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This describes an application of DistrictBuilder and the Public Mapping Project to redistrict Mexican states.

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  1. 1. Prepared for International Seminar on Electoral Boundaries Delimitation Instituto Federal Electoral Mexico City, November 2012 PPR-México Plataforma Pública de Redistritación MéxicoPorMicah Altman, MIT, Brookings InstituciónMichael McDonald, GMU, Brookings InstituciónAlejandro Trelles, Universito of PittsburghEric Magar, ITAM 1 PPR-México
  2. 2. Where has DistrictBuilder been used? Used in 10 states More than 1000 legal plans created by the public Thousands of public participants Millions of viewers 2 PPR-México
  3. 3. How has DistrictBuilder been used? For Transparency:  Dissemination  Public understanding  Evaluation/comparison For Education:  Staff training  Classroom teaching  Student competitions For Participation:  Integrated into official decision process  Non-partisan public organizations For Election Administration:  Internal collaboration/analysis sharing  Support for commission 3 PPR-México
  4. 4. What principles govern the project? All redistricting plans should include sufficient information such that the public can verify, reproduce, and evaluate a plan. Open Source Open Data Open AlgorithmsSee: Principles for Transparency and Public Participation inRedistricting PPR-México
  5. 5. Builds on Best-of-Class Open Source Software5 PPR-México
  6. 6. (Also Award Winning) Named one of the top ten political innovations of 2011 by Politico Winner of 2012 data innovation award, for data used for social impact, by Strata Winner of 2012 award for outstanding software development, by American Political Science Association 6 PPR-México
  7. 7. Thanks to Our Sponsors Funded in part by The Sloan Foundation Joyce Foundation Amazon Corporation Judy Ford Watson Center at Christopher Newport Univ. Engineering and implementation services by: Azavea7 PPR-México
  8. 8. Software
  9. 9. More Information