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  1. 1. www.lumenlearning.comKaleidoscope Math CourseDevelopment WorkshopDavid LippmanMath Lead & MyOpenMath FounderRonda NeugebauerStudent Success
  2. 2. www.lumenlearning.comEducation is Sharing
  3. 3. www.lumenlearning.comIdeas are NonrivalrousPhysical expressions are not
  4. 4. www.lumenlearning.comExpressions Are Different• To give a book you must give it away
  5. 5. www.lumenlearning.comWhen expressions are digitalThey become nonrivalrous
  6. 6.
  7. 7.
  8. 8. www.lumenlearning.comUnprecedented Capacityto share as never before
  9. 9. www.lumenlearning.comExcept we can’t
  10. 10. www.lumenlearning.comWhat the Internet EnablesCopyright Forbids
  11. 11.
  12. 12. www.lumenlearning.comUse copyright to enforce sharing
  13. 13. www.lumenlearning.comOER: The 4R PermissionsSharing and creativity are inherent in OER:• Use the content in its unaltered formReuse• Adapt, adjust, modify, improve, or alter thecontentRevise• Combine the original or revised content withother OER to create something newRemix• Share copies of the original content, revisionsor remixes with othersRedistribute
  14. 14. www.lumenlearning.comOpen ≠ DigitalOpen ≠ FreeOPENDIGITALFREE
  15. 15.“Open”Open Educational Resources (OER)Open TextbooksOpen Courses
  16. 16. www.lumenlearning.comOpen Source SoftwareFree as in “free beer”Free as in “free speech”Collaboration
  17. 17. www.lumenlearning.comThe Promise of Open
  18. 18. www.lumenlearning.comFrom
  19. 19. www.lumenlearning.comThe Direct Relationship BetweenTextbook Costs and Student Success60%+ do not purchase textbooks atsome point due to cost35% take fewer courses due totextbook cost31% choose not to register for acourse due to textbook cost23% regularly go without textbooksdue to cost14% have dropped a course dueto textbook cost10% have withdrawn from a coursedue to textbook costSource: 2012 student surveyby Florida Virtual Campus
  20. 20. www.lumenlearning.comFood MachineCC-BY,
  21. 21. www.lumenlearning.comLearning Machine
  22. 22. www.lumenlearning.comWhy Open (not cost)Copy = no broken linksCopy = no surprise changesOpen = right to make changes
  23. 23. www.lumenlearning.comIn EducationFree of costImproved accessCustomizationQuality improvementCollaboration
  24. 24. www.lumenlearning.comExamples of OEROpen textbooksWorkbooksHandoutsWorksheetsActivitiesVideosetc.
  25. 25. www.lumenlearning.comOpen CoursewareSyllabusReading assignmentsSometimes videos / notesHomework assignmentsAssessments
  26. 26. www.lumenlearning.comOER to Improve Student Success1. Eliminate textbook cost as a barrier2. Drive assessment-driven enhancement ofcourse designs and materials3. Connect to a global collaborative communityto share learning and investment
  27. 27. www.lumenlearning.comStudents UseOER andAssessmentsImprove OER+ AssessmentDesignAssessmentandBehavioralStudentDataDetermineOEREffectivenessPredict andIntervene withAt-RiskStudentsImprovOERContinuousImprovement
  28. 28. www.lumenlearning.comKaleidoscope Project
  29. 29. www.lumenlearning.comExisting OEROpen Course LibraryIndividual faculty effortsDistrict efforts (ex: Maricopa)Grant-funded efforts
  30. 30. www.lumenlearning.comOpen LicensesCreative Commons
  31. 31. www.lumenlearning.comConsiderationsRole and purpose of text materialsApproachSuitability to your outcomes
  32. 32. www.lumenlearning.comConsiderationsLicense FreedomsPrintabilityPractical Remixability
  33. 33. www.lumenlearning.comArithmeticScottsdale CC Workbook + Minilessons- Workbook aligned with video mini-lessons- MyOpenMath assignmentsNROC Text, original version- Text, some videosNROC Text, as remixed by David- Text and daily handouts/worksheets- MyOpenMath assignments with embedded videos
  34. 34. www.lumenlearning.comCourse is set up as 12 Lessons
  35. 35. www.lumenlearning.comWorkbook with Minilesson
  36. 36. www.lumenlearning.comHomework, some with videos
  37. 37. www.lumenlearning.comFive units, multiple sections per unit
  38. 38. www.lumenlearning.comeText
  39. 39. www.lumenlearning.comPrintable handout and worksheet
  40. 40. www.lumenlearning.comHomework, most with videosMix of Sousa and Khan
  41. 41. www.lumenlearning.comPre-AlgebraCollege of Redwoods, course built by James Sousa- Text. Creators are not willing to provide source.- MyOpenMath assignments with embedded videosand addition video lessons
  42. 42.
