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About Leslie Griesdorf a Retired Dentist


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Leslie Griesdorf is retired dentist, he practiced dentistry for more than 30 years. Leslie Griesdorf maintains enthusiasm for exercise. For more details go through these slides.

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About Leslie Griesdorf a Retired Dentist

  1. 1. Leslie Griesdorf Leslie Griesdorf : Retired Dentist
  2. 2. About Leslie Griesdorf Leslie Griesdorf is a retired American dentist. Leslie Griesdorf practiced dentistry for more than 30 years.As someone so immersed in the field of dental patient care for so long, Griesdorf developed a reputation for going the extra mile, never refusing to provide care to patients in need, regardless of the time of day or treatment was needed.
  3. 3. Leslie Griesdorf: Workout Enthusiast Leslie Griesdorf maintains an ongoing and passionate enthusiasm for exercise.
  4. 4. Leslie Griesdorf: Karate Brown Belt As a karate student, Griesdorf worked his way up to the level of Brown Belt.
  5. 5. A Student of the News Leslie Griesdorf, now retired, does his best to stay apprised of developments and news from around the world.
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