential threats to your client. Remember this has been described as “the newest most fashionable crime.” As an EPO you are likely to be the front line operative who is tasked with dealing and managing the crime of Stalking. © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 4
  5. 5. Why the lesson in Celebrity VIP Stalking It will also add another specialist subject to your Curriculum Vitae, which in turn opens up many new doors for you as an EPO. Also because it has only just been designated as a crime in the UK. This means that all of the knowledge within this lesson is brand new State of the Art so to speak. © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 5
  6. 6. Why the lesson in Celebrity VIP Stalking This means that if you require any up to date or ‘Mission Specific’ information on Stalking, Harassment and Threat Assessment you have to physically travel over to the USA and train with one of only three or four of the more specialised Law Enforcement Agencies. One of the greatest authorities in the world on Stalking runs his own company in the USA. This person reputedly charges his clients approx. £220 per hour!!! © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 6
  7. 7. What is Stalking? © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 7
  8. 8. What is Stalking? It may be motivated by an intense affection for, or an extreme dislike toward a person. Stalking usually takes the form of annoying, threatening or obscene telephone calls or letters. The calls or letters may start with one or two a day, but can quickly escalate. Stalkers will spy on their victims & follow every move they make. Victims homes may even be staked out. © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 8
  9. 9. Who Can Be Stalked? It can happen to anyone. Stalkers don’t just target their victims, but also their victim’s families, friends and others who know them. Victims can be stalked for several days, weeks or even years. A statistically small but visible number of stalking victims are celebrities. © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 9
  10. 10. Who can be Stalked? Amongst the most documented are John Lennon, Jodie Foster, Rebecca Shaffer & a many others. Based in L.A. a recognised expert on stalking who deals with celebrity cases, has a collection of over 300,000 letters or gifts given to stalking victims. These gifts range from half eaten chocolate bars to various body parts. © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 10
  11. 11. Who Can Be Stalked? Victims can be casual acquaintances or random targets. Through constant harassment, stalkers have succeeded in making themselves the focal point of their victim’s lives. Victim’s lives can become a nightmare, with the victims often becoming virtual prisoners in their own homes. © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 11
  12. 12. Who Can Be Stalked?  The majority of stalking takes place between people who have known each other intimately.  Domestic violence stalkers, as a category, constitute the most dangerous and potentially lethal group of stalkers.  These types of stalkers often delude themselves in to believing that their victims belong to them and are theirs to control. © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 12
  13. 13. Who Can Be Stalked?  They may feel justified in punishing their victims if they try to escape.  These abusers often rationalise their inappropriate behaviour by blaming the victim.  Leaving an abusive relationship requires care in planning and execution.  Personnel at domestic violence shelters and victims assistance groups can be of tremendous help in working out the details. © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 13
  14. 14. Who Can Be Stalked? If you or your client is a victim then remember that nobody deserves to be stalked or battered in any relationship. So whether victims may be stalked by former lovers, co- workers or strangers, they need to play it safe and protect themselves, their families, friends and co-workers. © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 14
  15. 15. The 5 Types of Stalking 1. Erotomania 2. Simple Obsessional 3. Love Obsessional 4. False Victimisation 5. Serial Stalker © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 15
  16. 16. The 5 Types of Stalking Erotomania Delusional belief that one is passionately loved by another, usually somebody rich & famous. Simple Obsessional Totally infatuated with another person. © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 16
  17. 17. The 5 Types of Stalking Love Obsessional. Stranger to stranger. Obsessed with somebody they have never met. False Victimisation. Unconscious desire to be placed in the role of a victim. Serial Stalker. Stalks more than one victim. © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 17
  18. 18. Stalker Percentages  Erotomania =9%  Simple Obsessional = 49%  Love Obsessional = 40%  False Victimisation = 2%  Serial Stalker = No recorded data © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 18
  19. 19. The First 3 Questions Unwanted Unwelcome Unwarranted © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 19
  20. 20. Jailed Stalker Statistics• 80% of stalkers jailed for the first time are cured.• 10% end up in a mental home 10% end up in a mental home.• 10% you can do nothing for.• It takes approx’ 60 days to break most stalkers delusions © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 20
  21. 21. Stalker Statistics 100% child abuse in recorded stalkers. 70% of stalkers are mentally ill. Love Obsessional stalkers are predominantly male with female victims. Erotomania usually consists of female suspects with male victims. What is a Threat Definition? It is a statement of intention to cause harm © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 21
  22. 22. What is Threat Assessment? The collection of information to determine the level & type of threat. THREAT LEVEL PROCEDURES Identify Assess Manage © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 22
  23. 23. 5 Main Types of Threat Direct threat: I.e. Chapman/Lennon Conditional threat: I.e. if you don’t drop the divorce proceedings….. Veiled threat: I.e. someone leaves a cross or wreath on your door. 3rd Party threat: Someone believes the Mafia will kill his wife. Multi-media threat: I.e. Tel. Fax, e-mail, letter writing.(The closer he gets to you the more the threat.) © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 23