  43. 43.
  44. 44.
  45. 45.
  46. 46. www.lumenlearning.comBeginning and Intermediate AlgebraWallace course (also Kaleidoscope phase 1)- Very skills-focused approach- Video lessons with connected questions, separatepractice assignmentsSousa / CK12 courses- Somewhat more conceptual text- Overview videos and videos embedded inMyOpenMath homework
  47. 47. www.lumenlearning.comPrecalc / College Algebra / TrigLippman/Rasmussen Text- Text, worksheets/handouts, instructors notes, sampleassessments- MyOpenMath assignments with embedded videos- More contextually motivated approach.- Covers minimal topics currently.Stitz/Zeager Text- Text that covers more topics. More mathy approach.- MyOpenMath assignments in-developmentUW Text: Good source of multi-step problems
  48. 48. www.lumenlearning.comOpen Textbook
  49. 49.
  50. 50.
  51. 51. www.lumenlearning.comDay by Day guide showing suggested lecture pace, andhow handouts, activities, and assessments fit in thecourse structure
  52. 52. www.lumenlearning.comLecture outlines, with examples
  53. 53. www.lumenlearning.comOnline algorithmically generated homework for eachsection, in addition to book homework
  54. 54. www.lumenlearning.comMany have video help, thanks to James Sousa
  55. 55.
  56. 56.
  57. 57. www.lumenlearning.comStitz-Zeager
  58. 58. www.lumenlearning.comCalculusGuichard (Whitman)- More mathy approachHoffman- More conceptual approach- MyOpenMath assignments and a prettier formattingare in developmentBoth- Existing MyOpenMath materials aligned withcommercial texts. Some video embedded questions.
  59. 59. www.lumenlearning.comGuichard
  60. 60. www.lumenlearning.comHoffman
  61. 61. www.lumenlearning.comHoffman, reformatted
  62. 62. www.lumenlearning.comBusiness CalculusCalaway / Hoffman- Remix of Hoffman’s book, additional writtenhomework assignments- Limited MyOpenMath assignments- Existing MyOpenMath materials aligned withcommercial texts.
  63. 63.
  64. 64. www.lumenlearning.comQuantitative ReasoningMath in Society- Topics approach, similar to Tannenbaum & COMAP- Video playlists for each chapter- MyOpenMath exercises, quizzes, writingassignments- Some in-class activities, quizzes
  65. 65. www.lumenlearning.comBook Topics• Problem Solving / Quantitative Reasoning• Voting Theory• Weighted Voting• Apportionment• Fair Division• Graph Theory• Scheduling• Growth Models
  66. 66. www.lumenlearning.comBook Topics• Finance• Statistics (collecting and descriptive stats)• Probability• Sets• Historical Counting• Fractals• Cryptography
  67. 67. www.lumenlearning.comText
  68. 68. www.lumenlearning.comVideo playlist for each chapter
  69. 69. www.lumenlearning.comOnline and paper exercises
  70. 70. www.lumenlearning.comStatisticsOLI- Well researched and tested- Conceptual focus- Embedded interactive questions in text; online only- Requires using OLI’s platform - may have a $25 cost- Supplemental MyOpenMath materials
  71. 71.
  72. 72. www.lumenlearning.comStatisticsCollaborative Stats (Connexions)- Traditional ordering and approach. Very lacking inconceptual development.OpenIntro- Straightforward approach. Reasonable conceptualdevelopment. Some odd choices (e.g. using z formeans test when n>30 even when sigma unknown)Onlinestatbook (Rice)- Very good conceptual development. Videopresentations. No proportions tests. Light onexamples.
  73. 73. www.lumenlearning.comOther ResourcesMathIsPower4USaylor.orgOpenCourseWare ConsortiumCurrikiMerlot