  24. 24. Stalkers Obsessions Reconciliation Revenge Loss of Hope If it gets to the loss of hope stage murder-suicide’s are inevitable. © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 24
  25. 25. Stalkers Biggest FearsREJECTION Whether perceived or actual is the worst possible thing that can happen to a stalker.DENIAL I.e. this can not be happening to me. © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 25
  26. 26. Stalking Warnings Take it Serious. Hallmark of domestic violence, I.e. “if I can’t have you then nobody will.” Victims have to be assertive to the stalker, I.e. NO, NO, NO. As VIP protection officers you need to be aware of a new category of stalker, I.e. the Religious Stalker. © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 26
  27. 27. Stalking Warnings My colleague was the protection officer for a very high profile singer who featured in a famous movie about a Bodyguard. A male American stalker was arrested outside her property in a blacked out van. Inside was enough ordinance to start a low-intensity war as well as 2 pit bull terrier dogs. Fortunately he was arrested and incarcerated but prisoners get released... © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 27
  28. 28. Stalking Warnings Stalking is the crime of the future so take time out to learn as much as you can. Start compiling your own intelligence & research file from press cuttings. Stalking, ‘The Newest Most Fashionable Crime’ Expertise is in short supply, capitalise NOW!!! © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 28
  29. 29. IF YOU, OR ONE OF YOUR CLIENTS IS A VICTIM  Try to avoid all personal contact.  Treat all stalkers as if they are extremely dangerous and stay away from them.  Should they confront you, take care to avoid any actions or words, which might anger them.  Don’t get drawn into any discussions.  Get away from them as soon as you can safely do so and contact the police. © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 29
  30. 30. IF YOU, OR ONE OF YOUR CLIENTS IS A VICTIM Don’t let personal information be released. Inform all personal friends, family members, co-workers and children not to release personal information about you, your address and phone numbers to others. Remove identification. Remove home address on personal cheques & business cards. Get a PO box and limit access to your address. © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 30
  31. 31. IF YOU, OR ONE OF YOUR CLIENTS IS A VICTIM  Inform people.  Let everyone around you know what’s going on.  Describe the threatening person to them, however photographs work better.  Describe their vehicle and give the licence plate number to family members, neighbours, co-workers, school officials, secretaries, receptionists, and police. © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 31
  32. 32. IF YOU, OR ONE OF YOUR CLIENTS IS A VICTIM Inform people at work. Notify your supervisors, security staff if you have any, and your office receptionist. Let them know about your situation. Give them information on the suspect. If you have a temporary restraining order leave a copy of it at work with either your security staff or receptionist. © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 32
  33. 33. IF YOU, OR ONE OF YOUR CLIENTS IS A VICTIM Get identification. Use the caller ID and call trace systems to record all calls, which lets you know the telephone number of the person calling you. Keep tapes of calls from the stalker recorded on your answer phone machine. Contact your local Telephone Company and local police about this situation. © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 33
  34. 34. WHAT TO DO…. Keep records of all stalking / harassing behaviour. Keep a diary and chronologically list all activities as they occur. Remember that not only you but also your local Law Enforcement agency must look at the totality of the circumstances and not just one single incident. © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 34
  35. 35. WHAT TO DO….  Keep accurate dates, times and locations of where events took place, items received and names of any witnesses.  Keep all copies of letters, and all packaging.  Touch only the extreme edges since fingerprints, saliva, and other evidence may be present.  Enclose all letters, gifts, envelopes and packaging materials in a large brown paper bag,  Contact police and hand over this evidence to them. © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 35
  36. 36. WHAT TO DO…. Remember that a threat doesn’t require words. A hand that is pointed at you in the shape of a gun conveys a message that is loud and clear. A bouquet of black roses delivered to your office, a dead animal received in the mail, or a photograph with your image crossed out, can also send the same message. © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 36
  37. 37. INCIDENT TYPES These activities have been associated with stalking / harassment. Their presence should lead to specialised assessment & actions. The following list is just a sample of the possible types of stalking or harassment... Watching or following. Approaching a victim. © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 37
  38. 38. INCIDENT TYPES Drive-bys. Threatening phone calls or hang-ups. Sending or delivering hate mail. Sending or delivering love notes. Electronic stalking using a modem, fax etc. to deliver a message. Vandalising a vehicle or home, generally something a victim uses every day © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 38
  39. 39. STALKING CRITICAL INCIDENT DIARY Date Time Incident type. Law or police agency, include tel. number. Officer name, ID or shield number Report number Incident location home, work, school, car, other Witness information i.e. Name address & tel. Number © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 39
  40. 40. Conclusion Anti-Stalking measures work on the same principal as every other aspect of Executive VIP Protection. Avoidance reigns over confrontation every time. The key to successful Anti-Stalking measures is a Professional threat assessment. © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com 40
  41. 41. Contact Mark D. Yates T: UK 0843 155 0008 E: drmarkdyates@aol.com 41 © 2013 drmarkdyates@aol.com
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